The boomrat plush just might explode… with love!

Posted June 27th, 2024 by Tia Young

Boomy plushie that glows in the dark available now!

Hi everyone! Our new plushie boomrat just launched on Makeship!

Handle this little guy carefully, he just might explode… with love! His boomy pustules also glow in the dark with special fabric.

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RimWorld & Dwarf Fortress bundle now available!

Posted June 17th, 2024 by Tia Young

If you own one of the games, get 10% off on the other!

Hello! We’re launching a very special colony simulator bundletoday: RimFort x DwarfWorld!

If you own one of the games, get 10% off on the other! The bundle runs until June 26, 2024, and it’s one of the best ways to spend 1000 hours in game.

Explore massive, generated worlds with your colonists and your dwarves. Go from fighting raiders and sentient robotic beasts across the planet to vampiric infestations and necromancers deep in your mines!

About Dwarf Fortress: The deepest, most intricate simulation of a world that’s ever been created. Build a fortress and try to help your dwarves survive against a deeply generated world. Adventure Mode now available in open beta.

About RimWorld: A sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Generates stories by simulating psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat, climate, biomes, diplomacy, interpersonal relationships, art, medicine, trade, and more.

– Ludeon Studios

Update 1.5.4104 released

Posted May 24th, 2024 by Tia Young

Hey everyone! We’re back with a small update containing some changes, improvements and fixes for RimWorld and its expansions. This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods.

We do these updates with the help of players from the RimWorld community! If you’re interested in helping us test, or you have a bug to report, please join us on the official RimWorld development Discord.

Bye for now!
– Tia


  • Adjusted render node worker to support multiple graphics per node without dirtying/reaching the render tree.
  • Thoughts for each genetic chemical dependency are tracked independently instead of lumped together into a single confusing thought.
  • Remove deathless regeneration coma on resurrection.
  • Tweak some Anomaly incident occurrence rates so that they’re less prevalent in ambient mode.
  • Clarify the label for “anomaly disabled” mode.
  • Added labelNoParenthesis rule symbol to pawns and things.
  • Updated Spanish LanguageWorker.
  • Ghouls can now be ordered to rest in medical beds.
  • Pawns will now satisfy genetic chemical dependencies when in caravans if their drug policy allows it.
  • Harbinger trees now consume corpses part by part even if they have no nutrition.
  • Adjusted distance ranges on some sounds.
  • Replaced gender-specific words with symbols in schematic texts.
  • Don’t store virtual relationship records which can never imply another relationship.
  • Changed fade shadows to not multiply together.
  • Remove healer mech serums from animal operation options.


  • Fix: Minor grammar irregularity with addiction counsel.
  • Fix: MechbandDish description typo.
  • Fix: StaggerDurationFactor stat does not work without Biotech.
  • Fix: Arresting beggars auto-fails.
  • Fix: Genetic chemical dependency thought not properly nullified by mind numb serum.
  • Fix: Remote repairer hediff can be duplicated.
  • Fix: Autobongs making non-organic entities high.
  • Fix: Creepjoiners have entity faction when enslaved
  • Fix: Increased carried thing layer to resolve some apparel issues.
  • Fix: Beam verbs and incinerator hitting cells without line of sight.
  • Fix: Headgear not always rendering correctly when crawling.
  • Fix: Preferred xenotypes not working correctly between prisoners and slaves.
  • Fix: Incorrect label argument used in activity suppression tooltip.
  • Fix: Various specific save/load errors with awoken corpses and hypnotized pawns.
  • Fix: No “missing bed” feedback for “take to bed” warden order.
  • Fix: Mech booster is rotatable.
  • Fix: Apparel without CompColorable causes errors in styling station.
  • Fix: High Mechtech can be selected in research without building a multi-analyzer.
  • Fix: Message spam when capturing an enemy during a psychic ritual siege.
  • Fix: Left behind pawns dying counts towards “colonists killed” stat if they die.
  • Fix: Becoming a shambler incorrectly taints utility items.
  • Fix: Feedback for sky-lantern participants who can’t reach any wood, added better ritual feedback functions.
  • Fix: Unnecessary loading warning appearing for transport pods without colonists.
  • Fix: Creepjoiner letters not using gendered kind labels.
  • Fix: Suspending lovin’ causing errors.
  • Fix: Ritual dialog tooltip slightly cutoff.
  • Fix: Refugees can send leaving messages multiple times.
  • Fix: Misleading extra warnings if complexes were previously activated before entering
  • Fix: Some circumstances where temp factions wouldn’t be properly hostile to anomaly entities or insects.
  • Fix: Unable to place non downed pawns in a cryptosleep pod.
  • Fix: Error when entity dies during bioferrite extraction.
  • Fix: Error on inspect pane for ghouls without hunger needs.
  • Fix: Herd animals trained to attack won’t target shamblers.
  • Fix: Psychic ritual failing when invoker gets psychic shock.
  • Fix: Farskip not working on colony ghouls.
  • Fix: Several scenarios where collapsed roofs can destroy pit gates.
  • Fix: Hediff and mutant abilities not saving cooldown.
  • Fix: Fleshmass stomach not preventing gut worms letter.
  • Fix: Colony mechs and ghouls can’t be selected in split caravan dialog.
  • Fix: Modded violent work types disabling ghoul melee skill.
  • Fix: HediffDef aptitudes displaying as active without Anomaly installed.
  • Fix: Recluse thoughts not nullified properly by mind numb serum.
  • Fix: Inhumanized not nullifying childbirth related memories.
  • Fix: Biofuel refinery accepts dye as organic matter, but it doesn’t have any nutritional value.
  • Fix: Sunlamp light radius inaccurate.
  • Fix: Error using “Damage until down” method on pawn with shield belt.
  • Fix: More consistent handling of ActivitySuppressionToggleTooltipDesc and ActivitySuppressionTooltipDisabled translation keys.
  • Fix: High activity alerts display HP percent.
  • Fix: Activation inspect pane string has hardcoded “s”.
  • Fix: Inconsistent text ‘Start’ vs ‘Begin’ bestowing ceremony.
  • Fix: Newborn babies can generate with parents’ PawnKindDefs startingHediffs.
  • Fixed some scenarios where skyfallers would drop through mountain roofs.
  • Fixed some situational issues with creepjoiners leaving after being ghoulified.
  • Fix: Genes and traits that increase skills on growth moment stack.
  • Fix: Schematic generation error if only remaining projects are excluded.
  • Fix: Activity suppression and studying not respecting allowed areas when selecting an interaction cell.
  • Fix: Some undesired behavior with creepjoiner letters.
  • Fix: Include common book symbols in book doer rule pack grammar requests.
  • Fix: Relaxing socially not respecting standard seat reservations.
  • Fix: Lay down driver sometimes causing errors on load.
  • Fix: Having “give psylink” debug action on debug palette without royalty active causes errors.
  • Fix: Deadlife shamblers opening doors.
  • Fix: Unable to place non downed pawns in a cryptosleep pod.
  • Fix: Error when entity dies during bioferrite extraction.
  • Fix: Errors for ghouls without hunger needs.
  • Fix: Sun/Edge shadows not always drawing if off-screen to the right.
  • Fix: Tending pawns get medicine after using initial stack even if they have more.
  • Fix: Security doors count as 2 doors for prisoners, reducing their prison break mtb by 50%. Added informative text explaining that having only security doors in a prison multiplies escape mtb by 110%.
  • Fix: Error when turning pawn with ideoligion role into a ghoul.
  • Fix: Harbinger tree provocation not working on ambient horror mode.
  • Fix: Pawns leaving allowed area to rope animals.
  • Fix: Luciferium addiction doesn’t cause a medical emergency alert when a pawn is deathless.
  • Fix: “BlockedByRoof” translation key in Royalty instead of Core.
  • Fix: Scaria isn’t removed on shambler resurrection.
  • Fix: Colony mutants in buildings don’t show on the colonist bar.
  • Fix: Auto activate monolith scenario part doesn’t have edit interface.
  • Fix: Some music sequences ending harshly instead of fading out.
  • Fix: Luciferium addiction remains on turned mutants.
  • Fix: Turret packs can replace other turrets when throw misses.

