Alpha11c is a very small hotfix to Alpha11b that fixes a few serious bugs. All save games and mods should still be compatible. Update: Now to Alpha11d. This is the same as Alpha11c, but the save game location will be correct on Macs. (I originally built Alpha11c against a slightly old version of Unity from […]

Hey everyone, hope summer treats you well. So here’s the state of development now: First, players found some rare but game-killing bugs in Alpha 11b. As in, they can actually kill your save game and make it unloadable. I’ll probably be releasing a small, non-essential hotfix to Alpha11 to fix these. This will be a […]

Alpha11b released

July 4th, 2015

I’ve just released RimWorld Alpha11b! This is a fix-and-adjust build without crazy new features. You can still load saves from Alpha 11 (though they will report some errors on loading and have a few minor issues around load time, they should play fine in the long term). Mods might become incompatible. I’ve tried to keep the […]

So after some great conversations about the Steam release and some more thought, I’ve decided to hold off on the Steam release until next year. Originally, I wanted to get the Steam release out so you would all have access to Steam features and automatic updates while I was on break. To alleviate concerns about […]

The news that people have been asking me about for years is finally here! I’m planning on releasing RimWorld on Steam Early Access around the end of July or early August. (Edit: Having considered the feedback so far, there’s a good chance I may release the game on Steam as a non-Early Access finished game. Read below […]