Interested in working with Ludeon? Read on!

About the work

  • We work remotely.
  • We use an asynchronous collaboration method, so you can choose your own hours and days to work. There is no required time to be online.
  • We don’t crunch – ever. It’s never happened, not for a day or for an hour.
  • Your work will make people happy in visible ways. Our team is small and your impact will be visible.
  • Many people love our games. You’re welcome to engage with the community as well if you wish, or not – it’s up to you.

How to apply

Please email me at [email protected].

  • Say which role you’re interested in.
  • Include a traditional resume.
  • Be concise and focus on showing the things you’ve created. YouTube videos of your games, art, or projects are great starting points for this.
  • For programmers, please include links to code you’ve written. Bigger projects are best, especially if we can see whole projects and how they fit together.
  • Say where you’re located.

Role: Design lead

Status: We are actively seeking someone for this role.


  • Refine high-level design concepts into detailed specifications which can be implemented by developers.
  • Review newly-implemented features and provide iterative feedback to developers. Decide effectively when and how to fix, when to cut, when to expand, when to redesign.
  • Use analytical tools including spreadsheets, Monte Carlo simulation, debug tools, tester requests, and others to tune variables and improve play experiences.
  • Organize the project’s polish phase before release. Ensure that the details are handled, everything is high-quality, and nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Organize and refine large pools of design concepts and developments tasks to find the most valuable tasks.
  • Coordinate developers, artists, audio experts, testers, and others to keep the project running smoothly and set everyone up for success.
  • Engage with the community to understand player desires. Adapt designs to service them while also retaining your own design intent.
  • Before a release, develop and understanding of technical, design, and community risks. Mitigate them to make the release go smoothly.
  • Generate and analyze new project concepts using analytical tools that span many domains – design analysis, market analysis, community engagement, and more.
  • Efficiently communicate the state of the project to other stakeholders, including opportunities, risks, needs, and problems.
  • Help hire new people.
  • Help others grow by giving useful feedback.

This is primarily a design/leadership position. To be able to do this effectively, you will also need to be capable of working with code and structured data like XML.

Cross-disciplinary skills are valuable here. It’s better if you can make shipping-quality art, write player-facing texts, create visual effects, write web code, and handle many other kinds of development tasks yourself – if only just so you can effectively help others with this kind of work.

This is a lead role, so applicants should have significant relevant experience.

Role: MP developer

Status: We are actively seeking someone for this role.

This is a senior programming position focused on implementing multiplayer features in games. It is similar to the general developer role below, with a specialization in developing multiplayer functionality and a restriction to more senior applicants.

Applicants should have:

  • Years of experience developing multiplayer code for games.
  • Knowledge of lockstep and predictive client/server multiplayer models and the ability to discuss them in detail.
  • Familiarity with the networking stack from the low levels (UDP, TCP/IP, NAT punchthrough) up to the higher abstractions.
  • Specific experience implementing multiplayer code in games. Ideally you’ve led a multiplayer development effort in a complex game before.
  • Familiarity with different platforms including Steam, DRM-free PC, console, and mobile devices, and how they interact with multiplayer systems.

Since this is a senior role, applicants should be able to lead a multiplayer development effort. The work will involve analyzing situations and developing appropriate tasks with minimal direction, and handling the mixed priorities of various stakeholders.

Role: General developer

Status: We are actively seeking someone for this role.

This is primarily a programming position. You’ll be writing code from fresh designs, updating older code, optimizing, fixing and organizing bugs, testing, and so on. Since our studio is so small, you’ll be touching many systems – AI, graphics, gameplay, and everything else.

Depending on your interest and ability, you may be involved in game design work as well. This can range from filling in details of a new system, to writing candidate designs for solving a design problem, to broader evaluations of design direction and comparisons with other games.

You may also be asked to do little bits of art or sound work, if you’re up for it.


  • Be able to do useful programming from day one. The core of work in this position is writing code according to assignments. This means that, at minimum, you’ll need to be have practical experience in working on large codebases and complex problems in a C-like language. C# experience is ideal since that’s what we use for most of our code.
  • Have programming projects of significant scope to show off. These could be mods, indie games, game engines, professional games you worked on, or something else. These can’t be typical school projects or something you threw together with pals in a couple weeks or months. As a general minimum, a “significant project” is one that you worked on most days for at least six months.
  • Be productive. You should be able to get a lot of stuff done in a given span of time. While work quality must be good, the pace of it is also important.
  • In your application, please include links to where I can read some code you’re written, if possible. Ideal code samples are large, complex C# game projects you worked on for years. Other samples are also useful, though.


