Rebalancing quest rewards and some fixes Hi! Fresh patch notes here. Today, we’ve got rebalanced quest rewards and some changes for genes and children, plus various bug fixes. The changelog is available below. With the wide variety of items added over the past few expansions, it was time to revisit quest rewards. Our community’s feedback and discussions on […]

New Ideology precepts, gene-modding improvements, player-made xenotypes in the world, polux tree seeds, and more! Hi there! RimWorld’s 1.4 content update is now available! It adds cross-expansion integration with new Ideology precepts that link to Biotech, gene-modding and inheritance improvements, diplomatic reactions to pollution dumping, polux tree seeds, tribalwear for kids, and many other miscellaneous […]

Unstable build update 1.4.3548

November 15th, 2022

Hi everyone, the unstable branch has just received a new patch. We’ve gotten some great feedback from the community on our 1.4 content update. Latest changelog below. The 1.4 content update has cross-expansion integration, gene-modding changes, player-made xenotypes in the world, and lots of other improvements. Read about it here! Are you interested in helping us […]

New precepts, gene modding and inheritance changes, player-made xenotypes in the world, polux seeds, and more Hi everyone – Ty here. So behind the daily bug fixes, we’ve been working on a 1.4 content update with more substantial improvements and more stuff to play with. This content update comes with cross-expansion integration between Biotech and Ideology, improvements to […]

Recent patches for 1.4

November 11th, 2022

Bug fixes, improvements, and Discord Hello, I’m back with the details of our last couple of patches for 1.4 and Biotech. Also, our 1.4 midterm patch is just around the corner! You can view our previous patch note updates here: Update 1.4.3525 hotfixes some issues Multiple updates for 1.4 and Biotech If you’re experiencing any issues […]

Rates moving closer to Steam’s recommendations Hi everyone. Valve has recently released their new recommended currency conversions for Steam games and many game studios are beginning to implement these. We are planning to follow Valve’s recommendations and update some of our non-USD price conversions. (Note that none of our base USD prices will change – this is […]

Improvements and more bug fixes Hi everyone! We’ve been pushing updates with hotfixes and improvements for 1.4 and Biotech over the last week. We tweaked fixes to make them more mod-friendly and have been collaborating with modders to make updates more seamless for everyone. I’ve added a cumulative changelog below for your enjoyment that covers […]