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RimWorld’s second expansion, Ideology, is out now on Xbox and PlayStation! The Ideology expansion gives every person in the game a belief system. Expand your RimWorld Console Edition experience with a ton of new additions and features! Everything is customizable. You can build mind-bending temples, hold unforgettable rituals, hunt the venerated relics of your belief system, […]

Get your own Thrumbo plushie! Hello! We just launched these adorable plush thrumbos on Makeship! They’re delightfully fluffy and only available for a limited time – the campaign ends May 17. (They’re also our very first official RimWorld merch.) Get your own thrumbo before they move on:

Announcing an adorable collaboration between RimWorld and Makeship… coming soon! See you on April 27!

Update 1.4.3704 released

April 19th, 2023

Hello hello! There’s a little update today that fixes a bug where colonist assignments were removed when you entered a caravan, plus some other useful changes. 🙂 Changelog is below! And if you encounter a bug, please share it over on our Official RimWorld Development Discord. Cheers! – Tia Changelog – Clarify that pawns with no […]

We’ve got great news for our console RimWorld fans: The Ideology expansion is coming out in April this year! If you didn’t already know – RimWorld Console Edition is available on PlayStation and Xbox! Read all the details over here:  

Update 1.4.3682 released

March 28th, 2023

Spring is here, so we’re springing into action with a (small) update of fixes for RimWorld and its expansions. The changelog is below, but here are the highlights! We fixed an issue where captured prisoners were escaping from your caravans and another issue where siblings became unrelated to each other if their parents were removed […]

Update 1.4.3641 released

February 15th, 2023

Hi again, just dropping by with another small update. We addressed some issues with Biotech and fixed a UI scaling issue that occurred when players had DSR enabled. (UI was way too big!). The changelog is below for you to read. The update is small and should be compatible with all RimWorld savegames and mods. […]

Update 1.4.3613 released

January 19th, 2023

Hi folks! We have a pretty small update with just a few changes and fixes to get 2023 started. This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods. Big thanks to our community for submitting bugs and testing our updates over at the official RimWorld development Discord. If you encounter any issues while playing, please […]

RimWorld’s Winter Sale

December 25th, 2022

20% off RimWorld and 10% off Ideology and Royalty Ho ho ho! The Steam Winter Sale is here! We have a bunch of sales until Jan 5, 2023 to celebrate. 20% off RimWorld 10% off Ideology 10% off Royalty Thank you for a wonderful 2022! The RimWorld community has been with us at every step, […]

Various fixes, modder tools, remembering 2022 and onwards to 2023! Hello, it’s Tia! I’m here to share a small update just before the holidays. ❄️️ Today’s update comes with a looong list of fixes. Loads of these were made with the help of our testers – a big ol’ hug and huge thank you for […]