Hello, it’s Tia and I’m back with our next preview blog of RimWorld – Anomaly! Also, mark your calendars: Anomaly releases on April 11, 2024. Wishlist now to be notified when it’s out! Check out our previous blog posts below: Anomaly expansion and update 1.5 announced! Anomaly preview #1: Fleshbeasts, fleshmass heart, pit gate and […]

The flesh… is willing Hi everyone! Tia here with the first of our Anomaly feature blogs where we go over the expansion’s content in detail. We’ll be posting these blogs leading up to release – which is in 3 weeks! If you missed RimWorld – Anomaly’s announcement, read it here! And please wishlist Anomaly! REMINDER: Spoilers […]

Sanity-shredding perils abound in this new horror-themed expansion We’re super excited to announce our new horror-themed expansion, RimWorld – Anomaly! This expansion adds all manner of monstrous, mysterious, and maddening threats, containment facilities to capture and study dark entities, and a new reality-twisting endgame. Anomaly releases in one month! We’re also announcing the upcoming update […]