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Thanks for the mini guide on how to tweak your mod. For us who don´t understand the code it´s very helpful!
I liked the mod, but i think that it unbalanced. Some suggestions:
- If you want to do more mods, you could unify the isolinear thing for all your mods, or make all of them a modification of the AI Core.
- The pawns heal very fast, maybe too fast. It took less than a half day to heal a missing member. And the pawn receves no penality. You could apply some debuff, like increased hunger and tiredness, maybe some sickness too, to represent the body using some resources to rebuild itself.
- You could increase some building costs, adding more advanced components and uranium.
- Or the machine needs biomass and medication extracted from herbal medicines to treat injuries. Or some other kind of fuel.
I usually try to have all my power made in geothermal generators. I think i will give it a try.
How much energy the medpod uses?
Because i´m new in the forum and learning how things work.
How do i download the workshop version for a non steam version?
The Dampening Belts mod works with 1.1 or there is any update?
Anyone knows if this mod works with 1.1 or if it will be updated?
I used to allow everyone to eat fine meals, now, it´s hard to have enough food for simple meals. If i allow my animals to eat replicator food, my tank depletes so fast that everyone starves.

Other than that, is an awesome mod. I like the visuals, the flavor, the inspiration, the costs are ok, it´s just not working like i wanted. I even tried to edit the defs, but i barely know how things work.
Does the Replimat uses more food than normal? Because i´ve started using on my desert colony and suddenly my crops couldnt sustain my colonists anymore.