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Ideas / Evolution, human subspecies, traits, and so on.
November 06, 2016, 11:31:46 AM
Human: a baseline human, almost entirely unaffected by gene modification and genetic drift from non-earthlike planets. Already in game, but I'm suggesting a change: can swim across deep water and fire while treading water, but at reduced accuracy.

Cave dweller: doesn't get cabin fever, pale skin, can see in darkness a bit better, maybe dislikes the outside?

Aquatic: base movement speed on land reduced to 90-95%, movement speed in shallow water is increased to 120%, can move across deep water at 150% speed.

Vat-grown soldier: anyone with this backstory ages at an increased rate with an increased risk of age-related health complications. Maybe physically stronger to offset this?

Vat-grown civilian: decreased aging speed, significantly reduced risk of age-related health problems, disliked by some in your colony due to being considered the unethical creation of life, treated as an equal by others in your colony because they're still human. Probably base it off of first, second, and third impressions per individual. [mewtwo quote goes here]

Glitter worlder: pumped full of nanites, doubled immunity build rate, automatically heal any wounds short of an amputation or major organ rupture in the field, but not 'heal' heal. Just stops the bleeding long enough to get medical aid. Infections can sometimes develop into sensory mechanites if they reach extreme levels.

Mechanoid: while not necessarily human in the biological sense, it fits in here better than anywhere else. An AI housed in a mechanical humanoid body. All stats enhanced to 120%, can never get sick, 12% lower break threshold, can be repaired with components, steel, and plasteel instead of the various medicines. Eats electricity by tapping power lines, will prioritize tapping lines placed under a chair next to a table. Ignored by manhunter packs unless provoked. Pirates may try to abduct them for parts. Immune to toxic fallout. Can be 'butchered' at the machining table like other mechanoids.

Spacer: comes from several generations of spacers who lived entirely inside the protection of a starship, extremely pale skin, sunburns extremely easily during midday. Increased crafting skill.

Vat-grown spider amalgamate: Can equip two non-minigun weapons at the same time, marked with disfigured by default, eyesight increased to 200%, manipulation increased to 200%, Can ONLY eat meat or insect jelly, but doesn't mind eating raw corpses. Produces five insect jelly daily at the cost of doubled metabolic rate. Movement speed increased to 120%, but reduced drastically in the water, down to 20%. Considered a monster at first glance by most, but gets a sympathy bonus from other vat-grown individuals.

Vat-grown bird amalgamate: Eyesight reduced to 90%, manipulation reduced to 90%, bones break more easily in combat, but movement speed is increased to 150% and is negatively affected less by ground type. Considered a monster at first glance by most, but gets a sympathy bonus from other vat-grown individuals.

What do you all think? Don't be afraid to give constructive feedback and  your own ideas!
Ideas / Bionics overhaul
October 28, 2016, 08:24:55 AM
Replacing hands should be possible on bionic limbs without medicine, and preserve the original hand for later reattachment.

Bionic hands and feet.

Variants of bionic feet:

Sprinter legs: faster running, enables shooting while running, reduces weapon accuracy slightly.

Stabilizer: increases weapon accuracy and decreases weapon cooldown considerably, reduces speed quite a bit.

Just a quick idea I had
General Discussion / Stupid challenges
October 23, 2016, 05:37:18 PM
Post a challenge, complete one already in the thread, and post a pic or describe the result.

Feed luciferium to a pack of hungry wargs.
Ideas / Ways to make base defense more mobile
October 13, 2016, 10:59:21 PM
Barricades. Can be crafted at stonecutting or built from security tab. Health based on source material. 3 tiles wide, provides the cover of a sandbag. Can be moved around like furniture.

Improved detection system. So snipers can flank and stuff.

Gun emplacements. A manned turret, essentially. Provides cover, shoots constantly in a narrow arc, produces a large amount of heat.

Firing instantly if enemies are within a few tiles. Pressing a sniper rifle against the back of that tribal pounding the door down can't be THAT hard.

Long ranged rocket launcher and/or rail gun and/or anti material rifle. To punch holes in power armor from a safe distance.
Ideas / Evolutionary pressures
August 21, 2016, 01:28:55 PM
Evolutionary pressures are mentioned in-game, so I thought up a few simple ones that could be nice to have around sometimes.

Baseline human: same as right now, already implemented. Most common variation.

Cave worlder/pseudo-dwarf: anyone with a cave world something job. Mood boost from being underground, no cabin fever.

Cold resistant: often appears with cold lover trait, mood boost from being in subzero environments. Much harder to get hypothermia.

Heat resistant: appears often with heat lover trait, mood boost from being in temperatures greater than 50 C. Much harder to get heatstroke.

Water worlder: mood boost from being either in the rain or somewhat close to water. Can move faster through water maybe? Maybe can swim over deep water?

Random variable: a random medical stat is increased to 120% enhanced. Somewhat rare.

Post your own ideas or any feedback you have please.
Just a thread idea that I had.

Pretty straightforward, just describe yourself as if you were reading a Rimworld character sheet.

Childhood: meh

Adulthood: lazy gamer. What did you expect?

Shooting: 5
Melee: 4
Social: 7
Everything else: about a 3
Research: 10


I'd make such a useless character XD