randy random's cousin CHAOTIC CHRIS

Started by Lechai, November 13, 2013, 10:42:26 PM

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Simple yet effective change of randy random to make CHAOTIC CHRIS

At the moment with the AI you get 1 event every X time. Where the event and timing are dependent on the AI storyteller chosen.
CHRIS would be based on randy's events with the following twist, instead of 1 event every X time. You get 0-3 events per time period.
Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you get crashing pods, sometimes you get an eclipse hit right while raiders land. Or maybe you get a wave of raiders set upon by a horde of rampaging muffalo while you sit back and watch as food falls out of the sky on top of your stockpile....


Bizz Keryear

roflol I like the idea, dunno if I would play it, but it sounds funny.



I already play almost entirely Randy Random games. This? I would probably play this exclusively. It would be unbelievably entertaining!

As a note, I have seen a muffalo go mad and run right at the raiders. It was quite handy, as they had to kill it, and then they showed up to the base already wounded. :D


I cant see how difficult it would be to implement either, its just a small tweak.

wink wink at Ty