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Ideas / Idea(s): Healthcare and Chemistry
October 14, 2013, 06:19:10 PM
My greetings upon thee,

Not sure whether something like this is planned already, but...

I think that the game should also have a module Health & Disease:

When colonists get hurt, they should not just heal over time, they should require bandaging or antibiotics to prevent an infection. When colonists are gravely injured they would also need surgery.

To perform surgery one needs a well-furnished operation room, complete with surgeon and equipment like:
-Surgery tables
-Surgery tools (scalpels)

A Freezer is a requirement to store organs. In the wild frontier some organs might fail, especially when you are being shot by some dastardly pirate. These organs would have to be replaced with organs from fellow colonists or looted from dead pirates.

There would also be a chance of a disease breaking out, weaking your colonists. You could either wait for the disease to just go away or you could make a cure. A cure would be possible to make with the next suggested module.

Another module idea is Chemistry:

The chemistry module is comparable to alchemy in games like Skyrim, you collect reagents in the world and use them to brew fancy-coloured stuff in vials. The stuff in vials would then give various bonusses to colonists or buildings.

A scientist could create brews that improve, for example things like:
-A colonists' line of sight
-The insulation of wires, leading to a more efficient power flow
-The sturdiness of a wall
-The amount of food from plants

Other possibilities would be to use brews as medicine (as described earlier), poisons or to use the Chemistry module to create flamethrower/rocket fuel (rocket fuel for endgame, perhaps?)

These modules could, IMO, be a nice addition to the overal gameplay by adding to the amount of actions one could perform in the colony, but what do you think?

Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
October 10, 2013, 09:34:57 AM

Immortalize your favourite colonists by placing a gray/stone-ish version of them on a plaque.