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I tried two new games but i can't reproduce the bug.
I'm updating the game in 0.8.657 and I start a new game and see what happen.
Thank for the reply.

I managed to avoid the bug with keeping one colonist doing only crafting and one only doing art.
So i continued my game (year two now) but i will try to reproduce it.
Do you want a save with a fresh game or this one (year two)?

EDIT : I can't reproduce it on my year two game, crafters and artists can start multiple projects on one bench ,they don't drop unfinished projet to stockpile or start duplicate project... I will try to reproduce it on a new fresh game but i don't know if i have the time today.
What I'm saying is that I had ordered one object per workshop and my colonist don't finish their work and start new ones

Here's a screenshot :

On my workshop I only ordered 1 sculptur project, 1 parka and one longsword.
On the right top corner you can see my stockpile were there already 4 unfinished art projects and 1 unfinished parka.
On the botom left corner on my workshops you can see other projets and for the smithing bench 3 started longsword projects (from 2 diferents colonist).
Bugs / [W|0.8.651] Weird bug with the new crafting system
December 11, 2014, 06:19:35 AM
Summary : when colonist need to craft something (Art, Smithing, tailoring, etc ) they don't finish their project and start new ones.

I started a game very soon after the new version and this bug is so big that I'm surprised that nobody already noted.
One of my colonist started an art project but now it's the 4th time he start a new project without finishing the others.
In the sculptor's table bill i only designed one project.
I have the same bug with tailoring and smithing. I don't have this problem with butchering and cooking.