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Outdated / Re: [A12D] Community Core Library v0.12.4
November 10, 2015, 12:58:19 AM
Great Resource you have here!

Can I make a suggestion? How about a filthProducer comp that can be added to buildings? It could hook in to the active power so petrochemical plants and charcoal plants could produce temporary air pollution or leave soot or grime around. Brewing/cooking could leave behind It would produce filth in a room or area around a room with certain variables. Of course, a <thingDef> would define what type of filth to be spawned. I mean, it doesn't necessarily have to be filth, it could be any thingDef but it would probably be easier to work with just filth. The idea would be to set a radius for the spawn, ticks to spawn and whether or not the building needs to be actively powered or operated for it to produce filth. Could open up a lot of avenues for several things: Events that spawn buildings that generate dangerous things while its battery lasts. Could even make a device that produces 'filth' that improves the beauty of the environment or adds to room cleanliness (incense burners) or air sterilizing agents.

What do you think?
Just so you know, a lot of these extraneous tables can be removed. For instance. The Vancidium refinery, while not enabled, can have its vancidium refining recipe hidden behind the Vancidium research with some of the comps in CCL. That way another table like the electric smelter can inherit the recipe that will be unlocked with research.

It's in the CCL docs under AdvancedResearchDef.xml
Help / Re: Immortal Plants
October 24, 2015, 01:12:14 PM
I got it! Turns out I was modifying the wrong plant def file. Thanks for the help! Now my apple trees will live approx. 100 years.
Most of the mods added to this pack have been altered to make use of an alternate crafting process. It needs a little more balance but there's a few mods that can be removed safely. I've taken out Skynet and Harsher Weather Conditions (Super heatwave when you can't even make electronic components for a considerably weaker-than-vanilla cooler is not very fair) I recommend you play this modpack on a rough or harder version of Phoebe instead of Cassandra as it can take a lot of effort to get your crafting up and running.

The Electronics Factory has an efficiency problem. It does not stay in an operating state if there are no electronics components in the hopper even after already consuming parts. For example, placing exactly 1 component in the machine will cause it to operate for 1 tick and then shut off. It doesn't have a state to keep it "fueled" while there aren't any electronics in the hopper. This means you will lose 1 set of components every time you use it. So it's best, currently to stockpile 8 components (you make  With how much time it takes to make electronic components you end up using more than 10 components just to make 9 integrated circuits. The best way to deal with this is to turn the priority on the hopper to low and stockpile as many components as you can (you need at least 8 at once to make a full batch, it seems) and then change the priority to critical when you want to start the process. You could also install a switch (you can't toggle the factory off) to the power leg connected to it.
Babies are easy: Immobile creatures in constant need of "rescue" and a warden like attention. Toddlers that need a zone to be held in and fed. Juveniles could feed themselves and could be assigned follow another pawn around and learn skills from them.

All babies would be assigned a background associated with the Rim Kid, Crash Child, Outlander Child (something along that vein) which would give them average background perks +1 to every Skill and random passions. When they grow to adulthood they get an adulthood background based on their highest skill they've acquired shadowing another colonist with some variations for flavor (pawns raised might become empath if there's an empath in the colony. Passing on traits, etc.) Would be a lot of work :P

This also brings up another opportunity for colonist production: Vat-growing people. So if anyone is interested, a mod to let you vat-grow colonists would be pretty interesting...
Help / Re: Immortal Plants
October 21, 2015, 04:16:20 PM
Yes. But the bush will eventually die once it reaches its life expectancy. What I want to do is make a plant that won't die of old age. If I lengthen growth days, it will make the plant live longer but it will not change the no. of potential harvests between life expectancy. It appears that all plants have a potential lifespan of 3 times the growth period after examining in-game info from core and other mods. I can't find an XML tag that dictates how much its growth period affects its life expectancy. With the static nature of the number in vanilla, I believe there might be a unused tag that dictates it.

I'm using SK modpack and it has seeds for growable fruit trees. Problem is the trees themselves do not produce seeds, you have to gather them from the fruit via a lengthy process. Other crops drop seeds upon harvest but fruit trees do not. The problem is that you can only get 2 or 3 harvests before the trees die of old age, which is rather unrealistic. I was rather dismayed to find my trees die before the end of one year.
Would it be possible to add some ability to command obedient animals to wear apparel? Apparel has tags you can add that associates them with different tech levels but it could also be used to indicate whether an armor can be worn as barding etc. I don't know as Rimworld supports animals wearing clothes or differentiating between animal types but the ability to armor your pets would be pretty rad. Again, IDK if pets can even have a gear tab.

Also, I second the bionic jaws suggestion. An addendum:  stun jaws to that list so my pets can be sent in to quell berserk pawns with an electric bite. Basically anything from the pet you get in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

Speaking of general pet things,
Quote from: infraud on October 19, 2015, 10:07:32 PM

2. Because if I want to build a WOODEN bed I need STEEL parts and spare parts ?!
Spare-Parts for New Construction ?!

I owned a wooden bed once. It had steel parts but it was mostly made of wood. Some brass too, which I guess could've been steel too, those were the spare parts.

I agree with the economic balance though. The numbers and figures for various things need a lot of balance. The cost of ingredients is not factored properly into the market values of many things. The market price for a television compared to the price of integrated circuits needed to make one is grossly out of proportion.
Help / Re: Increasing weapon size
October 17, 2015, 05:04:52 PM
I think if you wanted oversized items to render you'd need to write or find a <graphicClass> that will properly display longer objects. The class Graphic_Single is what's used normally for items. It's probably got something in it that keeps resizing your image. You'll probably need to rotate the image so it's corner-to-corner instead of side-to-side.
It's powered armor. The uranium is used for the power-source.
Help / Immortal Plants
October 16, 2015, 02:16:15 AM
How do I alter the lifespan of plants? I've looked through the XML files and I cannot find a property that modifies it. Anyone know? I'm trying to alter the lifespan of fruit-bearing trees.
Tables and stuff are built from "Woody Parts" that you make from planks at the Assembling Table
XML says Electronics Factory requires Power II.
Quote from: Facepunch on October 11, 2015, 05:00:07 PM
I've a broadish suggestion: Tactical treatment of battle wounds
Basically, treatment of wounds sustained in battle gets more realistic. In reality, if your heart gets damaged, you have 10 seconds to a minute before you bleed to death. In game, though, it can take days. I saw somebody mention that earlier. I suggest you greatly increase the rate at which wounds to organs bleed. But add tactical first aid.
John and Joe are in a gunfight with some raiders, Joe gets shot in the heart and begins to lose blood very rapidly. John can apply tactical first aid (Short treatment time, only need a low medicine skill to do it), to slow the bleeding enough so that Joe won't bleed out before he has a chance to be rescued.
Maybe have dedicated CLS, who carrys around QuikClot and Saline, or an FAK or something.

You can do this right now if you dedicate a sleeping spot on the ground for the wounded person on the battlefield. The Tools for Haul mod will let someone with a backpack carry medicine to use on the battlefield. As for bleeding in combat, and in general, there ought to be a "Blood Clotting" attribute on pawns that affects how quickly they recover from bleeding on their own that can be enhanced by drugs and implants.
Integrated Circuits are made at the Electronics Factory which is a different production building accessed later.