Alpha11b released

Posted July 4th, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve just released RimWorld Alpha11b! This is a fix-and-adjust build without crazy new features. You can still load saves from Alpha 11 (though they will report some errors on loading and have a few minor issues around load time, they should play fine in the long term).

Mods might become incompatible. I’ve tried to keep the API the same as it was before, but a few places have necessarily changed. Also, since the DLL was recompiled, the ABI might not be identical. This means the functions and variable names are the same, but the compiler might have changed the way the bits and bytes are passed around, causing code compiled against the old DLL to not work properly when it tries to talk to the new DLL. This means:

  • Simple mods (especially those which are purely XML data, images, and sounds without any code) should still work without any changes.
  • Mods with code might work without changes, but there’s a good chance they’ll need to be recompiled against the new DLL.
  • A few mods will actually need to have code changed if they touch parts of the API that I changed.

If you own the game, you can get the new version by re-downloading from the link you used before (it is a permanent link and always has the newest version). Anyone still having trouble should start at the support page. A new email will not be sent for this update.

Full change list:

  • Colonists will now try to avoid pathing outside their allowed area.
  • Open doors equalize temperature faster.
  • Much, much smarter sapper escort AI.
  • Sapper now avoid mining high-health ore while finding tunnelling paths.
  • Reorganized and clean up options menu and graphics settings.
  • Mods config page shows load order of mods.
  • Toxic fallout kills plants much more slowly.
  • Enemies (especially wargs) now ignore unpowered unmanned turrets and mortars.
  • We no longer allow buying back prisoners you just sold as a way to insta-recruit anyone.
  • Can no longer sell rotten items.
  • Treatment result is now indicated with a text mote, not a global message.
  • Adjusted a bunch of sound volumes.
  • Fixed pirate merchants only bringing slaves when population is high. This should be reversed.
  • Reworked how slave prices are calculated so they take injuries, capacities, and skills into account better.
  • Colonists now harvest planted trees on their own.
  • Optimizations to grower work scan algorithms.
  • Cleanup on main menu background image.
  • Smelt slag recipe can use do until you have X.
  • Siegers can never use melee weapons (too exploitable).
  • New sound: warg voices.
  • New sound: treatment.
  • New sound: medicine used successfully.
  • Player-created backstories and translations have been updated.
  • About 150-200 bugfixes – some big, some small.

28 Responses to “Alpha11b released”

  1. Nmid


    I will hold off on A11b, till I am done playing my E11ium village.
    I am excited about the various bug fixes and I’ll appreciate the A11b patch even more, once I come across the bugs while playing my village in A11 😀


  2. Play2jens

    Hey Ty,
    Great job on all those bug fixes. It must have been a hell to track them down and find a solution for all of them. No wonder you’re feeling a bit off after that. You earned a big vacation and I hope that future development will be more fun than polishing up the game, complicated AI improvements and bug-fixing for you.

    I’m looking forward to having more events and other things.

  3. Gyzbug

    Does this fix raiders coming to attack that have the no scary/no violance traits?

    I think alot of these will never do X job should act more like brawler and just give a mood penalty or cant gain xp for that skill. This could also play the other way so some traits give joy for some jobs.

  4. DDawgSierra

    Should this not reset the downloads?

  5. Danis Bowman

    Excellent job. Love the game, but my concerns lie with the comment above. My downloads have not reset either. Perhaps resets only occur during full Alpha progression rather than with fragmented updates. Regardless, keep up the outstanding work!

  6. Jesse Yebba

    Hey I just got rimworld recently. How do i go about getting Alpha 11b? I’m not sure how to do so.

  7. Jesse – the post has the answer:

    “If you own the game, you can get the new version by re-downloading from the link you used before (it is a permanent link and always has the newest version).”

  8. Jesse Yebba

    Thank you tynan.

  9. HaploAW


    I think Jesse Yabba’s question was not only about how to download the new version but if the download count would be updated. I would think that the 7 limit shouldn’t cause problems but since it is a new version (patch instead of content) shouldn’t the value be reset? I don’t think it does since a new email isn’t generated so SendOwl doesn’t recognize it as a change.

    Good work on the game!!! One of my favorites to play!!!

  10. Sadly SendOwl gives us no way to reset download counts without sending another email. So the count won’t reset this time. It will on next alpha though. And you can always email our support if you’re out.

  11. MaGicBush

    Is this your last update before your break?

  12. Nope, Peter and I are hard at work on Alpha 12. The changelog shows the progress daily.

  13. MaGicBush


  14. Play2jens

    Can you tell us what you are planning on adding to the game in A12, besides animal husbandry?

  15. oneshot1018

    I bought the game in alpha 9 and im alittle confused on how to udate it, can anyone help?

  16. oneshot1018 – Check out

  17. oneshot1018

    Nevermind my question i found it and am downloading the latest version. Love the game btw

  18. Murphos

    I play the A11b version and made the biggest map possible (not world) and now, every time i sell or buy something from a trader he dropes it somewhere on the map and not near my base. Is it a bug or intended?

  19. Murphos sounds like a bug. Try building a trade beacon outdoors.

  20. Murphos

    ok i tryed it with a beacon and that did the trick. Thanks

  21. Jacob Krentz

    Hey, thanks for the patch, it really helps out. BUT, I have found some bugs that came from the patch that are really starting to bug me. There is one that I don’t actually know is a bug, or if its just a feature of the game I’ve never known before. Anyways, apologizes, but I forgot, is there a certain link I need to go to to report a bug, or can I just email you?

    As always, have a good one.

  22. Hi Jacob. If you find a bug, just mosey on down to the bugs forum, that’s where we handle all public bug reports.

  23. Jacob Krentz

    Alright, thanks. BTW this game is my second favorite game, right under the Halo series, so thank you for making such an epic game!

  24. VikingGoth

    Hey Tynan, I’ve been reading the daily changelog and noticed you’ve been doing a lot of work with animals. Something I’d like to see is some kind of vermin system where rodents (like boomrats) can crawl through vents or bypass doors/walls and get into the food storage and start chowing down. Combat it with mousetraps, felines, or anti-vermin roombas.

  25. Raven

    @ vikingGoth

    Please no Boomrats, its annoying enough when they explode on my Fall traps, it will be worse if they explode in my base and start a fire.

  26. Spencer

    I never got an email for the update 🙁 can you guys send one please. love the game btw

  27. baconprison

    can you guys release rimworld on steam because if you do id happily buy your game

  28. Spencer – please read the post for info on the (lack of) update email.

    bacon – it will be on Steam, please see the latest blog post.