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Ideas / Compilation of Ideas
December 07, 2013, 08:58:04 AM
All these ideas will also be in another thread (usually the cheap ideas) but I've decided to put them all into one to be easier to find

- A whole map job option I.E. Set it so you auto bury corpses or auto pickup fallen cargo, or auto clean blood of your enemies

- A 'Cleanup' tool that lets you completely clean a selected area of rubble, filth, blood, corpses, and smooth over the terrain evenly

- A Dirt/sand floor type so you can make a farm in an area thats already been covered

- A mapping mode that lets you plan an area for free that shows you how it will look afterwards

- Defensive points that let you pick areas your people will automatically go to in the event of an assault

- Non-Lethal weapons like a concussion pistol or stun grenade to let you capture raiders instead of killing them

- Weapons that straight up disintegrate your enemy so you dont have to deal with their bodies with the side-effect of destroying their weapon

- Weapons that are heat or burn based so they cauterise the wound as soon as it's made so the raider wont bleed all over your new carpet

- Special tools that let you do extra thing like disintegrate debris (it will take about an 10 minutes when first acquired) or speed up repairs or place multiples of the same block at once ETC

- Some sort of mobile cover so if one of your people are moving debris or something they can defend themselves

- A triggered version of the blasting charge so it can be used as a mine against radiers

- An advanced research building called the Growth-Pod where you can input the traits and backstorys of your colonists to build a custom colonist and where the adulthood will be identical to normal colonists but the childhood will always be the same - Pod-born +2 to everything but -5 to social

- The ability to force people not to fight and to just run

- A more in-depth social development engine like the more you talk to a certain colonist the better friends you are and eventually you can start dating get married etc

- Different alert sounds or colours for the E-mail thingy (ie raider will be red with a little Siren)

- Make it so you can choose how much ram is used (for high end machine that want better performance)

- Give you the ability to define prisoner areas and tasks, like in prison architect so they can grow crops and repair objects

- Allow you to tame animals to use squirrels as a way to quickly cut plants and muffalos could be mount so you can move around the map faster

- Give you colonists a special exercise area to increase stats like walk speed  or melee strength or mining speed for a mid-term basis unless you continue to exercise.

- A way to destroy corpses (they can get very area consuming) Such as an incinerator

- A way to destroy rubble (should not be easy but again very area consuming)

- More decorative items and furniture such as a sofa a tv etc that increases happiness

- An in depth(ish) optional Character creation screen/ character save feature (currently I'm going into the save file and editing the name, age, traits and body type of my people because I like to have my own little story)

- More research subjects to upgrade Items and structures, such as fireproof walls/turrets blast proof objects and upgraded sandbags

- More character pick-ups like armour or clothing to change appearance and possibly lessen hit damage also a shield to replace the weapon slot or maybe even a large object/ small object, so can can carry a handgun and shield or a big gun and handgun or something

- The ability to mount character weapons onto turrets or to research new ammo types and turret heads/body’s

-a powered shield system where you have a generator and nodes, and the nodes connect to each other in a way you specify and you can research to make the shield more effective (harder to walk through, more chance to block shots etc) also have it start as a 2 way block but be able to be upgraded to a 1-way block (you can shoot at the bad guys) or something to make it so it remains 2-way but your colonists can get through

- Possibly a map editor so you can design and share your own map designs

- Make weather more effecting i.e. if it's raining and your colonist is outside he/she gets less happy because he/she is soaked or if theres a thunderstorm fear goes up and if it's foggy there shooting range is decreased.

- Better doors to be researched such as a reinforced door which is harder to get through or a light door which produces light or an energy door that functions like the shield idea and so on

- Add in hobbys such as jogging, painting, stargazing etc.

Thank you for reading and please reply to my ideas with thoughts on if they are reasonable or not :) And anyone who wants too can also place a mass text post of their ideas :)
Bugs / Version 0.0.254B Bugs found
December 04, 2013, 03:10:00 PM
i have found a bug on Linux where the game is essentially lag-less but after stating lots of commands such as building or mining it lags when scrolling or moving the camera as-well as selecting areas to mine or build, this is not consistent though.
Another bug is when blowing a large number of explosives (around 60 or 70) make the game freeze for a few seconds (I was also destroying rubble that may have been a factor)