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Okay, I give up. I've been trying for 2 days now to find the tech/bench/whatever to build electronic parts. I've lost 2 colonies, and somewhere like 50 colonists trying to find the tech/bench/etc. i need to craft them with. Someone please help me.

Is it the electronics bench? If so, how do I build them?

All the info I've really seen has been on the 2nd page of this thread where it was discussed briefly as, in a nutshell, "a pain in the ass"
Hey guys, I just got the mod pack again after a long break, but things seem to have changed a bit- namely, can I not build benches out of the wooden planks any more? and where do I make mechanisms? I know I can make simple ones but my colonists don't appear to use them...

Is there some sort of guide written somewhere?