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Alpha 17 – On the Road has been released! This version brings roads and rivers to the world, new world quests, new tools for modders, new combat tools, smarter AI, and rebalancings and adjustments across the whole design. I’m afraid that this build is not compatible with saved games from previous versions, or mods from […]

We recently asked whether players would rather have the bugfix-only update released, or if they’d prefer we just kept working and waited until we had new content to release. The results aligned with my personal thinking, which is that the disruptive effect of a release (breaking various compatibilities) isn’t worth it for a bugfix-only release. […]

Progress update on Alpha 17

February 8th, 2017

This is just a quick update on what we’re working on now, since it’s been some time since Alpha 16 came out and I don’t want anyone thinking I died or became a Venezuelan monk or something. Alpha 17 is in progress. This update is going to be a refinement build. That means we’re focusing entirely […]

RimWorld Alpha 16 – Wanderlust is released! This update adds a spherical world and the ability to travel across it with multiple caravans, having simultaneous encounters on the way and settling new colonies. If you’re on Steam, your game will update automatically. Because of huge structural changes to the game, this update will break save […]

Hi everyone. We suffered a small data loss in the creative content system. Luckily we managed to recover almost everything from backup. But in five cases, we lost the corresponding email addresses of creations that need review. So we can’t notify you to come review your content. If you entered any of the below content, please go […]

UPDATE: Unstable version is being updated more or less (week)daily. The forum thread has the ongoing discussion and update details. Alpha 16 release is upcoming. If you are on Steam, and in the middle of a game, please use the Steam betas feature to set your game to the “alpha15” branch. This will prevent it from […]

Quick teaser: Transport pods

December 1st, 2016

Currently bugfixing and tuning Alpha 16. Here’s a new teaser!

Some fun teaser images

November 4th, 2016

Hey all, just some quick teasers for you! (Edit: new ice planet shot added!) I’ll be releasing more information about this soon-ish. I just wanted to give you all an image so you know we are still working at full steam, on many different features. A16 will probably be the biggest update ever in terms […]

We’ve worked out the kinks since the last update, so now all purchasers buying the game off can immediately register their copy on Steam through This is better than buying on Steam for a few reasons: You get Steam access either way. You get access to the DRM-free version as well, which can be useful. […]

I’ve always wanted to give Steam keys to all players who buy the game on our website. Unfortunately we had to disable that after scammers attacked the site and started harvesting thousands of dollars in games using stolen credit cards. But no more! Web dev Hypolite has developed a new Steam registry system that directly connects to […]