New “ambient horror” mode threads all Anomaly threats directly into the game

Hi everyone!

We’re here today with a new feature update to Anomaly. Today’s update adds a new way to play with all Anomaly content threaded into the entire game, instead of being linked strictly to the monolith quest. This resembles more how other expansions all interact together continuously over the course of a long game. No need for Anomaly to take over an entire playthrough!

We’ve also added some new economic pathways to make it more feasible to progress through Anomaly content as a low-tech tribal colony.

Take a look:

Ambient horror mode

Now, when you start the game, you can select from three ways to integrate Anomaly into your game:

  • Standard with monolith: The original Anomaly experience. Anomaly threats are linked directly to the monolith.
  • Ambient horror: In this new mode, the monolith does not appear. Instead, Anomaly threats are threaded into the rest of the game. All Anomaly threats can occur, even the most dangerous ones. Anomaly threats are relatively uncommon compared to normal raids by default, but this can be adjusted before and during the game. This is a good mode if you want to enrich your story without Anomaly becoming the focus. (Note that since there is no monolith in this mode, the monolith endgame won’t occur.)
  • Disabled: Anomaly threats do not occur, and there’s no monolith. Anomaly tools like security doors, incinerators, hellcat rifles, turret packs, and serums are still in the game.

Study efficiency setting: We added a “study efficiency” slider to the difficulty settings. Higher settings give more research points each time you study an entity. By default, study efficiency is better at lower difficulties, so even when there are fewer entities to capture, you can still make steady progress. As always, you can customize study efficiency how you like, including changing it during a run.

Better support for tribal playthroughs

In previous versions, it was hard to progress through Anomaly content as a tribal. We’ve added new economic pathways to use for players who want to stay low-tech:

  • Bioferrite extraction research project. We’ve added a new research project that allows doctors to extract bioferrite directly from captured entities without a ‘bioferrite harvester’. This is less efficient, but doesn’t require electricity.
  • Bioferrite can be obtained from harbinger trees. Chopping down harbinger trees will give twisted flesh and bioferrite, adding a new way to obtain bioferrite without capturing entities.
  • Updated research tree to not require electricity. We’ve rearranged parts of the Anomaly research tree to allow researching more projects without electricity.
  • Some Anomaly items can be made at crafting spots. The following items can now be made at a crafting spot, as well as the bioferrite shaper: Ceremonial hood, nerve spiker, ritual mask, ghoul plating, ghoul barbs.

Note: For existing saves, you will need to unlock bioferrite extraction, even if you’ve previously researched bioferrite harvesting.

Thanks to all

Big thanks to everyone who has given feedback! We’re always crawling the subreddit and Discords, so whatever you said, there’s a decent chance one of us was lurking and taking notes.

There’s always fun discussion going on on the RimWorld subreddit. And if you’d like to help us test new builds and give feedback, join us on the Official RimWorld Development Discord.

And as always, if you like, please review Anomaly on Steam! (Expansions don’t get many reviews since there’s no button prompt in the Steam library.)

