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General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: September 05, 2018, 09:40:03 AM »
Wow. I'm five years late to the party.
What the hell have I been doing with myself?

Anyway, my name is Howzit, and I've only gotten into this game about a year ago. I've always liked video games, and I'm not picky. Ask a random person on the street about a game you know of. If the person hasn't heard of it and it's well put together, then chances are I'll like it.

Now for the questions!

"What introduced you to RimWorld? Or to this style of game in general?"
I was looking for something new to play on Steam when I saw the cover image for Rimworld. What kept my attention to the game was seeing one of the colonists getting pegged by the exploding turret in the trailer. Then there was that same colonist sleeping on the floor in the middle of a wedding. And finally the montage of epic battles at the end.Then I read the top review on how someone set a raider's head on fire, replaced his arms with robot claws, made him die of weed, then feed him to the colony's wolves. I was convinced.

"What's your favorite other game?"
That's... honestly a good question. I'd honestly have to say Hyper Light Drifter, Minecraft, or The Elder Scrolls IV.

"Most embarrassing gaming-related story?"
This one actually occurred last week in RimWorld. I had one of my colonists, a girl with a shotgun and steel plate named Mora, man a mortar to defend against a siege. After the raider's mortars exploded, and after they were routed by my troops, I forgot to take Mora off the mortar. She was there for 15 hours. She had a berserk rage and almost doomed my wounded colonists. ...And she fell asleep after punching my doctor in the face.

"What kind of breakfast cereal is the best?"
Honey Nut Cheerios with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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