Hotfixed to Alpha10e (updated to Alpha10f)

Posted April 22nd, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

This hotfix was broke for the first few hours of its release, when it was called Alpha10e. If you got it during that time, please re-download the fixed Alpha10f. The fix solves an issue in Alpha10e where rain would never put out fires, leading to the whole map burning down.

This small hotfix cleans up some minor issues that remained in Alpha10d.

To update, just use your existing download link from your last update email – it always gives the latest version. Save games from Alpha 10 will still work. To install, delete your old install directory and unzip the new Alpha 10f files to a clean empty folder (your save data is not stored in the install directory).


  • Reworked apparel optimization AI. Now they very much prefer wearing anything over wearing nothing (so they don’t walk around naked with clothes on the floor), and have a lower threshold of quality difference to replace apparel.
  • Optimized fire significantly so large fires won’t slow down your computer as much.
  • Some very minor fixes.

42 Responses to “Hotfixed to Alpha10e (updated to Alpha10f)”

  1. DeadManWalking

    Now *THAT* is some optimized fire! My entire planet is on fire and it is running quite smoothly. Did we forget to turn off a debug switch somewhere? 🙂 It’s been raining for 2 days and the fires are still burning. Where’s my fire extinguisher?

  2. Samuel

    I am having trouble with Sendowl again it failed to make an appearance in my mailbox again…

  3. DMW Thanks 🙂

    Sam – Since it’s such a minor update I didn’t send an update email. Please follow the instructions in the post to update.

  4. Rauminen

    Hi Samuel, just use the link from the previous email, it will get you the new version.

  5. mek

    translate to russian are broken (

  6. Anskari

    Download’s count doesn’t reset for this version, I hope reset for the next.

  7. Apparently on my planet it is raining petrol since rain does not put out fire anymore. My whole region is burning!

  8. Anskari

    My planet is on fire too…I doesn’t understood the DMW comment because I’m spanish, but I understand right now

  9. Athena

    Just downloaded the Windows version but after unzipping it has the Linux files…

  10. Thanks Opa. Looks like it is indeed broken. Hotfix suspended, let me release a fix.

  11. Athena

    never mind, user error haha

  12. Chris

    FYI renaming outfits only works for number 1-9, 10+ don’t.
    Good fix tho.

  13. Brian

    There seems to be a problem with fire spreading. Rain doesn’t seem to put fires out anymore or even slow their spread. I just had a wet thunderstorm and now the entirety of the map is on fire. In 10d these would have long since been naturally put out!

    Great performance on the fire though! Kudos!

  14. ascdren

    make sure you are running 10f brian and not 10e as 10e broke fire after nerfing spread, 10f fixes this

  15. ascdren

    sorry i said 10e nerfed fire, it did not, simply nerfs fire cpu strain

  16. Tobias

    Good work on the fire tweaking, no more slow-downs during large forrest fires. Thank you!

  17. seba

    I don’t know how to download it can anybody help?

  18. Rod

    Since I feel that we will have a lot of updates, 10x, 11 and so on, when will we get an auto-update in the game ? I see the message but would be wonderful to just click a button and ta da !! New version installed 😀

    BTW, to download we just need to click on our link and download the new version ?

    Thank you.

  19. seba

    what link?

  20. Adamiks

    😀 Alpha 10f? World record! But anyway, thank you for the fix 🙂

  21. seba

    please someone help me I am new to the game and I don’t know how to download 10f

  22. Andy Saw

    When you bought the game, SendOwl should have sent you your personal download link to your email.
    Use that link to download every new update. It’s always updated to the latest build.

  23. Riftmaster

    Personally, the entire map being on fire sounds hilarious

    Although it would probably crash my game….

  24. That One Guy

    Considering I have like 3 copies of this game on my computer since it wont let me remove the earlier versions I might just leave off with such a small update xD

  25. Seba

    Thanks Andy SAW ☺

  26. ascdren

    Only 3 copies seba? I have all from about alpha 4 (with most hotfixes) sometimes good to go back to an old build

  27. Ryan

    I have to say thank you for the hard work on these hot fixes! A true mark of someone who cares shows in these updates.

  28. Caponite

    Hi there!

    Maybe is because I used a saved game from version c, or d, but with f, food produced on kitchen does not Stack, so they use ten times the place they used to use… Only me or was this on porpouse and I didnt read about it?

    Anyway keep the goos stuff coming, bro.

  29. Schandmaul

    no sendowl arrived :-/

  30. hodavame

    … anyway
    The game is G R E A T !
    Thank you for your work, Tynan!

  31. Rune


    It’s always the same link, so just use the one from the last email you recieved.

  32. Schandmaul

    ohh thanks @rune haven’t know it

  33. Erick

    Pretty sure my game is bugged because all of my colonists cannot land any hits when in combat this also applies to anything that can engage in combat like wild life and raiders.

  34. Nich

    Mac update alpha10e doesn’t seem to load my alpha10d game, but it did load the latest autosave, so hopefully this will work. seemed to be graphical issue to do with rain (screen is all psychedelic but menu is visible) although the debug log says other things. can send screenshot if you need.

  35. Tay-tech

    Does this apply to nudists as well? The whole preferring to wear anything over nothing?
    Mind you, for my nudist colony I had to make a nudist category for outfits… Desert nudists are surprisingly efficient

  36. nada

    a large fire could still slow down my computer significantly.

  37. Lucaswin

    I cant see the world after creating one or going through the world selection screen

  38. LeoR

    “Reworked apparel optimization AI”. Well… can i mark an item to Haul but not to auto Wear? Everytime I store an low quality equipment (like parka for example). My colonist equip them and have a debuff of “Wearing frayed apparel (and similars)”. Do i really need to see my colonists hauling the item, and forbid the item manually after ?

  39. stan

    hey for some reason i don’t seem to have an email from send owl for the update how can i get them to re send a link?

  40. Sonic

    did u plan copy & paste -> for Filter ? cuz is hard to set up all the time for other stock they have the same job
    and a management for schedules, same as clothes management ? i think that more likely if i can switch to Worker the works on morning and Work they do work at the evening as a example:
    and as a last priority for the Work because even missing Copy & Paste function (when it adjusts itself)

    i hope u understand what i mean

    and yeah good stuff and keep it up

  41. Necronomocoins

    I can’t set fire to the entire map, never have been able to, I must’ve missed the rain not putting out fires bug. Even if I choose a location with the lowest rainfall, it always rains without fail after a fire has been burning for a while. Is this a bug or intentional? I set up my colony in a location that has no combustibles very close, on purpose, so I can burn the raid away in relative safety. Either this “bug” prevents this tactic or intentional programmed rain after a fire prevents it. Not very realistic, fires in low rainfall areas here in Australia either burn until there is no more fuel (wood, sticks, leaves, etc..) or firefighters put it out.

  42. cnx

    thanks tynan for the quick fixing, really enjoying the new build.

    maybe you would like to consider deploying on steam for an easier alpha & patch distribution to backers. As you mentioned, you don’t want to spam people with new sendowl links every time there is a new patch, and maybe this would be a solution, as steam would simply automatically patch the clients.

    then again, this certainly isn’t news for you, so you probably have your reason for not doing that.

    either way, keep up the good work mate =)