– Ty


  • Added new Anomaly settings dialog to the storyteller selection page.
  • Added a new “Ambient horror” Anomaly playstyle mode.
  • Added a new “Disabled” Anomaly playstyle mode.
  • Added a tribal method for bioferrite extraction.
  • Harbinger trees now give bioferrite instead of wood when harvested.
  • Draw “Ineffective” label over psychically deaf targets when targeting with disruptor flares.
  • Blood rage at 100% now forces animals to be awake.
  • Removed entity conditions for horror tension music.
  • Added field in race props to generate unnatural corpse defs.
  • Pit gates, pit burrows, and fleshmass hearts will now destroy and refund adjacent buildings on emergence.
  • Reduced the max targetable body size for devourer’s leap to prevent them from eating things like centipedes.
  • Clarify text in regards to the revenant.
  • Revenant balancing: slightly reduce health, and increase min population requirement, as well as min refire days.
  • Skipping revenant target away will now interrupt the hypnosis.
  • Show the game conditions for death pall, gray pall, and blood rain.
  • Allow death pall and gray pall to overlap with blood rain.
  • Ancient beds are no longer colored to suit their role.
  • Pyromaniacs now consider hellcats to be incendiary.


  • Fix: Some names were missing.
  • Fix: Babies spawning with ghoul haircuts.
  • Fix: Incorrect dates on ideoligion rituals.
  • Fix: Ghoul hediffs being removed on resurrection in some cases.
  • Fix: Grouped behavior of atmospheric heater gizmo not working correctly.
  • Fix: Mutant status not being cleared when rising shambler killed.
  • Fix: Gorehulk and devourer lack manipulation-affecting limbs, making them weaker than intended in melee.
  • Fix: Nociosphere not returning to sent from location.
  • Fix: Ritual spectate side not respected.
  • Fix: MessageRevenantHeard translation key is forced lowercase.
  • Fix: Sanguophage reimplant reward not working in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Cultist abduction ritual continues despite missing caster in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Ghoul in caravan causes errors on the assign drug policy UI.
  • Fix: Psychic bond between two pawns who have psychic bonding gene don’t create bond on romance success.
  • Fix: Ghouls getting drug dependency hediffs from implanted xenogerms.
  • Fix: Labyrinth exit not always accessible.
  • Fix: Corpses being debug spawnable.
  • Fix: Revenant hypnosis copying to duplicates.
  • Fix: Pawns try to exit pocket maps via the sides.
  • Fix: Clarify language around “Entity will escape soon” warning.
  • Fix: Nociosphere doesn’t adapt to EMP stuns.
  • Fix: Creepjoiner babies are set to the wrong PawnKindDef.
  • Fix: Downed mechs were not carried out of pit gates when using exit dialog.
  • Fix: Metalhorror defenders spawning on unwalkable cells.
  • Fix: Chaos skip able to send pawns into fogged areas.
  • Fix: Inaccurate goodwill costs on comms console dialog.
  • Fix: Mechlink is kept on corpse raised.
  • Fix: Several mech implants are duplicatable.
  • Fix: Combat music playing when no colonists are present in the undercave.
  • Fix: Dryads getting blood rage from blood rain.
  • Fix: Fleshsacks act like embrasures.
  • Fix: Ghouls count toward ideoligion diversity thoughts.
  • Fix: Unintended prearrival infection pathways.
  • Fix: Monoliths spawned via dev tools not linking to quest.
  • Fix: Raid source sites getting removed upon leaving map without clearing enemies.
  • Fix: Draw fleshbeasts not working in caves.
  • Fix: Ghouls getting heart attacks.
  • Fix: Metalhorror inspection returning an empty letter if already discovered.
  • Fix: Harbinger trees not correctly consuming corpses with no nutrition left.
  • Fix: Harbinger trees able to consume things on shelves.
  • Fix: Turret packs could be thrown onto trees.
  • Fix: Pawns tending others not being interrupted if the target leaves.
  • Fix: Performance issue when selecting lots of animal beds.
  • Fix: Meditation offset lines are drawn between the building and itself when being reinstalled.
  • Fix: Starvation alert not updating for pawns in caravans.
  • Fix: Manhunter_Bloodrain message repeating too frequently and unable to be translated correctly.
  • Fix: Void structures spawning in front of monolith.
  • Fix: Ghouls aren’t tendable.
  • Fix: Mutant skill disabling causing issues with various mods.
  • Fix: If no colonists are spawned on the map, venerated message shows when designating animals to hunt.
  • Fix: Revenant trance wasn’t cleared if revenant was killed after attacking while stunned.
  • Fix: Error when hypnotized pawn is despawned.
  • Fix: Typo in ritual thought.
  • Fix: Sculpture graphic index not maintained if style was manually set in bill.
  • Fix: Error on growth moment dialog.
  • Fix: Backstory has incorrect work disables.
  • Fix: World pawns with duplicate sickness not dying.
  • Fix: Revenant progressedLetters fail to mention firefoam.
  • Fix: Right side of dev bar blocking colonist bar clicks.
  • Fix: Struck ore message look target lost after save load.
  • Fix: Mote attempted to spawn on null map with psychic ritual.
  • Fix: Attack jobs getting cancelled against faction animals.
  • Fix: Psychic ritual invokers being killed not canceling cultist psychic rituals.
  • Fix: “Form Caravan” gizmo missing on certain maps after being settled.
  • Fix: Constructed TargetInfo with null map.
  • Fix: Pack animal graphics not always being invalidated.
  • Fix: Typo in golden cube description.
  • Fix: Pawns popping out of beds if force tended.
  • Fix: Duplicator obelisk activation giving hostiles duplication sickness.
  • Fix: Needs not being updated after resurrection.
  • Fix: Situational music not always respecting volume settings.
  • Fix: Some creepjoiner downsides occurring when enslaved.
  • Fix: Farm animals attacking pawns without lords.
  • Fix: Berserk pulse working on mech bosses.
  • Fix: Lifters not able to empty bioferrite harvesters.

