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Does anyone know if the bonus to sight, consciousness, etc, from something like go juice (or wakeup, bionics, etc) affect item quality at a crafting table?

I know penalties do, but wasn't sure if the bonuses beyond 100% sight or beyond 100% consciousness affect the final quality of the item made by the pawn.

Stories / Donald Trump on Rimworld - an a17 story
November 27, 2017, 06:04:26 PM
Scenario played: Donald Trump.
Difficulty: Random Randy Rough on icesheet.

Brief summary of scenario:
After 4 years of presidency, Trump had saved the world by building a wall around Mexico, telling everyone that he loves China, bombing the middle east until it was a crater and then banning the muslim refugees who fled the destruction. Knowing that his work was done he launched himself into space to find another world to save.

Your faction will be a colony.
Start with 1 person.
He will be between 66 and 70 years old.
Starting character will have the traits beautiful and too smart.
Start with:
- meals, steel, components and wood.
- Silver x1000000 and some gold
- Glitterworld medicine
- Assault rifle

Narrator: This screenshot comes 2 years after the crashland. I'm writing this story now, 2 years later, with the hope that the story will eventually catch up to current gameplay. Trump certainly didn't start with such good stats. In particular, he was a poor grower and a much weaker constructor and miner. His "too smart" trait has helped him level-up his skills tremendously over the last 2 years.

This is my first story. I aim to upload something new every day or two until I catch up to the current storyline. If the pictures end up deleted after a few months, you can head to and search for donald trump to see the full story.

I would love to hear feedback. Thank you for letting me share my amazing Donald Trump story with you.