Hello everyone! We have great news for our Australian players – RimWorld is once again available for purchase on Steam in Australia. This means Australians have access to the RimWorld Steam store page and can gift and receive Steam keys for the game. (It also means you can read this news update. 😉) Everything should […]

RimWorld EULA Updated

April 8th, 2022

Happy Friday everyone! Just a short post from me that we updated RimWorld’s EULA, and you can find it here. The last one was six years old, written quickly, and it needed a pass from some legal professionals. We know that reading licenses is boring, so as before we did our best to keep it […]

Hello everyone! It’s Tia – I’m back with update 1.3.3326 which brings full support for RimWorld on Steam Deck! Before I get into the update, I wanted to share that our developer who was living in Ukraine is now safe in Germany. He’s staying with one of our former team members and we’re doing what […]