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Found a year old thread about this, and a mod said it would get looked into, but this bug / problem still persists to this day. I'm on Linux as well and downloaded from SendOwl, if that happens to matter. The thread appears to be locked, so that is why I'm making a new one.

I have the same issue as in that thread. Some of the languages files show up with incorrect encoding, and the consequence is that those languages don't show up as options in the game. I can't even open the files/archives. I am on Linux Mint 20.3 64-bit.

Looks like for the files with non-typical (a-z) characters, the files don't work correctly.

Edit: I tested by renaming a file (Norwegian in this case) and removing the stuff behind tar.gz, and now the language showed up in-game. So looks like there is a pretty easy workaround. Norwegian wasn't fully translated I saw, but that's not a bug ofc.
General Discussion / Upgrade or not, pros and cons
September 13, 2022, 12:56:43 PM
Looks like I haven't been around, nor played the game, for about 3 years. In the meantime, two DLCs have released, plus a horde of patches. I'm not really interested in the DLCs as they are quite expensive and didn't sound all that interesting to me. The version I have is 1.0.2282, which is presumably about 3 years old. The wiki isn't exactly up to date (I recall trying to do a shit-ton over there way back when), but I read from some pages there and the blog that many weapons have been nerfed into the ground, and then pounded further down. Which appears to have made base defense pretty much useless, if what I read here and there is to be believed.

Back when I played, this aspect was a lot of fun to me. Slowly build a base, hopefully survive long enough to get some recruits, and eventually grotesque aliens land and try to kill you and everything you hold dear. To have any chance to withstand such onslaughts, base defense in the form of turrets were needed. Sure, most of them up in each raid, but while alive they helped. So then... is this whole aspect of the game pretty much a thing of the past, when turrets have been nerfed so brutally hard, and even have their costs increased?

What kind of pros and cons are there to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.3, or even one in the middle? I bought the game directly here so am not sure if it's possible to upgrade to e.g. 1.2, or if the download site only has the last version.

Hopefully a few people are still active here and can help shed some light on this stuff :) 50-ish patch notes with lots of DLC stuff in there is too much to take in right now =)
Tynan released an update on the blog today (2 March), which I recommend that people read.

Spoiler: There will (probably) be more patches and expansions :)
General Discussion / Turret changes
February 22, 2020, 02:04:04 PM
I'm not able to play the newest version yet, but I see there went in some changes about turrets on the wiki, and assuming those are correct (they probably are), all turrets have been nerfed harshly (and had a cost increase for usage).

Is this another example of the "tune it to the extreme" at first, and then see how wildly people react, then gradually roll it back? Because if the current changes stand, with pretty hefty nerfs to damage, range and cost-increase, I'm not sure there is much point in building them at all.
Wrote about this issue over a month ago in Fluffy's thread, but there is no reply yet, so I'm trying here.

This is the only red line error I get, and it sounds like it's related to Fluffy's WorkTab:
Null key while loading dictionary of Verse.Pawn and WorkTab.PawnPriorityTracker. label=Priorities

When I click on that line in the game dev mode, this pop up:
Null key while loading dictionary of Verse.Pawn and WorkTab.PawnPriorityTracker. label=Priorities
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
Verse.Scribe_Collections:Look(Dictionary`2&, String, LookMode, LookMode, List`1&, List`1&)

Do you know how it's possible to fix this?

Thankfully there doesn't seem to be a very serious problem when I play, but the top row in the WorkTab is oddly coloured, and if I try to change priorities with the scroll-wheel things get messed up in a totally different row. I wrote more about it in the linked thread above.

These are the mods that I use:
    <li>Vanilla Bionics Expansion</li>
    <li>Adaptive Cassie storyteller</li>
    <li>RF - Packed Lunches</li>
General Discussion / 1 million+ wealth colonies
November 15, 2019, 05:19:32 AM
On and off I've read the 1.0 unstable feedback thread, and after noticing this quote from Tynan (over a year ago in fairness), I decided to send him an email yesterday, to which he suggested to write it on the forum too. Hence this thread :) Hopefully it can be useful for them. If you have high-wealth bases too, please offer some feedback about it here.

Quote from: TynanHow are you guys getting million+ wealth levels? What do your colonies look like? How are you playing - just to grow indefinitely?

The current colony has 44 pawns and countless animals, has suffered one death and is almost 10 years old. Current wealth is ~1.2 million.

Storyteller: Adaptive Cassie (a mod)
Difficulty: Savage
Scenario: Customised Tribal (banned some events, added others, plus 25% Transhumanist trait chance)
Biome/hilliness: Temperate Forest, Mountains
    <li>Vanilla Bionics Expansion</li>
    <li>Adaptive Cassie storyteller</li>
    <li>RF - Packed Lunches</li>

Have attached a screenshot of the bulk of the base, plus the most recent save game. A group is out caravanning, and 75 animals just attracted the plague, so looks like the doctors will have their hands full for a while :D

This is an "under the mountain" base, and I'm using a killzone, which I consider a necessary evil when not employing wealth control.