Integrating Anomaly more with the rest of the game

Posted April 18th, 2024 by Tia Young

Now you can mix in some horror without saturating the whole experience

Hi everyone – Ty here.

We’re loving your Anomaly stories! Please keep it up with the duplicated babies, shambler babies, and gray labyrinth baby drama. This expansion explores new ground creatively for RimWorld and it’s been incredibly gratifying to see people having new kinds of stories in the game.

Releases like this bring massive amounts of feedback, which is always incredibly valuable for us to understand how the game is playing and what people want. This time around, many players have said they’d like to be able to mix Anomaly content more into the rest of the game so it feels like less of a self-contained experience, and more like something that integrates into a normal playthrough.

Originally, we had Anomaly throw a ton of content at you guys because we wanted to be sure people would experience all the new stuff and see how much was really there. We may have pushed a bit too far there – Anomaly has tons of content and exposing it all too fast was saturating the experience. This is great for a certain type of intense, focused playthrough, but the game should also support other playstyles.

Today’s update addresses that with some key changes and new features:

  • Anomaly content is less dominant by default while the monolith is active. You’ll see more incidents from the base game and other expansions now.
  • You can customize how Anomaly-focused you want your playthrough to be. We added sliders to the game settings that let you choose how much you want Anomaly horror events to dominate the game. If you want it to be pure horror when the monolith is active, you can. If you want the horror to be a light sprinkle on top of the rest of your RimWorld, you can do that. You can alter these settings any time in the options menu by opening the storyteller settings (and this is possible on games started in previous versions).
  • You don’t need to see every entity on every playthrough. We reduced the number of entities you must interact with before advancing the monolith. You still can wait to see every entity, but it’s your choice now. This spreads the experience further over more playthroughs, if you choose.
  • We’ve updated the Anomaly scenario to start with three researchers and a ghoul (up from two). This gets you into the meat of the game quicker when using this scenario.

We’re making other ongoing minor changes as well – see the full changelog below for details.

We’re still watching and considering other changes, so please keep telling your stories! And thanks for your effort in writing useful and rich feedback.

If you’d like to help test or report bugs, please join the official RimWorld Development Discord. Join us on Reddit to discuss the update here.

Also, please don’t hesitate to review Anomaly on Steam! (Expansions don’t get many reviews since there’s no button prompt in the Steam library.)

Thanks all,


– Added storyteller options to increase or reduce inactive and active presence of Anomaly events.
– Reduced entity codex entry count required for monolith level 3 from 17 -> 12.
– Drastically reduce the chance of getting a faction leader from skip abduction.
– Reduced metal horror infection chance when an infected doctor performs surgery.
– Skulls can now be consumed by harbinger trees.
– Minor optimizations for food searching.
– Added safety checks to RoofCollapserImmediate to prevent out of bounds.
– Reduce revenant flammability to prevent it being trivialized by fire.
– Increase the upper end of blood rain duration for both the incident and psychic ritual.
– Added missing default constructor to PawnRenderNode_Apparel.
– Added some null checks to getting invisible versions of materials.
– Prevent strange signal quest from firing if the monolith has been disrupted.
– Removed awoken corpses from scenario editor.
– Clarify that ghouls created by the ghoul infusion operation aren’t hostile.
– Added custom descriptions to the diagnosed (hidden) versions of organ decay and crumbling mind to make them less confusing.
– Remove min threat points for obelisk incidents to allow discovering more incidents with low colony points. Increase the earliest day that they’ll occur to compensate.
– Update The Anomaly scenario to start with three (up from two) researchers and a ghoul.
– Clarify Anomaly threat settings tooltip.
– Adjusted active monolith threat frequency calculations to allow for 100% anomaly incidents in all active levels if desired.
– Added a dev tool to force end revenant hypnosis.
– Removed “Simulate not owning X” options to prevent mods from disabling expansions in users’ games.
– Reduced entity count required to advance to waking monolith level from 8 to 7 to avoid softlocking in ice sheet biomes.
– Pocket maps count towards the wealth of their parent map.
– Corpses now have a 6 hour window before they’ll resurrect in a death pall.
– Improved target highlighting for incinerator and beam verbs.
– Updated player creative rewards content.


