I have an issue with payment or with the game.

–  Please go to the Support page.

Will I get the game on Steam if I buy DRM-free?

– Yes! Everyone who bought RimWorld DRM-free can also register it to their Steam account for free by using the automated Steam registry system. It only takes a few seconds. (Note that to avoid fraud the system doesn’t give a transferable Steam key; it has you login to Steam through Valve’s site and then registers the game on your account directly using Valve’s system.)

When is the next version coming out?

– As a rule, we don’t announce release dates because it just creates stress for everyone and interferes with our ability to optimize the development process. It’ll come out as fast as it can.

What features will be added in the future?

– Ludeon uses an iterative, evidence-based, dynamic development process that changed direction often. This is the best way to create the strongest game design, but it also means we have no way of knowing how the game will develop before it does. So to reduce stress, wailing, and gnashing of teeth when the designs change (as they always do, for good reasons) we won’t answer questions about future developments. Because honestly – we just don’t know the answer! This leaves us free to iterate and change things as needed without worrying about pissing off players who were expecting a certain feature to work a certain way. It also saves us a lot of time that would otherwise be spent constantly managing and updating community expectations, which means that we can get the actual game to you faster and better.

I am a writer/video maker. Can I have a free copy of the game?

It depends. You have to be established enough (we can’t just give free copies to anyone with a YouTube channel). If you’re a YouTuber, you should have consistently 1000+ views per video. If you’re a writer, you should be writing for a professional site or publication full-time. We will check each request against these standards. If you think you satisfy these criteria, please email support and request a key. We don’t hand out keys for giveaways or Steam groups.

Will I run out of RimWorld downloads?

–  No, they’ll reset with each significant update. Even if it looks like they’re not resetting, don’t worry, they are. SendOwl is just a bit weird with how it handles that. They may not reset on tiny updates. If you’re out, you can get them reset from the support page.

Can I monetize videos of RimWorld?

–  Yes! Anyone can freely make videos of RimWorld gameplay and monetize them on YouTube or other sharing sites. See the game EULA for details.

I want to use the RimWorld or Ludeon logos for something.

– You’re welcome to add the logos as appropriate to play video previews, reviews, and other such content. Download the logo package here.

What technology did you use to make RimWorld?

–  RimWorld uses the Unity framework, though I created my own custom object and time handling systems because RimWorld is a tile-based 2D game with thousands of objects, while Unity is better suited for smooth-space 3D games with hundreds of objects. The programming language was C#. Other tools used: Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator, Flash 8, Visual Studio.

What is your Privacy Policy?

– It is available here.

How can I contact you?

–  If you need support with emails or installation, please see the Support page. For business and other inquiries, email the lead developer Tynan at [email protected]

I have other questions.

–  There’s a forum thread of my collected responses to various questions about RimWorld. For other frequently asked questions see the RimWorld Kickstarter.