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I have a 33 minutes (66GB) playthrough, made with Afterburner, and I don't really know what to make of it, nor how.

What are you people using to compress your videos and make them available online ?
I don't intend to spend hours on this, so the more straight-forward the better.

What host would you recommend that is *not* YouTube ?

I'm also not interested in editing or doing voice-over (there's already the music that I was listening to when I played, anyway ::)).

Fun fact (that may or may not have an effect at some point in the transformation-chain): it's in 1600x1200 ;D
The title should be self-sufficient, but allow me to elaborate...

When your colony is at a rather advanced stage, you have potent weapons, or the opportunity (and funds !) to buy them.
The issue here is that those weapons, with or without adding turrets in the equation, pretty much have all raiders getting consistently killed.

I've tried to disable the turrets and have my colonists literally hand-pick targets, but they always die nonetheless.

So, dear testers and YouTubers, do you have a special way of capturing raiders ?
This in kind of relative to the discussions about the researching and manufacturing systems...

I was thinking about the skills our colonists start with, and how it could (should ?) influence the difficulty of the game in relation to the not-yet-fully-defined research and manufacture systems.
We can randomize our colonists' stats to our heart content and choose to focus on these or those stats for each of them, but they don't really have an impact on the game right now.
Even if you take, let's say 3 oafs that have absolutely no scientific skills, you can construct "scientifically-advanced" items (comms console, research table...) and do the research itself.

But what about taking that into account as well ?
That way, if I start with those 3 oafs, I can only do simple tasks/buildings, and have to rely on... luck (randoms people coming off pods, or raiders) ? Something else ?
Likewise, if you choose to take 3 nobles, you can't do much.
That idea would work well with a learning system of sorts (a codex within each pods to slowly learn from at the start, and maybe then learning from rescued/captured characters ? That's a discussion for another thread, though).

Think of it as another subtle layer of difficulty.

Come back here now and then to get your funding-stats-fix !

The lowdown, short version:


Experimental stuff:

More on (or you can click on any graph).
Off-Topic / RimWorld in 3D (or so it seems) !
October 02, 2013, 01:43:54 PM
And maybe even the other way around :o

I was scourging the web with no purpose, as it's supposed to be done, and I found this:
Ideas / Drug system?
September 27, 2013, 04:55:38 PM
Quote from: Tynan on September 27, 2013, 04:48:03 PM
I'm offering a drug system to the KS backers as a thing to vote for.
Not sure if serious...

What I'm sure about, though, besides this subject probably not being fit for the thread, is that whenever there's some sort of temporary effect drugs/stims/whatever in a game, I never use them.
That kind of make me sad because it's a feature I'm not using, but I don't find any interest in having a short boost when (if) I can be consistent without having a use for it.
Hmmm, I can't really write it down the way I want, but... you know...

Hello everybody,

Don't worry, I know there's a thread about the wiki already, but I would like the wiki populated as much as possible before the Kickstarter... well, starts.

In that regard:
If you are a tester

  • You have some time and are motivated
    Get as much data on the game as possible:
    • For every tile, write down (or take a screenshot of) the specifics of that tile: does it conduct power, what's the movement speed allowed, its HP... every information the game provides
    • Take screenshots of the UI, every possible window, from the main menu, to creating the crew, to... game over
    • Upload/write those data on the wiki: don't bother making it look good if you are not familiar with wikis
  • You don't have much time or are not that much motivated
    • As above, take screenshots of everything you can and upload them to the wiki, I'll take care of the rest
If you have graphical skills

The RimWorld wiki, as of now, is seriously lacking a graphical identity.
  • You are welcome to create a new theme (on this page, and there's also some help here), but please don't modify the default theme
  • You can also propose bits of graphics, styles, or ideas in this very thread
IMPORTANT: If you make any addition/modification to the wiki

Please always write an explanation of your modification(s) in the Edit Summary field, even if it's a couple words (if you are a tester: please add the build version)
It makes it easier to find out what's going on on the wiki at a glance.

In any case, thank you for your time !