Alpha 14: The Complete Change Log

Posted July 17th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Just for fun, for those who are interested, I’m posting the full change list for Alpha 14. Previously, you saw the change summary. This file, however, shows every ‘commit’ (package of code changes) we contributed to our code repository to transform the game from Alpha 13 to Alpha 14.

Each line is one commit. Some are just a few minutes of work, others can be a whole day. Some are by me, others are by ison. Here she is:

RimWorld Alpha 14 full change log

That’s it! I hope a few enthusiasts find some interest, in seeing what we’re actually doing day to day.

5 Responses to “Alpha 14: The Complete Change Log”

  1. Ciano

    Wow! I knew fixing stuff sucked, but it sucks even more than i had thought… So many things can go wrong, even on such a later stage (probably many more because of that actually, update = bugs).

    I haven’t clocked many hours yet (have bought the game on Steam a few hours after it released and didn’t have time lately) but even if a few colonists seemed to have an unhealty interest in watching clouds all the damn time i can say the game has been bug free for me, and i know how hard it is with this kind of depth.

    I also am a dwarf fortress player and rimworld is the only other game i know that can scratch the same kind of itch, even if on a lower scale. I’m sure you can understand the weight behind that.

    Congratulations, great game

  2. s n

    wait. w t f

    Added Planetkiller scenario part: World will be destroyed on X date.


  3. Zenke

    Thanks for this. I’m studying games design in college so any insight into the day to day of games developement is something I can appreciate, and as trivial as this log may seem to some i understand how important it can be to keep it so that everyone knows whats been changed and fixed. I will give it a good look over later.

  4. Eddlm

    Thanks for the full changelog, It’s appreciated.

    It’s very useful to see what exact changes have been done to the game since last update!

  5. Ardentpause

    Thank you. Really seriously thank you. I know full documentation is a pain, but it’s really appreciated.