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Hi, jsut a quick question... and I didn't put this in bugs because I'm not sure if it is one.

I was looking at the screen of an orbital trader, and I saw I could sell an item to them. Would have been a decent mount of money but it was only of normal quality, and I was sure my colonists could make a higher quality item, so I had them deconstruct it then used the materials ot make another one. It came out as masterwork quality because I had a colonist who was inspired to creativity make it.

But now it won't show up in the trading screen? Even though it's in the exact same place in the same stockroom as the one I deconstricted.
Why isn't it showing up?

Also, the gold and jade statues in the screenshot here were also made by my colonists.
Hello. I'm getting pretty lost amongst the xml files and getting a bit distressed, so I decided to just ask for help

I have a race which has a low tolerance for heat and like it cold. but it's to a far more extreme degree than I thought so my one colonist is constantly having heatstroke while everyone else is fine.
So I was going to go into the files and remove this temperature difference.
But I cannot find it no matter which files I look in. I was hoping there'd just be a file that had the basic race info and boom had the tag for heat and cold levels right there but I ended up getting quite stressed looking for it.
Any help would be great!
Tools / need default head textures
May 18, 2017, 12:28:22 PM
I'm trying to edit a mod and I need the original head texture files. I was told by the mod owner to replace the alien shaped heads with the default human ones if that's what I wanted, but I've searched all over and can't find these default files anywhere.

I'd originally tried just removing the texture folder in the file for the heads but that didn't seem to work.

So if anyone could provide the png files for those that'd be awesome
Support / A15>A14 downgrading issue
September 11, 2016, 05:54:46 PM
So I have a weird problem. I finally decided to upgrade to A15 and downloaded the game to a new location, set up my mods and all that, only, because of a bunch of mods & some very important ones like CCL not working, I decided to go back to A14 for now so at least I could still play the game as I had been enjoying it, just until a couple of my facvourites update. and CCL pretty much means all mods too.

Only i'm getting a weird error. When I try to start a new game, it says something about trying to load a file from A15. the exact error:
"- Loaded file is from version 0.15.1282 rev1151, we are running version 0.14.1234 rev65."

This happens whether my mods are on or off, and I have uninstalled my A15 game file, uninstalled and reinstalled A14, and deleted all folders in my Appdata folder, which the A14 game replaced on startup. but despite refreshign all that it is still trying to load an A15 file somewhere?
But I am NOT loading a game I am trying to set up a NEW GAME, I need to stress.
I did move my mods back in from the backup I made but the core mod was copied in fresh during the instillation.
Any help would be appreciated as this is an odd problem, and if reinstalling everything didn't work I don't know what will.