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I've poked around the forums, but haven't come accross anything relevant.  I have a simple mod: Individual Appearances that replaces the near-identical faces of core with something different.  It worked fine in v10, but turns the screen white in v12

Can someone link me to what needs to be done differently for a simple texture swap mod in v12?

There are a lot of different types of leather, and few of them are unique.  Even though hare leather is statistically the same as squirrel leather, you need to accumulate enough of a single type before you can craft with it.  In the mean time each kind takes up a cell in your stockpile.

I think the game would benefit from some consolidating some of the leather types, something like this:

Humans = Disturbing Leather
Muffalo = Blue Leather
Rhino = Rhino Leather
Boar = Rugged Leather
Deer, Elk, Dromedary = Leather
Iguana, Cobra, Tortise = Scaly Leather
Squirrel, Hare, Boomrat, Monkey, Alphabeaver = Fine Leather

You can mix and match a bit differently according to your whim, this is meant to be an example.  This would cut down the number of leather types about in half.  I've tried to make the names general so that future creatures can use existing leather types.

Changed the suggestion a little better correspond the stats in A9, rather than the wiki
General Discussion / Carpet not very beautiful anymore
February 24, 2015, 04:49:20 PM
A cell of carpet used to have a beauty of 5.  Now it is just a 2.  Smoothed stone floors however, are a 4, which is the best of the things i've tried in my base.

This doesn't make much sense to me -- a lot more work goes into carpet, so why bother?  Is this intentional?
The white text on the right side of the screen got a darker background in alpha 9 didn't it?  But the white text in the upper left is still virtually invisible against winter terrain.
We shouldn't get a warning when we turn things off via a switch, as if something is wrong -- it hides actual occurrences of things not being connected to the grid.
Based on some discussion about how pawns often look too similar, and how a more individual appearance would enhance the game, i've thrown this texture mod together to help make my point.

All it does is change the eyes.  Currently the game has 6 head shapes for each gender, but the eyes on all males are the same, and so for the females.  I've changed the eyes on each head shape to something unique.  Big eyes, wide-spaced eyes, narrow eyes, etc.  The graphics aren't super-polished, but I think this enhances the game.

I look forward to feedback, positive, negative and indifferent.

> Download <

Unzip the contents and place in Mods/

Updated for Alpha 12

Thanks to Shinzy for helping me put this into proper form!
General Discussion / What Triggers Cave-ins?
January 16, 2015, 02:31:17 PM
At first i had the impression that as long as you didn't mine out an entire 11x11 square you would be fine.  But i still got a cave-in in my very large room with strategic pillars to avoid 11x11 spaces.  So how is it calculated?