RimWorld – Ideology is now available! See all the details on the full page here. You can buy it there DRM-free with instant Steam access. Or, buy it directly on Steam. Free 1.3 update Players can now update to RimWorld version 1.3 for free. This version was previously tested in a beta branch for 2 […]

Welcome back! I’m Tia, and I’m here to bring you more Ideology preview info while we wait for the big release day. Today, I’m talking about Ideology’s new social roles and rituals. I’m also including another UI shot since everyone loved Spacer Manporkism so much in the reveal announcement. You can wish list Ideology on […]

Hello everyone! I’m Tia, an insect lover and spelopede sympathizer at Ludeon. Today, I get to share some big news! Soon, we’ll be releasing RimWorld update 1.3 with new free content and a variety of improvements including animal fences, breach raids, beards, and many quality-of-life improvements. You can play 1.3 now on the Steam branch […]