My game won’t start, or sits with a black screen upon starting.

— Please see this thread with solutions and discussion.

How do I get my Steam key?

— You can get it with the automated tool on this page.

I didn’t receive my download link/update email.

—  Check all your spam and other filters for anything from [email protected]. You can have the email instantly resent to you at this link. More info at this forum thread.

I need my download link resent to me.

— You can have the email instantly resent to you at this link.

I need help installing the game.

— Detailed steps are laid out in this post.

I want my update emails to go to a different address.

– No problem. Please email our support at [email protected]

I bought Name in Game package. How do I enter my content into the game?

— Please use the automated Creative Rewards system.

I want to upgrade my tier of RimWorld.

– Please register your game on Steam. Then, purchase the upgrade you want from the Steam page.

My Steam key was cancelled. What’s going on?

– The only reason keys are cancelled is if they’re purchased with stolen credit cards. In this case, the funds are returned to their rightful owner who had their card stolen, and the key is cancelled. If you think there’s some error, please contact support below.

I need other help.

— Of course. You can look or ask at our Support forum (most things are answered there already). Or, you can email our support pro Michael at [email protected].

I found a bug in the game.

— Thanks for reporting! Head on over to the Bugs forum.