Some rare, game-breaking bugs were reported. Some are crashes; others critically break AI behavior. So I fixed them. Savegames should continue to work from before. Some savegames that were broken before will now load. Mods should also mostly be compatible, but there may be issues in some cases given the complexities of how the code links up. […]

Alpha14d (build 1241) is a quick-fix build that makes a few small but important changes. DRM-free owners will NOT get an update email, but can download the new build from their existing download link. Save games from Alpha 14 should still work. Changes: Reduced event density on Randy Random from 1.5x that of Cassandra to about […]

Reddit AMA in progress

July 19th, 2016

I’m currently doing an AMA on Reddit! Come see my answers to various questions. If you’re fast, you can ask one. Link to the AMA

It looks like the fixes in Alpha14b were effective. I’m now releasing Alpha14c on Steam and DRM-free channels. This one is just a tiny change from 14b: Phoebe’s random incidents density is reduced somewhat (it was the same as Cassandra’s before, which doesn’t make sense since Phoebe is supposed to give more breathing space between […]

With the flurry of support and fraud combat tasks abating, I took a little while to watch Zeebos’ stream. A discussion was had and it quickly became apparent that a lot of the events in the game weren’t really firing – ever. No heat waves, no crazy animals, no crashed ship parts. Doing some local testing, […]

[Edit 18/7: To be super clear: Everyone who bought the game from our site before July 17th is still entitled to their key, and can still get it from the automated key distributor. This change only affects new purchases made in the future. This story has gotten a weirdly huge amount of press, but it’s […]

Just for fun, for those who are interested, I’m posting the full change list for Alpha 14. Previously, you saw the change summary. This file, however, shows every ‘commit’ (package of code changes) we contributed to our code repository to transform the game from Alpha 13 to Alpha 14. Each line is one commit. Some are just […]

The day is finally here. RimWorld is now available on Steam! You can buy it at the RimWorld Steam Store page. It’s got full support for Steam Workshop and Cloud saves. Also, Alpha 14 – Scenario System is out! For full information Alpha 14, including the change list, look at the Alpha 14 preview thread. […]

Alpha 14 preview

July 10th, 2016

Alpha 14 will be released with the Steam release, on July 15, at 1pm EST. The game is not released yet! You can’t get it yet! But it’ll become available on Friday. For info on how Steam keys will be distributed, please see the FAQ. For now, here’s a preview! Below the video, you can find […]