This hotfix was broke for the first few hours of its release, when it was called Alpha10e. If you got it during that time, please re-download the fixed Alpha10f. The fix solves an issue in Alpha10e where rain would never put out fires, leading to the whole map burning down. This small hotfix cleans up some minor […]

Hotfixed to Alpha10d

April 20th, 2015

So I got to have that special moment where you’re looking at some game code and you realize that the game you shipped last week to 75,000 people is totally horribly broken in subtle but game-destroying ways. This is the hotfix to the problem I found and others. Up to now, Alpha 10 has been basically broken. […]

Hotfixed to Alpha10c

April 17th, 2015

I’ve released another hotfix addressing some bugs and balance issues. Thank you for being patient with these! This is a silent hotfix; there will be no update email. Just re-download from your existing link. Save games from Alpha 10 will still work. To install, delete your old install directory and unzip the new Alpha 10c files to a clean […]

Hotfixed to Alpha10b

April 16th, 2015

I’ve released a quick hotfix for Alpha 10 that should address some bugs, design mistakes and imbalances in the first released version. You should get an update email some time today. Or, you can just download from your existing link (as it always gives the latest version). Save games from Alpha 10 will still work. […]

Alpha 10 has arrived! This time we’ve added a new “joy” need with a bunch of ways to fulfil it, new timetable, outfits, and thing filter management tools, and dozens of smaller improvements. A full change list is at the end of this post. If you own the game, you can get Alpha 10 by […]