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One other thing that could be added, is holding POWs as hostages, and making their original faction either pay them to get their man back or increase your reputation with said faction if you give them back for free.
Well, I know a lot of this would be difficult to add in since there's no exceptions added for things like this yet. Instead of requesting this for a mod, I would consider adding this to Forums > RimWorld > Suggestions. This would have more along the lines of something Tynan would have to add, and it would be a good idea to add. These are all good ideas. Along the lines of what you were saying about people dying at your camp, also notice how if everyone dies there, but by raiders or somesuch, not you, they know it wasn't you.
Activate the built-in debug menu and disable mental breaks. Normally that's what I do since making people happy is still a feature that hasn't been fleshed out fully
Title says "EVIL Dev corp". Shouldn't it be "EVUL"?
Personally... I think Techtree and K9 being merged is a very BAD idea. Unless Minami takes the time to release and keep the K9 mod up-to-date as a optional separate mod like he did with Stungun, people will be very upset. The reason for this is because Techtree changes Rimworld to something that isn't Rimworld. Whilst that's not necessarily a bad thing, it isn't a good thing either. I've played both Vanilla Rimworld and Techtree to end-game, and I found the vanilla Rimworld to be much more fun, and I'm sure other people would agree.
Mods / Re: Markiplier mod {Idea/Request}
July 11, 2014, 09:16:07 PM
As much of a fan of Mark's as I am, this really isn't the type of game that Mark would like, whether a mod was made for him or not, nor would it really be a good game for adding specific characters to. :/