Alpha14d – fixes and tunings

Posted July 21st, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Alpha14d (build 1241) is a quick-fix build that makes a few small but important changes.

DRM-free owners will NOT get an update email, but can download the new build from their existing download link.

Save games from Alpha 14 should still work.


  • Reduced event density on Randy Random from 1.5x that of Cassandra to about the same as Cassandra. The combination and distribution of events is still very different from Cassandra.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when the player has no allies.
  • The “cannot connect to Steam API” error message is now more informative and suggests rebooting.
  • Toxic fallout, flashstorm and volcanic winter are now disabled in Free Play difficulty.
  • Toxic fallout and volcanic winter are now rarer.

38 Responses to “Alpha14d – fixes and tunings”

  1. Céline Sauvé

    *digs link out of inbox*
    Good thing I manually checked today before recording tomorrow’s LP.

  2. Carlos

    Any fixes to the eating problems? I mean, colonists not eating meals as a first priority…

  3. Colonists choose foods according to several criteria, so they’re not intended to ALWAYS eat meals first. Some raw foods like berries are as good as meals, for example.

  4. Sean G

    I am with Carlos, I was really hoping for a fix to the food situation. It is very frustrating to watch a pawn walk many times as far, and through three times as many doors to grab frozen corn rather than eat the nearby perfectly good fine meals. The other issues (like still rare trade ships) I can live with but this food thing makes the hardest part of the game (mood management) much more difficult to combat.

  5. Do the boogie

    Thanks for making colonists link multiple-part tasks.
    Also I hope the mad animal being asleep is fixed…
    And when an animal is just hunting, it’s not seen as a threat by turrets????
    That’s okay, I have a sense of humor, the behavioral bugs are pretty funny.
    I already found a combat exploit. Stand a melee guy with a shield in front of enemy shooters. They shoot him for zero damage and ignore the real threat. Or is that a valid strategy?

  6. Sean – Corn is no worse than meals as food.

    They prefer eating food that’s about to expire. So, they may be considering corn and meals (equal mood impact) and choosing the corn to avoid wasting it when it expires.

    It’s not making the harder, but easier.

  7. Sean G

    Thanks for taking the time to answer Tynan. Do fine meals no longer provide a mood bonus? I guess that’s a different issue then. Since all of my food is frozen I am surprised they would see a difference in what is going to expire first, and go to the trouble of walking much further (and then further back to the table) to get it.

    I can adjust, for sure, and I’ll look at this expiry issue. I guess it’s like any other change made along the way – nobody complains about how clothes deteriorate or how you can’t cut up zones anymore.

    So without the positive effects of a nice meal (or the malus of raw meat) what reason is there to continue cooking at all?

  8. Fine meals should give a positive mood offset, but they might still choose another food if it’s a lot closer or about to expire.

    They integrate a bunch of factors like this (also, distance) into the scoring algorithm.

  9. Sean G

    I took a look at my current game and there’s still a +5 bonus for a fine meal, and -7 for eating raw meat. So that is a 12 point swing – more than being luxuriantly comfortable (+10) and seemingly avoidable. If they receive a positive/negative affect based on their eating choice, lore-wise why would they choose to walk past the food that makes them happy and eat the food that makes them upset?

    I’ve adjusted my easy-access meal storage to 38f and my freezers to 28f, hopefully this variance in temperature will make the meals more appealing since they will be closer to expiration.

    Thanks again for listening and responding!

  10. Hmm. It’s always possible there’s something not working quite right; I’d have to look at the case to be sure.

  11. Sean G

    In my current game – you can see the base here – even after those adjustments pawns wake up, walk past the food in the 38f fridge (where the batteries are in my image) and grab food from the 28f fridge (in the kitchen to the south of housing) and then walk back to the table near their rooms. However since we started our discussion nobody has woken up to eat raw food. Whether they choose a fine meal or plain meal though is like a coin flip. Plenty of pawns have come in from elsewhere and grabbed raw food to eat at the table which I assume is distance-based as you mentioned since they come from the south and would encounter the long-term raw food storage before coming across the meals.