I do use some mods, but relatively few compared to many it seems, especially in terms of added content. Not sure if it works well to load the save without any mods, apart from reduced wealth because I have doubled the stack sizes for textiles, steel and food from Stack XXL. Those would then get reduced to default sizes. One possibly important change is a storyteller mod called "Adaptive Cassie". From what I understand it's a little more lenient in the early game, possibly tougher in the late game, and it removes the cap on raid points. Recently I popped open a ship and out flowed 35 centipedes and 45-odd others (game stops counting at 80), which adds up to at least 21200 (see points HERE, i.e. "combat power"). I noticed the "fun points" graph (in dev mode) tops out at 2000 (/10), indicating the cap. This storyteller is also more lenient during caravans, which I really like because I enjoy to engage with the trading and quest aspects, and later mining trips.

Have thoroughly enjoyed this save, and seeing as I almost always play at 1x speed, I love getting into the life of the pawns and micromanaging everything. Well, I imagine stuff happening at least, and posted a few snippets here:

Have never had as many bionics as in this save, so that is part of the wealth, and never had this many pawns either. Other than that, I like to stack up backup food and resources, and make clothes out of textiles which are then used to trade for other things. Naturally, in this save defences are sturdier as well, so part of the high wealth probably comes from that, and sapper crews keep poking holes, so then I must act.

Mortars are important against sappers and mechs (soft them up), as taking on crews with tens of doomsday rockets is not what I would call safe to flank ;-) Main fighting against mechs happen in the killbox (for better or worse -- I find them a necessary evil against such huge raids). Basically lob mortars against them until they get too close to the base's walls (due to inaccuracy they can easily do more harm than good). Then order everybody to fire at the machines and cross your fingers no pawns die. Very recently (last two mech raids), I've opted to try something new, namely to load EMP shells in two of the mortars and lob at the mechs. Some turrets will almost inevitably get stun-locked (see inaccuracy point), but with a good hit it's possible to stun lock a bunch of mechs too -- for a time at least. Nothing hit against the recent 88 scyther-only raid, but we managed to deal with them anyway.

Anyway, I hope this might be useful, and thanks for the brilliant game.

PS: If you read this and have not posted before or only a few times, please offer your feedback here or elsewhere. Tynan loves feedback from 'new' players.

The overview of the base looks like this, although there are some more crop fields further north and south.

Ideas / Preserve beds despite being on mining trips
November 14, 2019, 04:21:03 PM
Could you please make it so that beds in the colony stay reserved to its occupant, despite them being away on mining trips and having temporary lodgings there with sleeping bags?

It can be a right pain to set things up once they get back. Couples, ascetic, jealous, greedy being the main issues, but some pawns I want closer to possible action too, like good socials close to the prisons so I can quickly do a chat during the night without ruining the whole sleep pattern.

So in summary it would be great if the beds didn't become "Unowned" during the trip.
Bugs / Fire going through granite walls?
November 14, 2019, 02:29:34 AM
Don't know if this is a bug of some sort or if this is supposed to be possible, i.e. working as intended.

37 centipedes attack us, including 10-12 inferno cannons. We have a granite wall behind us as we get hit with some inferno fire. Yet it has somehow gone through the wall and put the devilstrand on fire (and it later spread to the autocannon). Shouldn't the granite wall block that from happening?

The blueprint near Haugen is a firefoam popper, which took out the fire on 'our' side of the wall.
Bugs / [1.0] Missing event markers in history tab
November 11, 2019, 02:36:08 PM
Don't know what the cause of this is, but it's been a long-standing issue that the 'dots' or event markers in the history tab go missing. I understand this isn't exactly on top of the to-do list, but can you please have a look at it?

Here is one screenshot, that in itself doesn't say much ofc. But we have had 3 or 4 weddings (one very recent), and a good deal more events than is highlighted on top of the chart. I've not noticed a pattern of what goes missing, though. Sometimes ship events don't show up, but at other times they do.

General Discussion / How do you manage big colonies?
November 10, 2019, 02:05:02 PM
This is the biggest colony I've ever had. We're now up to 35 pawns + 5 prisoners, and 110-ish animals. The game has started to put the colonists in a second row at the top of the screen.

Since the game doesn't send manhunter animals at such sizes, feeding everybody is becoming a bigger problem. I'm hunting everything decently sized, sometimes even rats+squirrels, and have large farms. This is even a full-year growing area (I wanted to try it out), so short of cold snaps, we can grow all year.

