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Randy is... interesting. He sometimes gives you stable times to build and improve your base to the point where your defenses starting lagging behind. He also sometimes gives you event chains like the one I got earlier this week.

I had a mid-sized raid which I took care of fairly easily followed up within an hour (in-game time) by a poison ship that somehow got triggered as I was trying to build some IEDs around it. I managed to get everyone back to base successfully except for 2 hauling robots and one of my pet huskies, RIP.

I sent my doctors to take care of all my injured colonist and put the remaining able-bodied colonists in my defense line behind my turrets thinking that although there were a lot of centipedes I should be okay with a combination of my turrets, 4 mortars firing away and my remaining colonists.

As the first mechanoid reaches the entrance of my base a solar flare shuts down all of my automated defenses which required me to send all of my colonists who could still walk to my defensive line... most of them still bleeding. After a long protracted firefight and a few lucky mortar strikes I finally disabled all of the mechanoids and got everyone a meal (except the doctors who were up to their elbows in casualties) as my colonists cycled through my 8-bed hospital to get treatment and then recover in their own beds. I had 80% casualties with no fatalities (although a lot of close calls).

Just as my doctors finally finished patching everyone up I got hit with another sizable sapper raid that I had to fight off with a combination of mortar fire and a whole lot of very injured colonist going on 3 or 4 hours of sleep. 

Now I'm back to having a month or two of relative peace... that is what playing on Randy is like. LOL
Call me Arty, I just have to say... that was epic!  Crazy crap like that is what makes this game so addictive. Let's face it, the main ingredient that makes Rimworld awesome is a good imagination.
Stories / Re: Donald Trump on Rimworld - an a17 story
December 29, 2017, 12:45:17 PM
Hey Shayame,

Just wanted to let you know this is a very interesting Rimworld story! Well written with interesting characters. Keep up the good work.
Is there any way I can disable the romance mod and delete it's traits while still using this modpack?  I play this game with my son and would rather play a cool sci-fi story instead of "The Young and Restless in Space". LOL