Now you can mix in some horror without saturating the whole experience Hi everyone – Ty here. We’re loving your Anomaly stories! Please keep it up with the duplicated babies, shambler babies, and gray labyrinth baby drama. This expansion explores new ground creatively for RimWorld and it’s been incredibly gratifying to see people having new […]

New horror-themed expansion now available! Plus free content in update 1.5 The RimWorld – Anomaly expansion is out now! We’re celebrating Anomaly’s release with a sale on all previous RimWorld releases: Get 20% off RimWorld and 10% off the Biotech, Ideology, and Royalty expansions! UPDATE 1.5 RimWorld’s free update 1.5 is out now! This update adds a ton of content, improvements, […]

Hi folks! Only ONE MORE DAY until RimWorld – Anomaly, free content update 1.5, and the Anomaly OST are out! They all release tomorrow Thursday, April 11 at 10 AM Pacific time. This is super-bonus content just for you on Steam. (The cube didn’t say we couldn’t, which is as good as permission, right?) Today […]

Only 2 more days until RimWorld – Anomaly and free content update 1.5 are out! They both release on Thursday, April 11 at 10 AM Pacific time. (There’s also a timer counting down on the store page!) The RimWorld – Anomaly original soundtrack will be available on April 11th as well! This OST comes with 11 tracks and nearly […]

We’re releasing RimWorld – Anomaly on April 11, 2024! (That’s 1 week away!) You can read the announcement here. Check out our previous blog posts below: Anomaly expansion and update 1.5 announced! Anomaly preview #1: Fleshbeasts, fleshmass heart, pit gate and dreadmeld Anomaly preview #2: Containment facilities, creatures, and release date [HERE] Anomaly preview #3: […]