It's been fun and I haven't wanted to turn on the 34-casket ship yet because there is another prisoner to recruit, more marine armour to make, and more small projects here and there. Now the ship is actually too small!

Given the problems with feeding such a big colony, how do you handle it? (I don't want to use the yuck-food maker btw).

I am using a mod called Adaptive Cassie storyteller, which changes things a bit, and actually think it's harder now than the default Cassandra. The most recent pirate raid came with 30-40 doomsday+triple rockets. And that was with 1300-ish "fun points". It's now up to 2000, so who the hell knows what the next raids will bring. But I digress a little. How do you manage colonies such as this, particularly in terms of food? It's not disastrous yet, we have a good backup for now, but it won't take much of a dint in the supplies before we get in trouble.

With 200+ tribal raids, some of them will usually survive, so we got a bunch of prisoners (of course many died on the way to the base too). It's hard to turn down half-decent ones  :-\

General Discussion / Animals...?
November 08, 2019, 07:17:40 PM
Lately I've got a hankering for getting animals. Pigs are great for hauling. Cows for milk. Boomalopes for chemfuel (get them early). Muffalos for caravans, milk and wool. Cougars and panthers for hauling, if you can get them from traders or self-tames.

However, maybe this is too much?  :-\ Where do you draw the line?

The cow sleeps outside because there aren't enough beds in the barn. Again.

A handful of times across two different games I have gotten messages (top left corner, and in history tab) about an animal having bonded with a pawn, without it actually showing up anywhere. No +5 mood for the pawn in question, and no (bonded) and heart in the UI for the animal itself, or the modded AnimalTab tab. There is simply no sign of it anywhere, so it looks like some type of bug or erroneous message to me.

This has happened with pigs, cougars and panthers.

I took some pictures of one of the event way back, but can't find them right now (but I suppose pictures don't really help all that much anyway?).

Have anybody else noticed this? Can it somehow be related to Fluffy's Animal tab instead of the core game? Wouldn't think that should impact the actual messages, but I don't know how much it affects.
Ideas / Fight fires without undrafting
November 06, 2019, 10:17:41 AM
I'd love the ability to fight fires without having to undraft the pawns. Reason is that fighting centipedes is a right nightmare because of the inferno cannons. I try to keep turrets and cannons from exploding during combat, but it's a micro hell because when they are done repairing they often run into the middle of the firing line. Either to pick up a dead mech, repair something, or perhaps pick up some steel from something destroyed to refill turrets and suchlike. You get the picture.

What would be lovely was if we were able to tell a pawn to repair a turret while drafted, and they kept repairing until done, and then just stood there. Start firing if they have a weapon or otherwise stand there (this would then usually be behind a sandbag line in my games).

Added bonus: It would help greatly when I'm trying to keep people on fire (from inferno cannons) from running into the middle of combat.

It's actually not rare for this type of micro to be harder than the combat itself. And auto cannons and plasteel miniturrets are expensive, so I can't let them blow up every time mechs show up.
To save some time over using a crematorium, I've built a stone building where corpses are tossed in. From time to time they're set alight with a molotov cocktails. Close (forbid) the door and wait. It works well, especially when pretty full, sometimes getting the max temperature of 2000C. However, what I've noticed (both with this approach and in 'nature') is that dessicated corpses refuse to burn. I find this pretty odd, particularly when everything around them is fully ablaze and the room is 2000 degrees.

Is this a bug, or is it meant to be like this?

Recently this room was full to the brim of fresh corpses, plus these two chaps. Everything else burnt in a 2000C furnace.

Ideas / Better main tab titles (to stop misclicking)
October 25, 2019, 07:59:00 PM
I have lost count how many times I am clicking on the wrong tab in the main game window. Titles like Work, Restrict and Assign aren't terribly good I think. It's not instantly identifiable, it's not descriptive enough. Sounds sort of similar (restrict and assign). I have watched a lot of videos of some Magnus type on youtube as well, and he too is clicking on the wrong tab time and time again. I'm sure it's rather common :P

Please excuse some extra tabs here from mods, but how about giving them some new names? This either isn't perfect, as there are areas too under "Schedules", but I think it would be easier to hit the right ones if we have for instance: Work, Schedules, Policies. That's the main function of all three.
(I thought about Priorities for the "Work" tab, but it's probably better to keep that as is tbh).

I'd also love to see some type of highlighting for the tab we have active. I don't think there is anything right now, which coupled with the misclicking problem, often means I hit the same tab twice in a row (if I have one up for a while), minimising it instead, because I'm never quite sure which one contains what.

Much the same for the tabs for "what town will buy". There is a slight highlighting, but it's soooo subtle. Very hard to see unless you are specifically paying attention to it - especially on the top row. I think some kind of highlighting would be good. Doesn't have to be "in our face", but some minor background colour change, or something like that.

