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Yeah, we need mod support for this game. Bad. Tools if you could. Even if you gotta make it a stretch goal for your kickstarter or funding.

Most people want mechs or most people dont, most people want zombies or most people dont

Most people want alien lifeforms eating their people most people dont

most people like to force their views on people and then most people just wanna have fun see what im saying?

Mod tools helps the player decide whats best for their game. See, I see this game being some cool bad ass future cybersteampunk dysotpian survival game on this bad ass planet with potential for epic space station 13 gameplay single player experience

Were as some other dood be like "no this is a rustic old timey survival game that tells the story of these hard working frontiers-survivalist doods trying to rough it out through harsh winters and wooden log huts I say you!"

*yaaaaaawn* yeah ok well, Mod support.

Please make it most important, please.

Even Dwarf Fortress is mod heavy: I got sci-fi mods and everything:

It'd be like this:

VS This:

VS this:

see what im saying now? And this is how most see a bad ass game like RimWorld, different possibilities and I hate when people think their view is the most correct about a game. Mods change everything.