Alpha 4 hotfixed

Posted June 3rd, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

Alpha 4 has been hotfixed to Alpha4e. If you want to update, you can re-use your existing download link. It never changes and always has the latest version.

If you’re not sure about your version, open Version.txt in the RimWorld folder. The latest isย 0.4.462 rev40###ย (where # can be anything).

  • Alpha4b added the source code which is supposed to be included.
  • Alpha4c fixed the storytellers, who had a bug that made them permanently placid instead of ramping up over long games. Now they will ramp up properly and eventually, probably, kill you. But hey, it’s all about the drama!
  • Alpha4d lengthened the ramp-up time for challenge. It also adds a “need sawmill” alert to reduce confusion around the wood planks system.
  • Alpha4e rebalanced the storytellers again in light of this poll.

Sorry for all the hotfixes. Testing storytellers properly is really hard. We’re working on some automated metrics so balancing won’t be such a scattershot process in the future.

Your savegames from all Alpha 4 versions will still work.

18 Responses to “Alpha 4 hotfixed”

  1. santaclaun1

    theres a bug where it wont make a roof over a room as far as i can its only with the wooden walls might be with the metal walls to

  2. Dr. Z

    So the savegames being stored in C:/users means no copy-paste of savegames anymore?

  3. If you found a bug could you post it with repro steps at the bugs forum:

    You can copy paste all the savegames you want, no problems there.

  4. Andrew

    Seems that there is a problem with sendowl

    We’re sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We’re working on this problem. Please try again later.

    Anyway I just wanted to know the version number to see if I had already downloaded it. I have version 460.

  5. Alpha4d is build 462.

  6. Dr. Z

    When I loaded the 460 save with the 462 version it told me that it’s incompatible and may cause bugs and crashes.

  7. You can ignore that warning in this case. It’s fine.

  8. Abadayos

    Looks good, however I have not gotten a SendOwl email regarding an update from 461 to 462 and the game on launch says up to date.

    Does it automatically incorporate the hotfixes? If so it didn’t update the version number for me.

  9. To update, you’ll have to re-use your existing download link. I didn’t blast out another set of emails for Alpha4d, but probably will do another balancing update soon.

  10. Abadayos

    OK, only issue I would have is due to download errors it’s down to only letting me have 1 more download on that link. Does it reset after a period of time?

  11. Timo

    You throw out the hotfixed versions faster than I can download! *thumb-up* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Sivil

    How do i back up my saves and use them i tried copy from 413 to 461 but it went bright wouldn’t load why is that

  13. Dr. Z

    I think with Alpha 4 the savegames are stored in a different place then in former build, but there is a readme regarding savegames in your RW install folder.

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  15. Irulan


    Is it normal that the download counter is not reset between two hotfixes ? I currently have only two donloads remaining, and there will be none left for any future release after downloading 4e version (i’m downloading it each time on 2 Windows PC : home and work)

  16. It should reset. But sometimes I make mistakes and forget to tick a box… Anyway, if you run out just email me and I’ll fix you up.

  17. Irulan

    Thx for the quick answer ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, fantastic job done on this game !

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