  • Experience in game design. This is valuable, but not absolutely necessary. Note that simply writing ideas or analyses does not count as game design experience. Implementing ideas and seeing them play out yourself is minor experience. Real experience is having other people with no relationship to you play your game and then responding to their feedback with improvements.
  • Cross-disciplinary skills. Ability in art, audio, music, web design, publicity, and marketing are valuable, but not absolutely necessary.

Good to have:

  • Creative output. I want to see things you’ve created – games, design articles, books, paintings, animations, music, or anything else. Even things going back to childhood. Long-standing creative passion is valuable and shows that you can actually do things instead of just having “interests”. I’m not so interested in people who are looking to get a “foot in the door” of the “game industry”. I seek the one who created things for years just for fun. It’s not enough to have passion for the idea of creating games; you need to have passion for the work of creating games.
  • Curious mind. You’ve read books beyond the top sellers and can talk about the ideas in them. You know some history beyond high school and have coherent opinions on them. You know games outside the hits and have stories to tell. You have interests in subjects that other people don’t. You have sources of ideas which give you unique reference points to draw from. You have opinions about games and game development which diverge from the most common views in schools and online, because you thought of them yourself.

Role: Studio runner

Status: We are not currently looking for immediate help with this role. However, you’re still welcome to apply! We’ll keep your info for review when any work opens up.

There are a thousand tasks, large and small, involved in running a growing remote indie studio which aren’t directly related to development. This cross-disciplinary position covers all of them. Some of these are simple administration, and some are critical negotiation and business decision-making, and some are community interaction.

Some tasks the studio runner would engage in are:

  • Negotiate and close deals with other companies related to porting, IP licensing, publishing, and distribution.
  • Assemble marketing materials like trailers, feature writeups, and developer interviews, working with trailer houses or similar as needed.
  • Help hire people in all disciplines by putting out calls, filtering applications, and managing the process.
  • Manage contracts for our contractors, likely working with lawyers to do so, keeping tabs over who is signed for when, and so on.
  • Pay people. Manage invoices and related records.
  • Work with a web developer to improve and maintain Ludeon websites.
  • Manage forums technically and on a community level.
  • Manage the community more generally, from forums to Reddit to Twitter to Discord.
  • Interact with modders and support them; process their requests and pass them to the developers.
  • Recruit and interact with volunteer testers and translators. Manage community-made translations.
  • Strategic business planning.
  • Rent office property and manage it (if we ever decide to have an office).


  • Demonstrated experience doing work like this.
  • Able to cite specific deals negotiated and contracts handled in the past.
  • Experience working with lawyers and legal matters.
  • Knowledge of game communities, culture, and how to interact with them.
  • Very organized.
  • It’s also great if you have some direct development ability in any discipline.

Role: Artist

Status: We are not currently looking for immediate help with this role. However, you’re still welcome to apply! We’ll keep your info for review when any work opens up.

Create 2D art including:

  • Gameplay elements: Characters, environments, props, tools, atmospherics.
  • Hero art: Large paintings for story panels or marketing.
  • UI: Panels, borders, typeface selection, UI animations, UI layouts for complex information.
  • Concept art: As needed to develop the above.

Our art style is vector-like with realistic elements. RimWorld’s art is an example of this, but work won’t necessarily be limited to RimWorld’s style. I hope you can help develop our art style.

Hopefully we can develop a relationship and call on an artist repeatedly over the years for art as it’s needed. However, this isn’t a full-time position – it’ll be paid either hourly or based on written requirements.


  • Have made lots of really good art
  • Be able to work within strict design constraints. Making a beautiful painting in Photoshop one thing. Making art that communicates gameplay concepts clearly to the player, within a tiny visual space budget, without creating excess visual noise, is another. The job here isn’t to make beautiful images, it is to create the art component of a good game. Your art’s primary purpose will be to enhance the playability of the game. Your work will overlap with design concerns like clarity, affordance, obviousness, and the need to draw the eye to gameplay-relevant parts of the screen.
  • Be ready to take direction regarding the above
  • Be able to work and concept quickly, especially in the rough concepting phase
  •  Send an online portfolio with your application. Indicate which other projects you’ve worked on, both personal and professional.