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Off-Topic / Anyone musically educated here?
May 02, 2016, 11:49:13 PM
I am. I'm just wondering how many people are.
Ideas / Proper Colony and new faction
April 15, 2016, 03:23:03 PM
This scenario would be, instead of you being on a chased landed ship, You would be on a proper colony ship. You would start off with quite a advantage (R4's, Lots of steel/plasteel, power Armour) But the challenge would be, the new factions. Understandably, you would have a Home world faction, which your ship came from. They're expecting tribute in silver/materials each year. You would also have to deal with other, hostile, glitter world factions out there. And the normal ones.
Mods / Mod Idea/Request Bayonets!
March 19, 2016, 11:50:44 PM
Keep getting zerg rushed by tribals? This is the answer to you! Bayonets. Quite self explanatory. You would be able to take the base weapon, (Enfeild, Shotgun, assault rifle) and, using the smithing bench, be able to craft a weapon that has the attack of a knife, and shoots like it normally would, with maybe a slight decrease to accuracy.
Help / Modding Pawn Size
March 19, 2016, 09:50:24 PM
I'm wondering how to mod pawn size, such as there size in game, nothing graphic. I can't find the def anywhere in the pawndef.
Mods / Mod Request- No power Crafting Benches.
March 18, 2016, 02:01:10 PM
Ok, So this has always bugged me. To craft weapons, (Long sword etc) You need to have power. Why? For literally all of mankind's history up until 1850, Everything involved no electricity. So this is what I'm asking, If someone could make a mod that adds a smithing bench, That takes a shit ton of time to craft anything, but doesn't need power, that would be great. Also, If someone could tell me possibly how to do it myself, That would also be appreciated. 
General Discussion / Tribals.
March 17, 2016, 11:11:21 PM
The Info Regarding tribals and what they are on rimworlds is quite lacking. Are they People who live in permanent settlements and grow crops? Or are they nomads? Or are they simple hunter gatherers. Post what you think tribals are.
Hello, there has been a lot of great fan art out there, but none, how to say it, that Serious. I do not mean this in a bad way, Hell, it probably better that way, But I was wondering if anyone would like to try it in the style of the Barouqe-Classical period. If you don't know what that means, this is the style of art I'm look for. or . These are both very militaristic, but the style I would like is there.
Stories / Drunk Militia.
March 15, 2016, 07:55:41 PM
There's a raid, A large one, sappers, First on in a while. My militia should be able to handle it. I get them to the mortars, 1, Check, 2, Check, 3, Check, Wheres the fuck is the last one? Oh, She's drunk. Vomiting all the way here stumbles four in, Unarmed, and covered in her own puke. I can just Imagine here stumbling in to the courtyard going "Heuyyy... didss youss... like, callssss?*Passes out in a puddle of her own vomit*"
Ideas / Better Sieges.
February 17, 2016, 07:58:50 PM
Sieges are difficult, but not enough. They do not mirror what sieges where like, They go insane during the siege and it does to little damage to your colony.

Sieges where meant, and always until very recent history, (Which, although we are dealing with people 3438 years in the future, and although they have the weapons that he have, they do not have the tactical sophistication that we have nor the larger artillery) have meant to starve out the besieged. This is done by surrounding and bombardment. A siege should start how it does now, and then after, say, a day, other camps start showing up on the map, then basic buildings are put up, and the siege intestines. They start building barracks, better defenses, and all in all make your life miserable. There goal is to starve you out, and that they will. Also, they would try and attack your colony, and even try and take parts of your colony. They would target buildings that are the closest and most important to them. For example. Lets say this siege has been going on for awhile and you're unphased because you're dug in, in a mountain, and using hydroponics to grow your crops. The besiegers see this, and they launch a assault (the besiegers would stop receiving reinforcements by day 10 of the siege, so said attack would be almost a sapper like attack) on your hydroponics. They tunnel in, and, after a due fire fight, take the hydroponics wing (This would require some smarter AI, an AI that can realize when it is losing, when to stop attacking and regroup, and how to treat the wounded.) and stay there. They setup a forward base in your base. Leading to some interesting "Stalingrad" style battles. (I say Stalingrad because during that siege, there would be buildings divied between Russia and Germany. ( "Combat raged for three days at the giant grain elevator in the south of the city. About fifty Red Army defenders, cut off from resupply, held the position for five days and fought off ten different assaults before running out of ammunition and water." this is what I could imagine the pirates holding the hydroponics to be like, or vise versa.) So, these pirates hold the hydroponics wing and try to take the rest of the colony bit by bit in a war of attrition. So, Sieges would be more like a real siege.

The attackers go insane during the siege, this is unacceptable. Not only does the AI not know how to rescue and treat, but, there is simply no reason why attackers need to go insane. Maybe add a buff "Sieging" which is like the "New Colony Optimism" Buff, but to siegers. If the AI built some basic buildings and tables, they would not go insane.