– Fix: Cultist faction not generating with their preset ideoligion on older saves.
– Fix: Drafted tend only tends one injury.
– Fix: Pawns can teleport into very dangerous labyrinth rooms.
– Fix: Error when trying to debug spawn an unnatural corpse.
– Fix: Corpse unburied mood not being applied if in stockpile.
– Fix: Sightstealers won’t attack colony mechs.
– Fix: Shamblers sometimes get stuck in rising state.
– Fix: Strange signal quest not ending if the map is removed.
– Fix: Revenants can be infinitely studied by killing them then taking their spine to a holding platform.
– Fix: Kidnappers won’t try to dig their way out if they get stuck.
– Fix: Ideology members count does not increase on prison release until save/reload.
– Fix: Crash trying to use psychic slaughter on escaping entity in niche circumstances.
– Fix: Resurrection serum fails to draw mote after pawn is devoured.
– Fix: Typo “burner charges” -> “burner charge”.
– Fix: Twisted meat is allowed in hoppers by default.
– Fix: Pawn growth points and vatGrowTicks aren’t copied when a child is duplicated.
– Fix: Abductor obelisk duplicating pawns.
– Fix: ShipJob error with null ship.
– Fix: Removing an ideology role via meme does not recalculate disabled work types.
– Fix: Recipes not setting random styles correctly.
– Fix: HediffComp.NotifyPawnKilled passing in instigator rather than target.
– Fix: Error trying to duplicate pawn in some circumstances.
– Fix: Duplicates have royalty title of original.
– Fix: Typo in dreadmeld discovery message.
– Fix: Head apparel is using the body mesh set instead of the head mesh set.
– Fix: Icons in FloatMenuOption do not scale with text size.
– Fix: Duplicate translation entries for crawling inspect strings.
– Fix: Duplicated pawns will be the mother of the child if the original was the mother.
– Fix: Messages about cube withdrawal for gone temp pawns.
– Fix: Errors while mouse cursor holds a jumppack jump order while pawn is flying.
– Fix: Rare edge case where a worshipful village spawns without a terminal due to lack of room size.
– Fix: Inconsistencies with shambler tending rules.
– Fix: Raised shamblers getting bestowing ceremony quests.
– Fix: Revenant hypnosis not wearing off in specific circumstances.
– Fix: Typo in hate chant letter.
– Fix: Peeking with an incinerator could sometimes set the shooter on fire.
– Fix: Babies could have void curiosity.
– Fix: Containment tooltip flickering when changing.
– Fix: Situational pathfinding error when studying.
– Fix: Temp quest pawn corpses counting as colonist corpses after save/load
– Fix: Error on taking ghoul on caravan regarding drug policy.
– Fix: Ghoul tried to be a part of a marriage ceremony.
– Fix: Harbinger stump descriptions mention wood.
– Fix: Error with psychic harmonizer.
– Fix: Analysis projects would throw an error if attempted after finishing event.
– Fix: Conversion warning from prisoner guest tab.
– Fix: Refueling campfire canceling dance party.
– Fix: Nociospheres sending unstable letters after already departing.
– Fix: Books in scenario parts not being initialized.
– Fix: Colonists unable to take items in containers into portals.
– Fix: Bioferrite not showing up in ingredients list for ceremonial hood.
– Fix: Typos in backstory.
– Fix: Carry to biosculptor pod job fails on colonist prisoners.
– Fix: Starting animal edit interface not displaying correctly on large UI scales.
– Fix: Performance drop calculating containment strength for outdoor holding spot/platform.
– Fix: Analyzable gizmo disabled if no research bench available.
– Fix: Void provocation unable to fire harbinger tree sprout incident.
– Fix: Error when rendering belt node with null wornGraphicData.
– Fix: Duplicates’ unborn babies not inheriting source unborn baby’s xenogenes.
– Fix: Caravan ambushes ending despite colonists having death refusal.
– Fix: Prisoners getting both “monster by bed” and “imprisoned with entity” mood debuffs.
– Fix: Creepjoiners can be enslaved without responding.
– Fix: Returning from labyrinth not using the correct map when selecting the return cell.
– Fix: Revenant causing permanent stun.
– Fix: Shard inhibitors can be rotated.
– Fix: Desiccated deer artwork had incorrect scaling for North/South directions.
– Fix: Colored text broken in mod config for some translations.
– Fix: Error when targeting empty colonist bar entry.
– Fix: Monolith spawning too close to geysers in rare circumstances.
– Fix: Player shamblers show up in the schedule tab.
– Fix: Able to order monolith activation when there is no path.
– Fix: Cubes enthralling pawns on different maps/caravans.
– Fix: Nociosphere not returning to its original location on activity activation.
– Fix: Metalhorrors not emerging once enough of your colonists are infected.
– Fix: Deathless pawns dying without correct injuries from failed surgery.
– Fix: Child shamblers can arrive with children disabled in storyteller settings.
– Fix: Child ghouls causing errors on attempting to get body graphic.
– Fix: Chaos skipping into a fogged area doesn’t clear fog.
– Fix: Incinerators with shield belts cause “shield user has ranged weapon” alert.
– Fix: Error when wastepack infestation occurs near map edge, attempting to spawn outside of map.
– Fix: Custom xenotypes lose their custom icon when duplicated with obelisk.
– Fix: Gender typo in creepjoiner letter.
– Fix: Text formatting for nociosphere gizmo inconsistent.

Anomaly expansion and update 1.5 out now!

Posted April 11th, 2024 by Tia Young

New horror-themed expansion now available! Plus free content in update 1.5

The RimWorld – Anomaly expansion is out now!

We’re celebrating Anomaly’s release with a sale on all previous RimWorld releases: Get 20% off RimWorld and 10% off the BiotechIdeology, and Royalty expansions!


RimWorld’s free update 1.5 is out now! This update adds a ton of content, improvements, and fixes. Read about it here or check out the full changelog here.


We’ve also released the RimWorld – Anomaly Soundtrack which contains 11 tracks of awesome ghoulish tunes by RimWorld composer Alistair Lindsay.


  • Unmodded savegames from 1.4 will load in 1.5.
  • If you want to keep playing on version 1.4, use Steam beta branch “version-1.4.3901“. To do this, right-click RimWorld in the Steam library, go to properties, open the betas tab, and select the version from the dropdown.
  • A large number of mods have already been updated to version 1.5 by our amazing modders. However, some mods are not yet updated and won’t work on 1.5.


We want to hear all about the horrifying adventures, so share them with us on Reddit!

If you need to report a bug, please join the RimWorld official development Discord.

