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Mods / [REQUEST] Animals eating priorities.
December 20, 2017, 09:50:28 AM
Well, it seems like right now, animals prefer to eat that sweet expensive Devilstrand instead of the totally perfect grass that it's around the base, making herbivore haulers just as useful as a bunch of legless cats, is there someone willing to implement something like this as a mod?
Hello everyone, this is a simple patching I made to the growing zones (actually to the grass in the game) to allow it to be planted in any growing area. It can't be planted on hidroponics
It still has the default nutrition values for grass, and also growing times. Because editing so would also affect Wild Grass and that could have negative impact in normal colonies. I didn't want to create a whole new item, firstly because I have no idea, and second because it was way harder to implement than just this simple patch.


·2017-18-12: v18.00.02.00
··Added ModCheck Support.
··With ModCheck installed, the mod looks for Vegetable Garden and for RF's Wild Cultivation mods, as they add the grass to the grow zones too.
·2017-17-12: v18.00.01.00
··First release - Just normal Grass can be grown.

MIT, Feel free to use it as you like.

Via Github

Direct Download

Vegetable Garden Mod already adds growable grass, so you may not want to add this mod anywhere near as it will probably break something :)
Mod is fully compatible with this two mods, as if they are active, the mod won't load at all.


Ok, it seems that there's something that broke everything. Badly
I can't load the game anymore no matter how far do I go.
I thereby admit that I have been adding mods to this colony on the go, but all of them have been "safe to add to started colonies" mods.

I can't really "narrow" what mod could be causing this issue as I've been playing fine until now. The last mod I added was the "legacy port" of Quatum Storage. I understand that there are "duped" items, but those never gave me any issues on game load.

Both log and modlist are on the attachments

I hope you can help me save the poor colony.
Here's the savefile (~14MB):

Thanks all for your help and advice.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]