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It is hard to remember wich Pawn I gave wich weapon. But that information is important to quickly assign them the right battle positions in a combat crisis (front, mid, far away).

It would help if there was a simple indicator when the pop is drafted, or just all the time (on a toggle) that showed the weapon. It could just use the same Icon dispaly on the "attack" order button. But a dedicated Symbol might be better for mods that add a lot of weapons (whose small icons would look to similar).
Bugs / Re: can't bury a corpse
September 07, 2018, 08:05:15 PM
Do you have a empty grave that can take this type of Corpse?
The game differentiates between Colonist and Stranger humanoid corpses. And the Sarcophagus is set to colonist only by default (as opposed to the grave).

Edit: it is also odd that you lack the "Strip Corpse" Option. And the error message read "too heavy"?
Looking through the files to update the wiki, I noticed some oddity:
The Bowler hat inherits from the Cowboy hat. That makes it the only heardwear not deriving from any of the 3 abstract base ThingDefs, wich might cause issues down the line.