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Steam Workshop:
Requirements: Harmony

As of this moment, Rimmortality is in an early stage. There is still some functionality to patch in, please report any issues or mod incompatibilities in the comments below.

Inspired by the regeneration ability of the Time Lords from Doctor Who, this Rim-lore friendly adaptation allows you to research and create a super-resurrection serum that will allow your colonists to cheat death 12 times, but at the following costs;
- A new set of randomised traits
- A completely new physical appearance (Skin tone, Head and Body, Hair and Hair colour, 5% chance of gender swap)
- Post-Regeneration sickness
- Slight mood debuff
- Slight social debuff with all related colonists (you'd feel slightly untrusting if your sibling, spouse, child or parent suddenly morphed into a completely different person wouldn't you?)

In short, any colonist injected with the Regeneration Nuclei will auto-resurrect at the point of death 12 times!

Warning - Dying on the worldmap does not trigger Regeneration. Working on a Transpiler patch to handle this

- Research the Super-Resurrection Serum Technology
- Craft a Super-Resurrection Serum from x1 Mech Resurrector Serum, x1 Mech Healer Serum, x2 Neutroamine at a Drugs Lab
- Add a medical operation to the target colonist to inject the serum

Once the serum is injected, the Regeneration Nuclei will appear in the colonist's health tab. On death, that colonist will automatically resurrect, but won't be the same ever again...

- Does this differ from the Resurrection Mech Serum? Yes - whilst 1 resurrection mech serum brings a colonist back to life, fully intact, this does the same - however it will automatically trigger 12 times, giving your colonist that near immortality you're craving
- Does changing gender affect my romantic relationships? No - nor will it suddenly alter the sexual orientation of your colonist.

- Known issue; Dying on the worldmap does not trigger Regeneration. Working on a Transpiler patch to handle this.
- Known issue; Resurrection death still triggers the 'X has died' message. Working on a Transpiler patch to handle this.
- Known issue; Facial Hair from other mods (e.g. Vanilla Hair Expanded) does not remove during regeneration (even if you swap gender). I'll be looking into compatibility patching after the other points have been fixed.
Bionic and implant attachments remain attached. Working on a Mod Settings class to handle this as an optional toggle.
- No compatiblity testing has been performed, however Death Rattle and other death relates Harmony patched mods may be affected by this mod.

- I don't plan on bringing any other Doctor Who related functionality into this mod

Feedback welcome, can't promise I'll keep an eye on the thread though!

Support / Grey screen of Doom
January 05, 2019, 07:09:24 AM
Hi folks,

Last night on my permasave, a Trade Caravan turns up and I start assembling some new power conduits in the bottom left of my colony, when the game turns grey. I switch to dev mod, and notice a tonne of errors relating to the powergrid flooding the console (see below error log).
I exited the game stupidly, rather than quitting out of the app, which saved the game with the grey screen in place.

I've tried every fix I could find. The only thing that seems to shift it is to regenerate the map in the dev console, which naturally destroys my 4 year old, blood sweat and tears toiled colony.

I'm on my knees begging for some help here

Outdated / [A17] Space Worms 0.1 (Beta)
July 17, 2017, 06:39:45 PM

Rimworld Build: 0.17.1557
Mod Version: Beta v0.1

Mod Author: Demeggy


- A new parasitic creature called the Space Worm
- A new Level 4 technology (Xenobiology) to research
- A new surgical procedure to extract Space Worm larvae from infected Hosts

Future plans:

- Harvestable Wormskin with incredibly rare narcotic qualities
- New types of Space Worm, including a Queen and Nest Builders
- New incidents to introduce Space Worms into your Colony

How does the mod work?

- An escape pod with an infected survivor crashlands. With a chance of it gestating inside Refugee Pod survivors, it only takes one infected human to wipe a Colony out entirely if not dealt with quickly...
- If your colony has researched the Level 4 technology of Xenobiology, they'll be able to automatically see the Parasitic Infection on the survivors health records, and surgically extract the larvae from the patient with the right medical skills and supplies...
If not, the infected host will birth 1 to 3 Space Worms violently within 24 hours, dying in the process, with the new breed on the hunt for new hosts...


- A host is impregnated the second a Space Worm successfully incises a human (the Space Worm will die during impregnation). The human will have approximately 24 hours in-game to be diagnosed and operated on before the larvae breeches, killing the Host in the process.
- Any one Space Worm, can impregnate a Host with up to 3 larvae. Only one operation is required to remove the parasite
- Hosts in Stasis can withhold the gestation process, so if you don't have the tech researched - put 'em on ice!
- Space Worms are fast, but weak. When born, their instant bloodlust will drive them to impregnate the nearest human host - so be prepared with quarantine wards and rapid weapons!

