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I'm trying to get my pawns to carry go-juice for emergencies but to not use it.  How can I make this happen?

fast enough... I should say - how are they changing clothes in time for a raid?  I am using the awesome better pawn control and get up and go mods, but by the time my pawns have changed from normal outfits into battle gear the enemy is all over my base.  It just takes way too long.

Am I missing something?  Does everyone just leave their people in full battle gear all the time?
This has been going on for a few revisions.  Is this a bug?  If not, why is this part of the game?  Makes no sense to me, why they would take food to bed, wake up, and not move 10 squares to dining room to eat their breakfast.

Or is this an attempt to get you to put a table in every bedroom?  Which seems bizarre to me...
Bugs / Food restrictions keep resetting back to Lavish
November 13, 2018, 07:57:30 PM
Anyone else run across this?

It's getting really annoying.
I've got a lot of rich soil, and I'm wondering if there's any reason for me to grow potatoes, strawberries, or corn since they grow so much slower?
I don't want to get rid of mech raids via crahsed ship or just raids in general, but I do want to tone down the formula so not so many mechs are spawned when they raid.  I know there's a formula and points system.  So I figure if I assigned a higher value to each type of mech, then fewer mechs would spawn.

Would someone be up for helping me accomplish this?
Mods / Fewer mech raids, more human raids?
November 04, 2018, 10:44:03 AM
I don't want to get rid of all mech raids, I would just like the ratio of mech raids vs. human raids changed a bit.  Is there a mod that does this?  If not, could someone whip up one to do this quickly?  Or can I make it somehow.  Basically the only adjustment needs to be lower the rarity of mech raids - maybe by 35% and then maybe human value doesn't need to be adjusted at all.
I got in a pickle and I'm getting hammered by Lancers each time they show up.  Half my pawns are missing arms and legs now and my turrets don't have the range to hit them.  Any tips?
When I have the game on triple speed now, it runs at about normal speed.  Besides taking one mod out at a time and recording benchmarks (which could take a long time with my mod list), is there a way I can zero in on this better? 

If posted the list would that help?
General Discussion / Material cost of bionic arm?
October 30, 2018, 04:30:36 PM
I need a quick comparison.  Anyone have a game going where they can check this?  Txs!
Mods / Incinerate anything and everything mod?
October 28, 2018, 04:23:08 PM
Is there a mod (or would this be easy for someone to make) where the incinerator could incinerate clothes, textiles, and anything else in the game?
I'm concerned my game may be messed up.  It's been a few years and the 2 cities I can get to have not updated their inventory so I can never buy food, meals, or other desperately needed goods (I'm way up in freezing North).

I do have quite a few mods that add new items to the game.  Could those screw it up?
Mods / A mod for a speed between 1x and 2x?
October 24, 2018, 02:14:16 PM
Is there a mod that can add another speed option?  Or can one be created easily?
The chopping trees action, along with mining and harvesting requires you go to the architect tab first which is pretty annoying.  Is there a way around this?  Or a mod that fixes this?
I'm trying to delay getting assaulted by them as long as possible as my colony is in a bad spot.

Mods / Is there an electricity meter mod?
October 22, 2018, 03:07:59 PM
I'd like there to be a device I can place (or a tab on the interface) that shows the current draw vs. current need for electricity.  Does something like this exist?  If not, would someone want to tackle making it?

I miss the fact that my caravan has arrives 90% of the time as I'm so busy dealing with other things that barely perceptible sound is just background noise.  Would someone be able to make a mod for this or suggest how I could change it myself?

I'd like to do a mod where I adjust how electricity is handled.  Windmill and wood generator are split off and have research costs associated with them.  I'd then change the research cost of batteries and other electricity items to scale based on the research values I set for windmill and the wood generator.

Though I'm fine with xml editing I do not know how to the what's mentioned.  I've not created a mod from scratch yet in Rimworld.  Just edited other people's mod to fit the values I like.

Thanks if anyone feels like helping.
Mods / Total Asshole & Gregarious
October 18, 2018, 04:52:14 PM
What code would I use to add two new traits?
Total Asshole would be a -50 social to everyone, even other assholes.
Gregarious would be +40.

They would be traits that are show with a frequency slightly less than beautiful.

General Discussion / Most .19 mods will work in 1.0?
October 17, 2018, 01:08:47 PM
i'm sorry, my brain is just not working as I'm so tired.  Based on what Tynan said before with the 1.0 being mostly bugfixes over .19 - will most mods sitting at .19 on workshop probably work OK in 1.0?