  12. Sean G

    Sorry Tynan I linked the wrong image in that last note, this is more relevant. Min just got out of bed.

  13. Corn doesn’t debuff mood. All I can think of here is that it might be near expiry. You can check by clicking on it.

  14. Bolland

    I seem to be having some problems with rescued animals that went Mankiller after an unsuccessful tame. I downed them and rescued them. They’ve been occupying animal beds ever since, never getting up (Resting). They were still flagged for taming and one got tamed in the bed, but still resting.

    Another issue: scenario condition x% arrive malnourished. The malnourished pawns are both alive and dead when they arrive (health listed as dead, not moving but still with a name). Can’t interact with them at all. any attacker gets stuck near them. When this happened, 1/2 of the attack wave started wandering on the map, listed hostile but not attacking unless directly adjacent. It’s possible to kill these.

    Keeping them coming: released prisoner got attacked by a boar and downed. no interaction possible, so a mood debuff after they finally bled out.

  15. Thanks for the bug reports.

  16. Skullywag

    Tynan the issue here is pawns eating RawBad food before meals not RawGood i believe. That would be a bug, no?

  17. Heavylink

    Haha, and i just get volcanic winter xD

  18. Arcanestomper

    I have definitely seen the colonists eat raw meat even when there was corn, berries, and potatoes stored right beside it, and meals a bit further north.

    If it’s prioritizing spoil time is it thinking that the meat spoils in just a few days while the vegetables require weeks to spoil.

  19. an anonymous bugger

    Should it be possible to get an urgent message asking for help if you don’t have a comms console? It is.

  20. Local radio, not orbital.

  21. Ben Plays Games

    Any fix on non-Doctors implanting eyes?

  22. Whisker

    Is there any chance you could include a link somewhere on the main menu that would redirect to patch notes? Something akin to how ARK: Survival Evolved does it. It’s really nice to be able to see a version change in the menu and be able to immediately click and open something to see the most recent patch notes (and old notes, too, for players who want to read down the notes to catch up).


  23. b0rsuk

    Raw seems to have higher chance of food poisoning than meals. In particular I’ve NEVER seen nutrient paste causefood poisoning.

  24. Cush

    A couple of bugs since you seem to be reading the comments:

    1. Getting a ‘mad animal’ event when the target animal is asleep causes it to not go mad, even after waking up

    2. On the ‘Cannot connect to Steam API’ error for versions being run outside of Steam, you can simply hit enter or escape to get by and play as normal (I assume because the shutdown etc seems to be tied to the OK button)

  25. mike grigg

    slight concern… does this mean every time there is an update i lose -1 download from my download link?

  26. Sky

    Any fix on the horizon for colonists getting a mood debuff from pirate prisoners who die of natural causes? or is this WAD?

  27. TGChaplain

    The issue I’m having with the food priority is that my colonists are walking further for food that is frozen and definitely not going to expire food, and they are walking my closer meals that does have an expiration. I can’t imagine this is by design. It’d be nice to see it addressed in some way.

  28. Tanis

    Much appreciated, I love how this game keeps getting better

  29. an anonymous bugger

    Not only does the mad animals event trigger on sleeping animals and allow them to stay asleep, it appears that any mental state will zero out instantly for colonists as well.

  30. Thit

    Could trading become more frequent? I dont get many trading parties even though i have comms and have had it for a long time. im almost in my second year and ive only had 1 trading party with bionic limbs to trade. but not one i need. i still bought it anyway just in case for later on but it would be nice if there was actually a use in getting the comms. i keep getting tribal traders and they dont have such things.

  31. T.J

    Funny bug – if any animal goes berserk (event) during sleeping, the mental state will instantly restart (It won’t go up and murder innocent colonists). Even after waking up they are neutral.

    It doesn’t work with manhunter packs.

    P.S Please, allow players to make simple prothesis (I’ve got a colony full of handless pirates). There would be also nice to have a step between simple prothesis and bionic part.

  32. Céline Sauvé

    Had a Raid after agreeing to protect someone, and told that person to capture the Raider (because he had great skills).