Known Bugs/Incompatibilities:

- Gestation period is approximately between 12 and 24 hours

Special Thanks to erdelf over at the Community Discord for sage C# advice on a rather steep learning curve, and all the others who've helped me with my many questions from time to time


I don't allow anyone to use any of the content without my permission at this time
Unfinished / [A17 WIP] Scuttlebugs
February 25, 2017, 08:44:15 AM

Mod Beta now released:

Afternoon all.

I've recently started re-introducing myself to C# after a decade hiatus, and have decided to invest some time in trying out a couple of custom mods for Rimworld. One of such is Scuttlebugs.

Scuttlebugs introduces a new insect pawnKind to the game, that can infect colonists with a single scratch, impregnating them with Scuttlebug larvae. It's an often repeated trope of sci-fi, and I wanted to avoid making a Xenomorph-styled mod.

After a 24 hour gestation period, if the larvae has not been surgically removed (with a custom 'Extraction' operation bill), 2-3 nubile Scuttlebugs will burst forth from the colonist (killing the colonists in the process) and scamper off to reproduce and so forth. Killing the colonist is also not an option, as the death event itself triggers the 'birth' of the larvae. This means that should you wish to operate on the poor hosts, you'd better have a decent quarantine ward available!

I've so far gotten a crude tech demo up and running - but I'm still working on the transmission element of the hediff.

I'll keep y'all posted on development and probably throw up a demo vid at some point soon.

Help / Celebrations Mod -.dll help required
January 28, 2017, 06:39:01 AM
Morning all,

So I've started preliminary work on my first assembly mod for Rimworld, which is to incorporate the triggering of parties for colonist birthdays, and a calendar through the UI that allows you to set and define specific dates as 'holidays'. Just because you're stranded on a rim world shouldn't mean you miss out on pseudo Christmas!

What I'm thinking is utilising a tab exactly like the standard Restrict menu, with 4 rows for each season, and a text input box to be prompted when one of the 15 days is clicked on. That day is then stored as a holiday, with a party triggering on the day of the event.

Thoughts, suggestions etc (I'm looking to keep this low key as my first .dll) are welcome, but what I'm really looking for is some assistance with the coding. I'm C# orientated, just need to dust off my brain and get familiar with the RimWorld libs.


Help / Definitive def/assembly guide?
November 11, 2016, 02:08:45 PM
Evenin' all,

I've been trawling the boards over the past few nights to see if I could find any clear info on how much you can get away with by editing def's alone without touching .dll's - however, I haven't find anything conclusive - so... "how much you can get away with by editing def's alone without touching .dll's?"

Given example; creating an on death event, or spawning a new pawn into the gameworld at a given location - I'm assuming these 2 exclusive examples would require an assembly?

Thanks for whatever clarity you can provide!

Edit: Bonus question - is there a list of API functions that we can use when writing .dll's?

Help / 'could not load unityengine.texture2d'
October 29, 2016, 07:10:46 PM
Evening all.

A fairly standard, common issue here, that has left me scratching my head tonight.

Trying to get some new apparel ingame. The filepath I'm using in the def is spot on, the file itself is a .png based off an existing ingame asset - yet every time I load RW up, I receive the 'could not load unityengine.texture2d at etc' error.

Any suggestions?

Help / Incidents.xml - Core overriding
October 22, 2016, 10:03:04 AM
Hey guys and gals,

I'm in the process of rewording some generic incidents ingame, and have been updating the incidents.xml file in the Languages dir, but for some reason, the Core file is overriding my changes.

Is there anything specific that's needed to be done when editing Language dir files that I'm missing? I've managed to get NameBanks to work perfectly so far, so this a bit different and puzzling that it's not picking up as I'd expect.

Thanks, Demeggy
Help / Forcing PawnDef apparel
October 17, 2016, 03:15:35 PM
Evening all!

So I've noticed a quirk in my WIP: I've created a faction, setup PawnDefs spawned by that faction, all works swimmingly - with the exception that some of the PawnDefs refuse to wear the Armour and Helmet tagged in their ThingDef Apparel.xml tags, nor be equipped with the weapon as tagged in their ThingDef Apparel.xml tags.

I can see there's an Apparel costing element to apparel that if I understand, is picked up by the PawnDef's min/max money allowance.

Is there a much easier way to force them to wear specific outfits?