Anomaly is available in the following languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Latin Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

We covered a lot of Anomaly’s content in our preview blog posts, but you can also go in blind and avoid all spoilers!

Thank you to everyone for supporting RimWorld over the years – the community, modders, translators, artists, volunteer testers, team members, and developers have all helped make Anomaly happen. I wanted to make something new and creative this time around, and we can’t wait to see what you think.

Have fun!

Anomaly bonus preview: Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls

Posted April 11th, 2024 by Tia Young

Hi folks!

Only ONE MORE DAY until RimWorld – Anomaly, free content update 1.5, and the Anomaly OST are out! They all release tomorrow Thursday, April 11 at 10 AM Pacific time.

This is super-bonus content just for you on Steam. (The cube didn’t say we couldn’t, which is as good as permission, right?) Today we’re talking about ghouls.

🚨 SPOILER WARNING: Read at your own risk! These preview blogs WILL SPOIL some of the surprises in the expansion. 🚨

You can also check out our previous preview blogs:


The aptly named ghouls are former humans, turned into maddened, flesh-craving idiots by the bioferrite forced into their living bodies. (I bet they can pick up 5G too.)

You’ll usually first see these when one attacks your colony without warning, brandishing its bioferrite spikes. Ghouls are ravenously aggressive and never feel pain, so hit them hard from a distance.

If you’re luckier, one might crashland a transport pod nearby – having presumably left devastation wherever it came from. The ghoul will start in shock, but will soon recover and attack anyone it sees. It can be captured to a holding platform for further study. Capture it, or kill it, before it wakes.

This being RimWorld, you can create your own ghouls using your harvested bioferrite and a surgical procedure. Be warned, this is irreversible. For those you dislike, it’d be kinder to mindwipe or lobotomize them.

If the hideous surgical procedure is a success, this once-human becomes a strong, relentless melee combatant, useful for fighting tougher enemies and tanking in larger-scale battles. Ghouls only fight – they cannot work. And if they are killed, you can revive them with an injection of a ghoul resurrection serum!


Ghouls cannot carry equipment – they’re too far gone for that. However, given the unnatural resilience of their half-dead bodies, ghouls can be augmented with a variety of dreadful implants.

Implants are the height of mostly-dead fashion. They can be protective, like bioferrite armor plating or a metalblood heart, both of which improve the ghoul’s survivability at the cost of speed. Aggressive implants include a corrosive heart that enables it to spray acid, an adrenal heart that lets it move and attack impossibly quickly, and barbed bioferrite spikes which improve its melee damage while slowing it. (You try running with bioferrite railroad nails stuck through your body…)

Get a ghoul-friend today!


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Only 2 more days until RimWorld – Anomaly and free content update 1.5 are out! They both release on Thursday, April 11 at 10 AM Pacific time. (There’s also a timer counting down on the store page!)

The RimWorld – Anomaly original soundtrack will be available on April 11th as well! This OST comes with 11 tracks and nearly an hour of awesome tunes made by RimWorld composer Alistair Lindsay.

Also, Anomaly is launching with full support for 10 languages! On release day, you can play Anomaly in English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Latin Spanish, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese. (Huge thank you to our community translators for helping us out with these!) All of these translations will be editable via the translation GitHub pages to allow for changes and improvements.

🚨 SPOILER WARNING: Read at your own risk! These preview blogs WILL SPOIL some of the surprises in the expansion. 🚨

Today’s preview blog talks about the less obvious and more insidious threats you’ll face in Anomaly. Terror comes in all shapes and sizes.

Also, check out our previous blog posts below:


Obviously, the golden cube is no threat. It’s no more than a beautiful gift sent by a good friend. This hand-sized cube shines like gold, but is impossible to scratch. As everyone knows, cubes make perfect companions.

It’s always invitingly warm to the touch, like a trusted pet or a hug from a good friend. If you look closely, you’ll see more than gold in the delightful way light plays across its surface. If you love the cube, like we do, why not make a sculpture of the cube?

Don’t listen to the others who say that we’re unhealthily captivated by the cube. Ignore those who claim that our curiosity progressed to fascination and into obsession. That we’re psychically compelled to interact with it, and we feel sick if we can’t. They’re just jealous of our perfect, wonderful cube.


The nociosphere is very much not as lovable as the cube. Even being near it hurts. It’s made of dark metal, covered with curved and jagged grooves, and emanates sensations of pain.

More worryingly, when it appears, the sphere appears to be increasing in activity. It’s not clear what will happen when this peaks but, if you capture it, you can decrease its activity by suppressing it. Then, you can study it.

If you study the nociosphere, you can learn that it has a single purpose – to inflict pain. If you can keep it suppressed, you will learn how to intentionally activate it, turning it into a weapon to use against your foes.

When activated, the nociosphere will teleport to a remote location of your choice and unleash a barrage of pain on anyone nearby. The nociosphere will continue to hunt down living creatures until it is destroyed, or it chooses to depart. This leaves you free to love the cube.


We’ve gone from squares to circles and now to triangles. There are three varieties of obelisk, each with a different horrific effect. They all arrive from space and radiate the same putrid psychic energy, which gradually intensifies as it approaches some dangerous limit.

You can send colonists to suppress an obelisk to prevent it from activating. You can also mark it for study to try to learn its purpose and perhaps make use of it. Or, you can attempt to destroy it – but doing so may unleash dangerous phenomena.

Once you’ve completed your research, your colonists will discover that it is a fragment of a much larger archotech structure that can act on organic matter at a distance. You may discover its function sooner than that, though – sometimes the obelisk self-activates, and sometimes merely suppressing or studying it is enough to unleash its power.