    Unfortunately the person we saved, who does not have any Medical skills listed, has claimed the prisoner and I can’t get my proper Medic to work on him…

    Is this a bug, or as intended?

  33. an anonymous idea

    It would be cool if a doctor could fill an empty neurotrainer by lobotomizing someone with a high amount of a selected skill. Maybe even 15 or 18 or higher. It could disable the skill for that person, and give them lots of health problems. It would probably be used on old colonists and prisoners as a way of preserving their knowledge for younger generations.

  34. Miguel Angel

    Tengo 16 años y no se mucho de juegos pero tengo una gran imaginación para este tipo de juegos(supongo que por eso me dicen que estoy en las nubes) pero este juego me ha impresionado tiene mucho potencial para ser disfrutado y si quieres te podría decir unas ideas para mejorarlo como por ejemplo:
    *Mas facciones(Facciones medievales,religiosas,comerciantes,ect…)Que solo haya 5 facciones da una sensación de soledad
    *Camuflaje(edificios que se camuflen con el ambiente para no ser detectado o la ocultación de estructuras en el mapa o que los colonos se pudieran esconder)
    *Más tipos de personalidad(No se como explicarte este apartado)
    *Introducciones aleatorias(No siempre tienes que caer de una masa de metal retorciéndose en si,podrías escapar de una caravana de esclavos,perderte en un viaje turístico y mas).
    *Expandir el territorio(Como los mapas se generan aleatoriamente podrías hacer que las tribus,piratas,aldeanos,y mas tuvieran su propio territorio que controlan para explotarlo y crear bases)Y que los colonos también pudieran quitárselo a los piratas , nómadas , y más.
    Si lo leéis me gustaría que pusierais alguna de mis ideas ya que siempre quise que alguna idea mía fuera a parar a un juego con un gran potencial.
    Estas ideas las he sacado viendo la alpha13 y probándola todavia no he visto la alpha14
    PD: De pequeño imagine un juego parecido pero en vez de ser una colonia era una aldea medieval(pero con los juegos que sacan por internet mi idea se fue al traste)
    Gracias por leer
    Tynan, tu y tu equipo aveis hecho un gran juego me da rabia que se valoren mas los juegos de CoC y otros mas

  35. nccvoyager

    I understand that berries/corn and simple meals have (basically) the same weight when it comes to “attractiveness” to the colonists.

    What confuses me is the tendency for colonists to eat corn and berries instead of fine (or even lavish) meals, which are located closer to the colonists when they begin searching for a meal.

    In terms of the behaviour I have seen so far.

    Colonists tend to eat…
    ..Packaged survival meals before all else.
    ..Pemmican before corn/berries.
    ..Berries/corn before fine/lavish meals.
    ..Fine/Lavish meals before simple meals.
    ..Simple meals before nutrient paste.
    ..Nutrient paste before raw “not nice” plants, milk, and eggs.
    ..Raw “not nice” plants, milk, and eggs before raw meat.
    ..Raw meat before direct corpse parts.
    ..Direct corpse parts before rotting food. (Any.)

    Colonists tend to eat whatever is closest to them if they are starving, regardless of quality or a cooked meal being even a single extra tile away from the closest, which is raw meat.
    (This seems mostly intentional, and a nice behaviour, really.)

    Additionally, colonists tend to feed prisoners/patients in a different order. (This is a shorter list, as it is only what was observed since I didn’t test it much.)

    Simple meals.
    Packaged survival meals.
    Fine/lavish meals.
    Raw meat.

    Anyways, this is just what I have seen, myself.

    Loving this most recent update so far.

  36. an anonymous idea

    Please make it possible to drag downed things around, similar to the reinstall system for furniture. There are times when I don’t want to rescue or kill them, just drag them out of sight. Thanks!

  37. an anonymous request

    I would like a ZONE RULES setting, add a SET RULE to stockpile buttons, RULES have three options, check, x , and blank. So you could set a parent rule and also customize it within the zone’s individual settings. Thanks!

  38. Heavylink

    Just FYI.
    Rimworld was featured by Tim Buckley