Fixes for various minor bugs Hey all, Response to the Biotech release has been amazing! Just here to let you know that we’ve put out two hotfix updates so far. Change logs are below. We’re watching and gathering issue reports across forums, Discord, and reddit and will continue to fix critical issues as they’re discovered. […]

The RimWorld – Biotech expansion is out! This large-size expansion revolves around babies and child-raising, genetic modification, and the ability to control mechanoids. Get it now on the Biotech Steam page! To celebrate the release, RimWorld and the Royalty expansion are 10% off. Here’s the trailer: RimWorld update 1.4 is also released! We described the 1.4 changes in detail in this announcement. Or […]

Meet the new factions and existing xenotypes, as well as a blood-drinking cult of immortals Update: RimWorld – Biotech is now available! It’s Tynan here, bringing you our final Biotech preview covering the xenohumans who inhabit the world, their factions, and the mysterious blood-drinking sanguophages, and Biotech’s price and release day. Just a reminder that Biotech releases this week on Friday, […]

RimWorld – Biotech releases on October 21, 2022, plus the joys of raising children and genetic engineering Update: RimWorld – Biotech is now available! Hi everyone, Jay and Matt here – we’re developers at Ludeon. We’ve got a release date for you: RimWorld – Biotech is coming out on October 21, 2022. Mark your calendars […]

Beautiful polluted wastelands, and three super-mechanoids to fight for fun and profit! Update: RimWorld – Biotech is now available! Hey everybody! I’m Will, a designer working on RimWorld – Biotech. In our last blog post, we covered how Biotech lets you build mechanoid colonies run by high-tech mechanitor overseers. You can also read the original 1.4 update and Biotech announcement […]

Mechanoid control in a human-centered way, with big power and big challenges Update: RimWorld – Biotech is now available! Hey all – Tynan here. This is the first of our Biotech preview blog posts, where we lay out the features of the Biotech expansion, and the thought behind them, in more detail. You can look […]

New expansion adds children, mechanoid control, and gene modding RimWorld’s third expansion, RimWorld – Biotech, is coming out in a few weeks! We’re also making the free vanilla 1.4 update available now for play on the unstable Steam branch. More details about that near the bottom of this post. This post will: Describe Biotech’s features […]