Climate change a thing in Rimworld?

Started by Saularian, April 25, 2015, 06:57:33 AM

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So, I was playing around on a tundra map the other day and noticed something I found rather disturbing (but it is a pretty real thing in real life)

Winter comes, everything is under thick layer of snow so not much use for farming outside.
Finally spring arrives and snow is starting to clear and lo and behold: Soil has turned to sand so there goes my plan for building that nice greenhouse I've wanted :(

Anyone else noticed this? I think it is pretty realistic, and a something to keep in mind when playing on extreme cold maps.


So you knew it use to be dirt but after the winter it turned to sand?
That sounds awesome!


it was in alpha 9 but i had a greenhouse that was heated to over 60C due to a heatwave and being heated by a geothermal vent. Somehow it caused all the dirt to turn into sand