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Unfinished / [B18] Simple Armors
March 08, 2018, 04:38:20 PM
Release date unknown
Might happen, might not
~ SzQ 25 April 2018

  In the world where everyday you can get an bullet into the chest, arrow to the knee or claw to the eye, people know only few ways of protection. They could make only armor vests and power armors. Until group of mad scientists discovered that it is possible to make various defensive apparel.
This mod aims to fill that hole between: no armor>armor vest>power armor.

Leather armor....☑ done
Metal armor........☐ in progress
Combat armor....☐ in progress




My first Rimworld mod and first graphics. I appreciate feedback on these 'textures'.
Once these 3 armors are plausible along with 2 helmets i will release mod. However it wont be complete. Here is what i wish this mod to become:

  • Hardened Tribalwear - crafting spot and tailoring bench
  • Leather Armor - tailoring bench
  • Metal Armor and Helmet - smithy + tech
  • Winter Armor and Helmet - for those who like cold
  • Combat Armor and Helmet - machining table + tech
  • Maybe some kind of power armor
Then i will consider the main part complete and start working on little addon.
Mods / [MOD HYPOTHESIS] Pawn complex statistics
January 14, 2018, 06:00:54 PM
Made this thread because i hope to theorize with other people.
I am aware of high complexity and low compability such mod could have.

Base Idea
Pawns (animals ewentually) have statistics points like in most old RPG games. Lets call it SPECIALS... (how original)
Melee damage, accuracy, reloading*, walking*, working*, learning*, *speed, psychology, healing rate and health amount (aand probably many other things) could be altered. Such mechanic is already in the game and it is backstories, traits and health condition. SPECIALS can be modified with advanced (glitterworld maybe) medicine.
yea... i grew with old fallouts   


Bigger variety in pawns. Now basically Traits are only thing make me to decide if i want to rescue and recruit or not. Every pawn can be good in anything in not so varied amount of time. People are differed and we can even see it on pawns graphics.
There are people that can lift 65KG and there are people that weight 65KG, i'm one of them...
As far as most pawns would be common people getting weak nerd that will boost your research or strong brawler that during mental break will KO your chief, doctor, builder,  muffalo and hungry grizzly meanwhile being able to run and accurately shoot with minigun will be much more noticable. I might even start to remember who is who.

Example stats


  • Strength
  • Perception
  • Endurance
  • Charisma
  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Will
  • basically
  • fallout 1-10
oh and gender slider with 100 options for sake of political correctness

Every skill we currently have in game can be easily modified by few or one specials.
Maybe it was suggested or discussed somewhere before? I will hold on myself with theorizing in case it was already discussed back and forth? Well if it was i would still enjoy  building system that would be possible to implement into game as mod one day.

awaiting for any response