Just a quick heads up to everyone. Apparently the Randy Random storyteller is broken in Alpha 4. It starts off all right, but over time it doesn’t ramp up challenges, which makes the endgame dull. If anyone is playing a Randy game, you can change your storyteller to Cassandra, who is working well. Just follow […]

Alpha4f released

June 8th, 2014

I’ve just uploaded Alpha4f, a balance and design hotfix. Everyone who bought the game will be getting emails about it. Even if you didn’t, any of your old download links will always get you the latest version. Warning: This version will not work with savegames from any older version (including Alpha4a through Alpha4e). As always, […]

Alpha 4 hotfixed

June 3rd, 2014

Alpha 4 has been hotfixed to Alpha4e. If you want to update, you can re-use your existing download link. It never changes and always has the latest version. If you’re not sure about your version, open Version.txt in the RimWorld folder. The latest is 0.4.462 rev40### (where # can be anything). Alpha4b added the source code which […]

Here it is, Alpha 4, featuring giant centipede robots and lots of other fun stuff. If you bought the game you should get an email with the update. If not, check out this forum thread.   I forgot to mention in the video: the map generator has more variation now and tends towards more verdant […]