General Discussion / Untraditional killbox
October 24, 2019, 09:00:03 PM
I like to try to take advantage of the terrain when attempting to protect the base, and have done so here too. But it feels too small currently, so I need to adapt it. For now I haven't put any traps in the hallway either, I just wanted to buy some time to get into position. We all know it's a bit cheesy, so I'm trying without now. Hope we don't die.

When we have the techs, I was thinking to put uranium turrets on the left and remove parts (or the whole) inner wall. Maybe they'd get sniped by a horde of lancers from across the lake then, I'm not sure. In that case I may have to forgo the idea of being able to snipe other enemies, and instead wall up the other side.

It's always a bit tricky how to place turrets in these killboxes. So damn easy to get one-shot from friendly fire, especially when you get stormed by a million melees so they're all in your face.

How would you go about designing a killbox/-zone here?
Bugs / [1.0] Item stash quest without any items
October 22, 2019, 06:45:56 PM
I got an item stash quest where we are supposed to locate 38 glitterworld medicine -- which I thought was great and too good to turn down, even with only 7 people. I send 3 off in case there is great danger. 2.5 days later we arrive, and...

... the map has nothing:

More than enough mountain, but no items of any kind. Not even any buildings. Apart from the small blob of steel walls, that is.

Am I supposed to start digging into the mountain?  :( :o

Therefore this looks like some type of bug to me. Please check out the attached save and see if you can find anything.

PS: I do have some mods, but nothing that should affect items, quests and stuff like that.

  • Core
  • HugsLib
  • AllowTool
  • ModManager
  • CommonSense
  • Achtung
  • BetterPawnControl-2.0.2
  • Vanilla Bionics Expansion
  • Numbers
  • WorkTab
  • Pharmacist
  • PickUpAndHaul
  • DefensivePositions
  • MedicalTab
  • AnimalTab
  • WhileYoureUp
  • RimworldSearchAgency
  • MoreHarvestDesignators-1.0
  • ShowDrafteesWeapon
  • StackXXL
  • Adaptive Cassie storyteller
  • DontBlockDoorMod
  • TraderDismissal
  • RecipeIcons
  • BionicIcons-master
  • RF - Packed Lunches
Bugs / [1.0] Spelling errors (English)
October 06, 2019, 05:41:33 AM
Figured it might be a good idea with a more general thread for the spelling errors we come across in the game. Noticed one I haven't caught before: refigerator --> refrigerator.

General Discussion / Healer mech serum on torso
September 25, 2019, 03:33:49 PM
This is sort of theoretical since I haven't got a single mission with these items yet in the current save. I have quite a few people with messed up torsos, including a Wimp with a double-torso damage. Naturally the extra 9% pain means she goes down if somebody sneezes in her general direction. If I were to get a healer mech serum and 'waste' it on her, would it heal both torso scars, or only one?

Wish the base game had a way to fix torsos tbh. It's so crippling because it lowers their survival chance, and we can't do anything about it, except very expensive healer mech serum treatments (which really should be reserved for more serious, non-treatable conditions). Seems a bit odd that we can put in bionic hearts and fix sight (also a complex issue irl), but a few scratches in the gut? Sorry, that's out or reach of modern post-Earth science :sad:

I've looked up some of the relevant mods, but seem so overpowered that I don't want to use them, even if it would be nice to fix torsos and noses.
We've all been there. You want to build a room, expand walls, or fill in after sapper raids. If you let the pawns do their thing they will either build themselves in so you need to manually tear down wall(s) again to release them, or they'll miss corners or other pieces in the middle. Which means you need to micro them to the n-th degree, which often means they will only carry material for one tile, build it, repeat.

Enter the Achtung mod!

I've no idea why that thread is locked, maybe the author wanted it that way, but it should be on page one constantly for how darn good it is.

I just tested the above in a game where I happened to have a 1-tile L-shaped hallway into a mountain. Put down blueprints and use the [Force] command to build it, and every single tile is built quick as you like without any fuck-ups. Gorgeous! Will save so much time after those pesky sappers.

That Force command is also really useful for other stuff. I'm in a new game so just trying to set up a basic base so far, but I've used it for harvesting and sowing fields, and for cleaning a whole room. Very handy. Imagine it will be great for when blights hit too. Or when I want pawns to rebuild walls before the next raid, instead of beds or whatever inside the base. No need to fiddle with schedules after raids either, just use [Force] and watch the magic (hopefully without anyone breaking down :o )

It has some cool positioning for combat too, but I haven't really used that yet.

There are some videos out there highlighting it, such as these two:

Sorry for the plug, but I haven't heard much about it, so wanted to point it out in case others want to try it out too.