Anomaly bonus preview: Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls

Posted April 11th, 2024 by Tia Young

Hi folks!

Only ONE MORE DAY until RimWorld – Anomaly, free content update 1.5, and the Anomaly OST are out! They all release tomorrow Thursday, April 11 at 10 AM Pacific time.

This is super-bonus content just for you on Steam. (The cube didn’t say we couldn’t, which is as good as permission, right?) Today we’re talking about ghouls.

🚨 SPOILER WARNING: Read at your own risk! These preview blogs WILL SPOIL some of the surprises in the expansion. 🚨

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The aptly named ghouls are former humans, turned into maddened, flesh-craving idiots by the bioferrite forced into their living bodies. (I bet they can pick up 5G too.)

You’ll usually first see these when one attacks your colony without warning, brandishing its bioferrite spikes. Ghouls are ravenously aggressive and never feel pain, so hit them hard from a distance.

If you’re luckier, one might crashland a transport pod nearby – having presumably left devastation wherever it came from. The ghoul will start in shock, but will soon recover and attack anyone it sees. It can be captured to a holding platform for further study. Capture it, or kill it, before it wakes.

This being RimWorld, you can create your own ghouls using your harvested bioferrite and a surgical procedure. Be warned, this is irreversible. For those you dislike, it’d be kinder to mindwipe or lobotomize them.

If the hideous surgical procedure is a success, this once-human becomes a strong, relentless melee combatant, useful for fighting tougher enemies and tanking in larger-scale battles. Ghouls only fight – they cannot work. And if they are killed, you can revive them with an injection of a ghoul resurrection serum!


Ghouls cannot carry equipment – they’re too far gone for that. However, given the unnatural resilience of their half-dead bodies, ghouls can be augmented with a variety of dreadful implants.

Implants are the height of mostly-dead fashion. They can be protective, like bioferrite armor plating or a metalblood heart, both of which improve the ghoul’s survivability at the cost of speed. Aggressive implants include a corrosive heart that enables it to spray acid, an adrenal heart that lets it move and attack impossibly quickly, and barbed bioferrite spikes which improve its melee damage while slowing it. (You try running with bioferrite railroad nails stuck through your body…)

Get a ghoul-friend today!


Yippee, it’s almost release day! Remember to wishlist Anomaly so you get notified when it’s out. You can check the store page to see the countdown timer too.

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I’ll see everyone tomorrow!
– Tia

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