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Help / Which version of unity Rimworld is using to build?
February 22, 2019, 05:49:15 AM
I'm trying to debug my mod with dnspy, if everything going well, I will be able to debug line-by-line.
I need to know which version of unity the rimworld is using, so I can using correct version of mono.dll provided by dnspy.
Ideas / Please improve mod loading speed.
October 28, 2018, 11:33:15 PM
It's really slow, I just have less than 50 mods, but it's still too slow.

Implemented concrete. As hard as stony material, but build much faster. Save a lot of building work hour, but have 2 drawbacks:

1 Requires limestone, which is not available on all maps. You can grab limestones from other map, or buy limestone bricks.
2 Need some days to hydrate, before it's fully hydrated, it will be weak.

Don't require new save.
  No Water No Life:
  If you have "No Water No Life" installed, building concrete will require water, make it more expensive than vanilla.
Please load this mod after those mods listed up here.


Concrete is actually a Neolithic technology, but I set it to industrial so dropper start will be easier to research. It's significantly more simpler for modern people.
Ask your pawn to eat specified food first.

Added a menu tab to human pawn. You can specify some food type. Then if he need some food, he will try to get those you specified types first, then vanilla food searching algorithm.
Also works for food choosing for patients.
So say, you have vegetable garden mod. Then you can specify cheeseburger to patients, simple meal for others. Don't need to worry that other healthy pawns just eat all that cheeseburgers you made for patients.
Menu can be specified "per pawn" or "per kind", default setting mode is "per kind". So you can specify menu for a pawn, then make it works to all pawns of the same kind, eg: human.

Animal pawn has a max food search distance of 100. That means if an animal is 100 cells away from your specified food, he will not go to eat your specified food. Theoretically I can rise it to 9999, but I belive it has been set to 100 for performance reason, so I leave it to 100.
This limit is only for animal pawn, human pawn don't have this limit.

Requires HugsLib


Allow separate setting for breakfast and supper. So you can set moving, manipulation bonus food for breakfast and metabolism, blood pumping, breathing bonus food for supper.
Concept of breakfast and supper is actually decided by pawn's rest level not time of day.
Added support to menu setting mode, has 2 modes, per pawn or per kind.
Added support for animals, and any mod that extends "BasePawn".

Does not require a new game.
Ideas / Mod depedency management system
May 06, 2018, 08:04:33 PM
Allow mods to explicitly declare which mod it depends, and automatically load mods.

specialties and productions

Every world tile has a chance to have a specialty when generated. Increasing animals, plants, resource rocks.

AI base will produce extra goods based on what and how many specialties they have near by.

faction base enhancement:
AI base will be generated more powerful if there is more specialities nearby.

This mod support:
DeepRim, Set-Up Camp, Giddy-Up Caravan.
Please load this mod after DeepRim and Set-Up Camp.
Support for Giddy-Up Caravan is implemented in Dll files, so whether to load this mod after Giddy-Up Caravan does not matter.

Requires HugsLib


plant speciality chance rased to 0.003.
disable Rat to be speciality.
disable plant that has commonality >= 5 to be speciality.
No longer require to start a new game.
Fixed a bug that incorrectly calculated specialty distance.
Add support to Giddy-Up Caravan.

If you found that most of your specialities suddenly disappeared. Please try:
1 Turn on "don't filter plant" trigger in mod option.
2 If step 1 don't work, try raise up speciality chance in mod option. There are 3 options affecting speciality chance, try raise them all.