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Support / Time zone in the Forum
June 16, 2015, 02:35:54 AM
Is there a way to set my time zone in this forum? I'm in New Zealand, and it is 6:30pm 16th June here, but the forum clock (very handy reference for the posts here btw) says it is 2:30am same day.

edit: Found it, it's in Profile > Account Settings > Modify Profile > Look and Layout
Bugs / Molotov thrown through a roof
June 15, 2015, 05:07:01 AM
As the title says, a raider armed with a Molotov has come to my walled up base, and somehow thrown a bomb inside despite the double thick walls and roof.

I call bug!  >:(
Also, go away raiders..

In the attached save file and world, my base is about to be attacked by advancing raiders. After a few moments on 3x speed, the Molotov raider arrives and throws over the wall and through the roof.

[attachment deleted due to age]
I had a nudist quite happily being naked in prison, but as soon as she was recruited she raided the clothing stockpile and got fully dressed.
Is this a bug? I want her to stop doing that, it's plenty warm enough inside the fort, and I want her to have the happy nudist buff.

[attachment deleted due to age]