Hi folks,

Demeggy here. I thought it was time to announce the development of a small conversion mod I'm working on that brings the Star Wars Universe to Rimworld.

I've seen a few other mods that have had a crack at this, and whilst they're all stonkingly good, I feel like bringing some of my own to the table.

So, with that in mind... let me introduce you to....

Mod Status:

Framework (Def/Language): 95%
Art: 45%
Sound: 25%

Currently Implemented:

Natural Resources (inc. buildables):
Dunestone, Moonstone, Korribanite, Shinestone, Spice Ore, Compacted Durasteel, Compacted Permacrete, Kyber Crystal

Bactillia, Tuber, Rootleaf, Alderaanian Blossomflower, Force Blossom, Ithorian Rose, Marcan Herbs, Muja Fruit

DL-22 Blaster, DL-44 Heavy Blaster, E-11 Blaster Rifle, EE-3 Carbine Rifle, E-5 Sniper Rifle, Vibroblade, Lightsaber, Thermal Detonators

Force Sensitive

Stormtrooper Helmet, Stormtrooper Armour, Scout Trooper Helmet, Scout Trooper Armour, Rebel Soldier Helmet, Rebel Soldier Combat Vest, Rebel Scout Helmet, Rebel Scout Duster, Mandalorian Helmet, Mandalorian Armour, Ubese Raider Helmet, Ubese Raider Cloak, Corellian Blood-Stripe Pants, Smugglers Vest, Tusken Cloak, Tusken Mask

Fauna (inc. Droids):
Super-Battledroid, Battledroid, Astromech Droid, Protocol Droid, Falumpaset, Ewok, Ice Cat, Shaak, Hoover, Gnort, Peko-Peko, Reekcat, Endorian Chicken, Ghhhk, Vine Snake, Gundark, Nerf, Kaadu, Eopie, Reek, Tauntaun, Mynock, Sungwa, Ikopi, Tooka, Gurrek, Jerba, Ysalamari, Akk Dog, Anooba, Rancor, Kowakian Monkey Lizard, Bantha, Varactyl, Nexu, Worrt, Wampa, Momong, Womprat, Vjun Fox, Dewback, Snowmouse, Gorg, Boar-Wolf, Sleen, Nuna, Vornskr, Orray, Mooka, Rathtar

Holonet Terminal, Bacta Tank, 2-1B Medical Droid, Dejarik Board, Sabaac Table, Carbonite Freezer, Moisture Vaporator

Items (inc. Various Hides/Furs/Wools/Eggs):
Blue Milk, Jedi Holocron, Sith Holocron, Moisture Pack

Jawa Juice, Ryll Spice, Sansanna Spice, Glitterstim Spice, Bacta Patches, Medpac

Research Projects:
Spice Refining, Hyperdrive Construction, Carbonite Freezing, Moisture Farming

Factions (inc. Randomised NameBanks):
Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Tusken Raiders, Hutt Cartel

Full list to be provided closer to release

Special thanks to Berengar for donating their Rimtrooper assets, which have gone towards saving me creating weapon and Imperial/Rebel armour assets!

Rimworld obviously fits the SW bill incredibly well. The Outer-Rim worlds of the SW Universe are unexplored, dangerous territory. Set during the era of the Galactic Civil War, the emphasis won't be on players to take up arms against the Empire. It won't be for players to play a major part in the lore of the SW Universe. It will simply be for you to build your story of a small colony, struggling to survive.

Most of Rimworld caters for what's needed already, which makes it a great platform for me to one-man develop this.
Initial plans are to bring some of the flora and fauna into the gameworld, with creatures as Wampas, Banthas and Ronto's already in.
I've also included a Force Sensitive Trait for colonists (a rare chance indeed), with some great buffs that will allow them to become the Protectors of your colony.
We've also got an Imperial Outpost faction, complete with Grand Moff, Officers and Stormtrooper battalions, not to mention Rebel Alliance and Tusken Raider factions that are being worked on right now.
We're also looking at custom minerals such as Kyber Crystals, Durasteel and Permacrete.
Additionally, weapons from the saga such as the DL44 and Imperial Blaster Rifle will be making an appearance, along with trainable Astromech and Protocol droid 'Pets'.

I'm focusing on the actual functionality over looks and sounds to begin with (best place to start in my humble opinion), but I intend on keeping the smooth, basic appeal of Rimworlds aesthetics for all graphics (no realistic crops here).

I'll try to keep this post updated, I'm terrible for communicating development - but if you're interested in what I'm doing, get posting below and let me know I've got some support behind me!

May the Force (of modding and self-motivation) be with you,