Love the cube.

The warped obelisk can turn living organisms including animals and people and trees into bloody flesh monsters. A colonist can be mutated in several different ways, from growing a bone-bladed tentacle to twisting their internal organs into something thoroughly alien.

Less monstrous but just as terrifying is the twisted obelisk. This doesn’t change an organism. Instead, its crackling energy seems to pull on nearby living things, eventually snapping them away to “somewhere else”. If a colonist is taken, you’ll have to hope they can find their way out of the endless rooms and hallways.

The final monolith-wannabe is the corrupted obelisk. This uses its inhumanly complex power to duplicate intelligent creatures, theoretically without limit. Your colonists’ twins are not always hostile, but the duplication process is imperfect and any twins will need the finest medical care to survive.


The monolith is the source of everything. The monolith is the conduit. Its power must be defeated. It threatens to twist and destroy everything we know.

But the only way out is through. You must grow the monolith’s power, widening the conduit that leads into the void, until you can finally crack it open and face the world-twisting hell it unleashes. Only then will you be able to step through into a place of nightmares, touch the machine god, and choose your fate.


That’s all for now! RimWorld – Anomaly and free content update 1.5 release this Thursday, April 11, 2024.

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Worship the cube.

We’re releasing RimWorld – Anomaly on April 11, 2024! (That’s 1 week away!) You can read the announcement here.

Check out our previous blog posts below:

🚨 SPOILER WARNING: Read ahead at your own risk! These preview blogs WILL SPOIL some of the surprises in the expansion. 🚨

Today, we’re talking about the new rituals you can perform in Anomaly, as well as the followers of the void.


Rituals were introduced in the Ideology expansion, allowing followers of different ideologies and religions to gather for ceremonies that would have social effects. Rituals in Anomaly are similar but go further, drawing upon the psychic power of a dark archotech to twist the laws of physics.

Your colonists aren’t the only ones who can learn these rituals. A cult has formed that worships the insane machine-mind. They will arrive and perform a number of rituals to attempt to destroy you.

Sometimes they will form a ritual circle and abduct one of your colonists by teleporting the victim to them (called skip abduction). Other times, they will summon a horde of bloody fleshbeasts to assault you.

They may surround the colony entirely, in a massive crowd, chanting in dark tones as they call forth the essence of hatred. These hate chanters will slowly drive your colonists insane until you go out to stop them.


Players can use these same rituals, and many more. To perform them, you need a ritual spot. If you can surround it with hideous bioferrite sculptures of the void and archotech shard beacons, so much the better. And dressing up always helps – void worshippers tend to wear a ceremonial hood or cultist mask, which seems to increase the effectiveness of your inhuman prayers.

Beyond the two basic rituals that the cultists can perform, the player can perform draw shamblers, draw animals, and void provocation.


These rituals are like listening to a motivational speaker, but even more soul-destroying. These are pleasure pulse, neurosis pulse, and blood rain.

Pleasure pulse is the simplest. Like a region-wide psychic emanator, it makes your psychically sensitive colonists happier. However, unlike the emanator, it also reduces their desire to work.

Neurosis pulse is an inversion of pleasure pulse. It drives your psychically sensitive colonists so that they work faster. However, it also irritates them whilst decreasing their need for recreation, meaning that they’re more likely to have a mental break. Use with caution!

Blood rain is a dangerous ritual. It causes a blood-like psychofluid to fall from the sky that drives exposed animals and humans into a berserk frenzy. Be prepared if you must use this, putting all but the psychically deaf under shelter.


Like skip abduction, many of the more horrible rituals require a living human target. These are imbue death refusal, psychophagy, chronophagy, philophagy and brainwipe.

Imbue death refusal links an individual with the void, preventing their final death. They still need to die for it to work, but it will bring them back near-instantaneously, in good physical condition. It does have side-effects however – notably the psychological impact of having died – and it wears off with use.

The three ‘-phagy’ rituals all have similar cruel effects. With psychophagy, the ritual invoker steals the victim’s psychic sensitivity; chronophagy steals their youth, aging them rapidly, whilst the invoker becomes younger; and philophagy steals their wisdom, giving the invoker their best skill. All three cause brain damage, putting the victim into a coma for several days. Think about what you’re willing to do to a prisoner before using these.

Brainwipe is the final ritual, which erases a person’s memories without giving them to the ritual invoker. Given the many traumas a colonist can suffer in RimWorld, this is sometimes a blessing. They will forget them, alongside any allegiance they had. This will also make any prisoners with it easier to recruit, even unwavering ones. However, like the -phagy rituals, it can induce a long coma if the brainwipe ritual goes poorly.


It’s almost time… Anomaly and update 1.5 is only 1 week away! We have one more blog post before then – see you there!

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Hello, it’s Tia and I’m back with our next preview blog of RimWorld – Anomaly!

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Check out our previous blog posts below:

🚨 SPOILER WARNING: Read ahead at your own risk! These preview blogs WILL SPOIL some of the surprises in the expansion. 🚨

Today, we’re talking about how you’ll capture, research, and exploit the mysterious phenomena formed by the enraged monolith’s influence. You can build a grand containment facility with strong walls, floors, and doors to keep these entities locked up, and study them to further your knowledge of the madness that’s taken over the world. Exploit your chained horrors to use their power against your enemies – but be careful not to push them too far!


The first step is to work out how to take down and capture these entities without killing them.

The most straightforward entities are the walking corpses known as shamblers.

Deadlife dust is a cloud of corrupted archites that raises any corpse it settles on as shamblers, repairing their rotting bodies for a time. It’s similar to the old resurrector mech serum, but far more twisted.

