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Outdated / Re: [A15] [MODLIST] ItchyFlea's Small Mods
December 28, 2016, 09:20:41 PM
Just reporting in that Target Practise still works just fine in a16.
Quote from: Beere on December 26, 2016, 09:41:56 AM
I prefere game folder based mods... if it's from the workshop i have to depend on being online and logged in and steam working. Otherwise i will have to pick out the mods from the Workshop folder wich is annoying since they are only named with numbers ;)

The number of the folder can be found when looking at the steam url of the mod's workshop page, /filedetails/?id=(mod's numeric folder name).

Quote from: MarineStardust on December 26, 2016, 11:22:12 AM
:( Additional Joy Objects is only one of the several mod i like from your list. what about zen garden or the one that add amulet

From what I've experienced and seen in the error log for trying to load the Ancient Amulets, just go into the Equipment_Rings_AMU and Equipment_Medallions_AMU xmls and remove "Base" from <BaseHealingQuality></BaseHealingQuality>.  It'll just be <HealingQuality></HealingQuality> afterwards and that mod should work just fine.  I used Ancient Amulets as a base to make my own personal overpowered amulet and that's all I had to do to get it to work.  That's also the only error I'm seeing when it gets loaded.

As Zen Garden requires corePanda I'm not sure how to get either of those working.  My modding knowledge is pretty limited right now.
Releases / Re: [A16] Stack XXL
December 27, 2016, 11:47:59 PM
I really love using this mod, thank you so much for it!  No longer do I require huge stockpiles for anything other than clothing/armor and weapons (which I breakdown or sell).

Quote from: etoire on December 27, 2016, 08:14:28 PM
If I could suggest something for the future, fumble with the workgiver AI so the pawns will automatically sort items into full stacks? Don't know how possible that is. I ended up with a lot of incomplete stacks.
Quote from: Mattx0x on December 27, 2016, 11:24:39 PM
Second that. Pawns too often neglect to fill up a stack to the maximum.

Until other alternatives are available (I have not found any yet), Tammabanana's "[A16] Kitchen Counter and other shelves" on Steam (id: 820841728 for the mod's folder and 294100 for Rimworld's under steamapps/workshop/content/) provides furniture that acts as one or two tile stockpiles.  I found that using both elimiates the problem of incomplete stacks and allows you to designate exactly what will go onto the shelves.  They have a priority of important by default so your pawns will consolidate whatever you want onto that one tile to the item's maximum stack size, unless you have that item going to a stockpile of higher priority of course.  Far easier I think than making individual stockpiles for everything or messing with the AI.
Quote from: 1000101 on August 09, 2016, 07:58:52 PM
When you say "with vanilla bionics" do you mean without having EPOE installed or with EPOE installed and the core bionics?  EPOE overrides all the core bionics.  I've been spending a little time going over EPOEs xml and found numerous errors and bad assumptions as well as unneeded overrides of core defs.

I apologize for not being clear, by 'vanilla' bionics, I meant the core bionics with both the mod installed and uninstalled.  I previously tried advanced and core with it installed.  I just uninstalled the mod and tried again with the core bionics: still a no go.
I'm having a problem when using some of the advanced power/bionics implants.  When using the advanced power arms I am unable to wear anything that covers hands and fingers only and while using the advanced bionic legs I can not wear anything that is for the feet/toes.  In both instances it says "missing body part".

Actually, I'm having this problem with vanilla bionic arms/legs as well.  I know they're installed on the shoulders/legs, but are they defined as having the hands/fingers and feet/toes attached to them?
Well, Extended Surgery's harvestable organs can be sold or later 'installed' into someone should they lose one.  Can this mod fix organs that have been completely removed? 

For example with Extended Surgery you can harvest the eyes of a prisoner you don't care about and install them into one of your colonists if it was destroyed in a fight which is extremely useful if you don't have synthetic or biomic replacements.  The same for the rest of the organs it has.  So it isn't just a fix for bad/pre-existing health conditions, it can help you recup from combat injuries.

Looking at both mods, yours seems more about -curing- the problems via surgery and ES with fixing the problems via replacing the affected or missing organs.

On a side note, for the mandible/jaw, finger, ear, and nose, does this mod let you completely repair/replace them if they get shot off/destroyed?