Hotfixed to Alpha10c

Posted April 17th, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve released another hotfix addressing some bugs and balance issues. Thank you for being patient with these!

This is a silent hotfix; there will be no update email. Just re-download from your existing link.

Save games from Alpha 10 will still work. To install, delete your old install directory and unzip the new Alpha 10c files to a clean empty folder (your save data is not stored in the install directory).

  • Changes to speed up pacing: reduced building costs, start with more steel, a colonist will join reasonably early (on Cassandra or Phoebe). Recruiting is slightly easier. Joy tolerance is gained slower.
  • You’ll get a letter when an animal goes insane due to taking damage. Also, the chance of this happening is reduced.
  • Colonists will stand away from boomrats while executing them.
  • Joy-related thoughts are broken up more finely and balanced.
  • Planning designation has dark outline for easy visibility.
  • Trees are still sowable, but it takes a lot of time to sow them.
  • Bugfix: Colonists will no longer get stuck if you put a blueprint under a hopper and they try to fill it.
  • Bugfix: Colonists no longer relax socially in prisons.
  • Bugfix: Cooks will no longer make more meals than requested in the “do until you have X” bill repeat mode.
  • Bugfix: Unpowered lamps will no longer start glowing after being destroyed.

8 Responses to “Hotfixed to Alpha10c”

  1. Digree

    I considered the hunt for boomrats like a challenge, but now it’s boring

  2. Stromko

    They can still start massive fires, or go crazy from injuries and rush your hunter, I think they’re about as exciting as they’re supposed to be 😉

  3. Etherlord

    It would be nice, if you could set various jobs on the day schedule for colonists. I know it would require some rework on the system, but sometimes you don’t want to deal with concurrent stuff with priorities – e.g. you want a guy to both haul and clean, but if there’s a lot of hauling he will never clean, and if you prioritize cleaning, he will go from one corner of a big base to another and never haul.

    Good job on dealing with the tree sowing – I was surprised you no longer could cut trees, that didn’t make much sense. Slow cutting makes perfect sense.

  4. FlareStarchild

    I got a sunlamp to turn on after it was deconstructed. Built it again on top of where the old one was and it stopped.

  5. Lichtbringer

    Nice fixes, noticed some of the prison related problems myself^^. Kinda silly when your Prison is the most chill place where everyone wants to hang out, and it’s still hard to recruit 😀

  6. CATman4L

    I just noticed something XD a iguana was binging on the alcohol in my trading bay, i’m not sure if thats normal but the thing is blackout drunk now.

  7. joey

    the prisoner system needs to be updated its to hard to recruit them especially when they have cabin fever witch you cant do anything about even if u have a no roof area build for them

  8. Yeah, 10c has some game breaking bugs. Will release 10d today or tomorrow.