Deadlife dust works on all kinds of creatures (even your own dead colonists and beloved pets), but it doesn’t last forever. In a few days, the archites run out of power and the shambler returns to death. Colonists can weaponize deadlife dust as mortar shells and IEDs. Shamblers created this way will not attack your colonists, which means a battlefield of corpses can suddenly become gruesome weapons for your colony.

The shambling dead you encounter will attack all living creatures relentlessly and their immunity to pain makes them difficult to kill. However, that resilience is useful, because you want to take one “alive”. Work to incapacitate one by firing at it or hitting it with a blunt weapon. Then you can move on to step two: contain (described further down).


More difficult to capture is the revenant, a psychically-invisible human hunter that alternates between hunting people and hiding in its lair.

The name “revenant” comes from an old outlander tale about an evil spectre that haunts a village and every night rips a victim’s soul from their body. It leaves the vacant body behind, keeping the soul enslaved in its own personal hell.

Revenants can use psychic influence to appear invisible and enter your colony unseen. Once they get hold of a colonist, they can hypnotize him into an endless nightmare. The revenant will return again and again over time, hypnotizing your people one by one until it is stopped.

There are ways to track the revenant. If you damage it, the creature may leave chunks of flesh behind which you can study to improve your tracking. It can also be detected by proximity alarms, and its invisibility can be disrupted when it’s hit by EMPs, explosions, fireform, fire or special bioferrite disruptor flares.

After each hypnotic attack, the revenant needs to sleep. Take this opportunity to form your hunting squad and find its lair while it hibernates – and attack it before it wakes.


Someone is infested. Someone is not who they seem. But who?

Metalhorrors are parasitic creatures that control their hosts with filaments spread throughout the nervous system. They imitate their hosts’ behavior nearly perfectly, manipulating them to find opportunities to secretly infest other colonists.

As they multiply and grow in your colonists, they shed fleshy gray tissue – liquefied remains of their victims. If you find this tissue in your base, it is time to become suspicious and afraid.

There are many ways you can identify the infested. Analyze the gray flesh you discover to identify the metalhorror’s host, then perform surgical tests on your colonists… but can you trust your doctors? You could quarantine colonists to their rooms to see who the flesh comes from, or imprison and interrogate suspects to see if they give anything away. Of course, this all takes time, and the infestation could be spreading…

If detected, the metalhorror will cut its way out of the host and attack. Be careful when investigating – you may have a fight on your hands.


So you’ve damaged an anomalous entity enough that it’s incapacitated? And some of your colonists are still alive? Well done! Now you can contain it and experiment on it! 🧪

Have one of your colonists carry the downed entity to a holding spot. These primitive roped locations can briefly restrain the weakest entities. Here your colonists can study them for uncanny research.

However, if you don’t actually want them to escape and tear your colonists to pieces, a mere holding spot won’t do. Build a proper secure facility, starting with a containment platform, which comes with built-in restraints. (You need one platform for each entity.)

To prevent an escape, colonists can also suppress entities or build an electric inhibitor to suppress them automatically. Wise colonists will also build separate containment cells, using special bioferrite flooring and walls that further suppress the creatures.

Be sure to lay out your containment facilities carefully. Keep an eye on each entity’s suppression level. Have killing fields and layered defenses prepared for when they escape. Because they will, inevitably, and every containment plan is only as strong as its weakest point.


Once an entity is restrained, colonists can study it. To do this, you’ll need to ensure a colonist is assigned to dark research.

This separate technology track gradually increases your knowledge of the dark archotech behind the incursion. It also teaches you more about rituals, archotechnology, serums, and weapons.

Each entity can also be harvested. Build an electroharvester to draw electric power from the entity. A bioferrite harvester will generate organic metal which can be used for later power generation, sculpture, or outdoor heating, or for crafting at the new bioferrite shaper.

Note that both of these activities increase the entity’s rage, making it more likely to escape and take its revenge.


Now you have a regular supply of bioferrite, you can have fun with it – if your idea of fun is creating impossible monsters and strange machinery. (We know ours is.)

If you build a bioferrite shaper workbench, you can craft new gear and weapons from the organic metal. The weapons include:

  • Nerve spiker: A crossbow loaded with toxic spikes that stun organic creatures.
  • Incinerator: A terrifying flamethrower with an alternate-fire mode that produces a giant gout of flame (shared by the Hellcat assault rifle).
  • Deadlife IEDs, mortars and packs: Distribution packs that allow you to raise shamblers from nearby corpses.
  • Disruptor flares: Short-lived bioferrite beacons which stun psychic creatures and reveal invisible ones  – useful for sightstealers and revenants.

Bioferrite can be used to make psychic weapons with various effects, from driving enemies into berserk rages, to sending them into psychic shock, to biomutating them into fleshbeasts. Other psychic pulsers can make every animal in the region either turn into a fleshbeast or go into a manhunting rage.

Bioferrite is also crucial for making serums at the new serum lab workbench. The serums include:

  • Voidsight serum: Increases dark research speed at the cost of sanity.
  • Juggernaut serum: Increases strength, speed, and recovery time.
  • Metalblood serum: Makes a person resilient to damage, but vulnerable to fire.
  • Mind-numb serum: Deadens emotions, preventing mental breaks at the cost of stopping inspirations too.

Using bioferrite, humans can be surgically (irreversibly) transformed into ghouls. These are mindless flesh-craving killers and fearless melee combatants who can be augmented with a variety of dreadful implants. (Ghouls will be discussed in a future blog post!)


We’ve still got more horrifying reveals to come for Anomaly, and April 11th is only 2 weeks away!

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