The siege right now, if you're prepared, does little damage. The mortars don't do enough damage, and, your colonists can fight fires and such. So, sorry for making this long, but, I hope I made you see how better sieges would impact the game. Thank you.
Mods / [Mod Request] Immigration Waves.
February 14, 2016, 05:20:44 PM
Immigration, Without colonist reproduction, making a town is quite hard. Even with modified storytellers, you only get one person at a time. I would like to see a mod that adds one event, immigration. In essence, it would just be a event where 3-10 people join, however, this could be modified to where they come from other factions. Lets people are unhappy in there faction, they leave to yours, damaging your relation with that faction. However, if your an ally with that faction you can turn them away or even capture them and turn them back to the faction. With no and positive affects with your relationship with that faction. You could also spread rumors and try to get people to migrate by talking to visitors, or sending one of your colonists out to bring people back. If you are an good ally of that faction, you could phone and request for them to send people. All in all, If someone could just make the basic event it would make me happy. Thanks.
Help / [Mod Help] How to Obtain Coal
February 12, 2016, 11:09:17 PM
I've been playing mechcanical defense, and I was wondering, How do you obtain coal, do you have to have a ore extractor, do you have to start a new world?
Mods / [Mod Request] Wood power and power re balance.
February 12, 2016, 04:50:32 PM
Wood power, this is quite self explanatory. I tried making this myself, but to no avail. It would be a building that would produce power, I was thinking using the "Bills" system would be good, or using hauling. It would be very inefficient, with a tolerance of 2%. (Warning, Upcoming maths, For the modder that does this, If someone does this, you can ignore everything but how much wood=watts. ) So, with a tolerance of 2%, only 2% of the wood actually makes electricity, the rest is given off as heat. So, at 100% efficiency (which we don't have) 1 wood=1 watt. But at 2% efficiency, all the rest of that is heat. So, WxE=Wa, Where W is the amount of wood, E is the efficiency, and Wa is watts produced. So 1x0.02=0.02. So it would produce 0.02 watts Per piece of wood. The amount of time it would take to burn a piece of wood would be 5 counts, (Or whatever they're called). So, for a full 75 stack of wood, it would produce, (75x0.02=1.5) 1.5 watts and would take (75x5=375) 375 counts. Now, this efficiency tolerance could be researched to be higher, unlocking a new burner, with efficiency going to 0.05%, 1, 5, 10, and finally 15.
With cost going suitably. Now, to give players a reason to use these, I would imagine solar panels requiring extensive research, and costing a lot more than they do now, and producing less even. Same would go for wind turbines. Also, maybe a type of makeshift battery that requires potato? As I would imagine that they also need to research the better ones. This would make power a lot more valuable than before. If someone does take this up, the burners would be first priority, and then the rest stated here. Thanks.
Stories / Kirko And Kevin
December 01, 2015, 10:49:15 PM
I hate doing this, I absently thought. My job was working with the crops, We Had 5 kinds, The herbal medicine stuff; I just plant and harvest that, Let the doctor so the rest, Hops, My favourite plant, For obvious reasons, And Berries, Which we live off of, Along with meat, All types of meat really, Never chicken, pork, Or horse; Like the planet I came from, But 'Free-game' as the faction consul call's it, We call it Bush meat. At least we have that, I would not know; I got here recently, But apparently we are well of right now, No raids Yet, If we did, Kevin would deal with them right quick. I moved into the lower section of town, Where most of the living quarters, The hospital, And the community hall were. I looked out at the sky, Where was Kevin? Hes usually home by now. I hollered at thunder, A Co-worker of Kevin's, Where He was.
"Out hunting, I guess." He Hollered back.
Ah, Typical Kevin, Always out late. He'll spend a night hunting a squirrel until he kills it. Hes not the best shot, But he has; As the Ancients would call it; Spunk Thats what draws me to him I guess, His Spunk, Always laughing, Care-free, Cheer-full, But Protective, And serious. I glanced Up again. Oh well, Might as well grab some sleep.
"Kirko!" What, Who would be yelling at me this time of night?
"Kirko! Kirko! Quick!"
I turned around, It was grim, The head of the town guard. His stomach was shot out during a fight recently, In fact, the remains of that meconoid can still be found in the Main hall.
"What?" From one look at his eyes, Not response was necessary. A raid. A Big raid.
Kevin He was not back yet,
"Kevin!" I screamed, Grabbing my pump action shot gun, I ran with grim. As I got to the sandbag wall, I took cover, I would take as many of the bastards down as a could. Just at this point, Kenvin was running around the corner of the wall, Which the main gate was situated. Holding his rifle, He ran to the Sand bag, And toke cover. "Kevin.. I. I. . Thought.."
"Don't worry"-His grin flashed on his face-"They're savages with bows and arrows"
War cries where filling the air, Chillingly, I perpaped.
"Two At 10'O clock. One down,  The other one was pressing on though. Just As the 2 volley rang out , He was dead, But Not early enough. The turret was fizzing,
There he was, A huge gaping hole in his left chest, His right arm a dangling piece of torn flesh; Looking more like meat than skin. But Alive, Alive The next came, And that Same Fizzing started. Kevin was There Right beside the turret, Unable to move, With a look of acceptance and forgiveness in his eyes, And That smile on his face.
The next seconds where In Slow motion, The explosion, And Kevin being torn into A hunk of flesh; The only feature Recognizable being His face.

     I vaugley remember a dull pain in my leg, As I sat there, Coxing him to wake up. Eventually I pass out, Right there, Exhausted, With his body in my arms.

To be continued.